Halloween jam public voting


This are the Jam's entries

@Rustem_Khafizov Fifty game

@The_Lady_Luck Bright hill Hotel

Mad Hatter Daughter


@Novachrome game


@Wannabe_Human Departure


@Cecilia_Rosewood A witch kid’s Halloween

I am glad to present another CYS game Stanley and a Statue by Anthony.


@whitebear game Night of the feast


@Elisa_Marino No rest no peace

@Skillzerk Uncover Courtain

@poison_mara Stranded

CC_Hill The Keeper of Midnight


Another two Cys entries

Bill Ingersoll Shelter for the night


Ninjapitka Sterling Suburbs




Now, I want to know If people would want more tematic jams like Saint Valentine’s day or similar?

Would you want another game jam in the future?
  • Yes
  • No
  • I don’t care

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I will put later the poll for voting, remember you can choose your five favourites. Due to the number of entries, the poll will be open two weeks.


For the poll, will there be any distinction between complete and incomplete works?


No, I don’t think is necessary the public has their criteria for it. I don’t want to force anything.

With this I am trying to say that each person has to value the game based on their own criteria and opinions. This is not really a contest.


@poison_mara I noticed some entries have the titles behind their links. Mine is called A witch kid’s Halloween




The poll is open until the 14 of November


The new poll up top about having another jam in future could benefit from a “maybe” option, I’d say.

Edit: oh, fair enough, didn’t think it reading it but that’s fine. :grin:


I don’t care about is the maybe option.


I’m glad you got so many entries, that’s really cool :smiley:

In terms of more game jams, I think they’re a great idea. Whether I’d enter depends on how much time I have and the topic :slight_smile:

Not sure if this helps for future jams, but itch also has the option to create unlisted game jams with open voting (so you’d share the link here without it being advertised elsewhere) if that’s helpful for voting purposes.


Just finished reading them all, some very good games! But alas, only 5 votes… great job to everyone who submitted a game!


Fifteen games to read through!

I’ve already read through three. Gotta keep going! I’ll budget a few each night.

My reviews by the way:


Really fun and well written hunger games adventure. My only criticism is that a deadly choice is usually one of two options, completely irrelevant to your stats or relationships or previous choices in any respect, and boots you all the way back to the beginning of the game. It needs to autosave after each chapter at the very least, because after death #3 I’m not going to restart the whole thing again. It’s a shame because I was really immersed in the story!

Brighthill Hotel

Love this game so much. I have criticisms of course – the sm_init save function is broken, and there are a lot of sections that are unfinished, although I’d rather play the game with some unfinished sections than not at all :slight_smile: – but I love the set-up, the romance, the roleplaying, the whole lot. The writing is really nuanced and mature, particular with Cameron, who was my favourite character even though I roleplayed as a real frigid bitch to him! :wink: It’s just a shame that it ends at Chapter 2 with an unavoidable bug.

Basement Rats

Lots of text, few choices, not really my cup of tea. It’s one of those stories that are more poetic and abstract and don’t feel like they are rooted in the present moment, which is a completely legitimate choice to make for interactive fiction, but I prefer stories that are more grounded.

Better than Alone

This is mine! I can’t review it, obviously. I do, however, get choked up when I think about Lottie’s speech to Carl about her fears of growing old, because those are my fears too.

Happy Horrorween

I built my character as Charles Boyle from Brooklyn 99, though Charles’ enthusiasm and quirkiness didn’t quite fit with the noir tone. Felt more like a Sam Spade type than a modern sitcom character type, which is probably a good thing. The game is still in its early stages and has a strong start. The silly name doesn’t really do it justice.


Incredible game. The language is grotesque and fascinating in the best ways. Although I’ve mentioned a distaste for games that are more abstract than grounded, this is an exception – yes, the prose is largely metaphorical, dancing in and out of consciousness like hazy memories of a blackout night at the bar, but its foundations are rooted strongly in the protagonist’s single-minded task to complete his journey across the lonely American roads. Douse the lights, burn a candle, settle in, and play it – it’s so great.

A Witch Kid’s Halloween

Really liked this game and the spirit of idyllic exploration. Reminded me a lot of how my friends and I would run off and just go wherever we wanted on Halloween night, trying to create the spookiest experience possible for ourselves even if we should really just be going door to door and collecting candy instead.

Stanley and the Statue

Quite short, with few branching paths. Not much to explore. Interesting descriptions of supernatural phenomena. The author says it’s the first story they’ve written in a decade and certainly the first they’ve written in this format, so I don’t want to get too detailed in my review.


@will Aww, thank you for reviewing.


Dammit, I always forget that!

I’ll fix the bugs, they arrived with my last minute update, so it should be fair.

EDIT: Fixed! Saving and the last page of text is now available again.


Here are the five games I voted for in the poll and why, listed in the order in which I played them. It’s all my subjective opinion, mind you. :slight_smile:

No rest and no peace by @Elisa_Marino
It can use some work in terms of grammar and spelling, but otherwise it’s a solid, bone-chilling horror and I liked that the killer is your deceased spouse, which adds a tragic twist to the story.
I also liked that I was able to appease them peacefully at the end, without having to resort to violence to stop them.

Night of the feast by @whitebear
A fascinating story that makes you question your own values. Freedom or duty? Is selfless sacrifice justified? Is it even necessary? The story reminded me of M. Night Shyamalan’s “The Village”, though it may just be a coincidence.
My only issue is that I felt the pacing was a bit slow in the middle, in the part where you walk around and talk to the other inhabitants of Hallowville.

A Witch Kid’s Halloween by @Cecilia_Rosewood
I really liked the world-building and the exploration aspect of the game. Not to mention, it really captures the spirit of Halloween so well!
The only downside is that I felt like it was more of an introduction to the world where a story could take place, rather than a story in itself, so I’m looking forward to the full version of the game!

The Keeper of Midnight by @CC_Hill
I really enjoyed this one, which is not surprising as it is the most in-depth entry in the contest. I liked the story and how the monsters are inspired by Haitian folklore. I also appreciated the neat little touches like the emojis indicating the emotion in your responses and the “Acquaintance__Friends__Datemates” stat clarification. The pictures were a great addition as well! :slight_smile:

Uncover: Curtain Call by @Skillzerk
This one can definitely use some work, but I liked the overall setup of playing as a famous person who is seemingly haunted by an unknown entity. Would be interesting to see the complete version of the story in the future!


I’m just hoping future jams (which I actually plan on entering!) if they do occur can have the poll be optional. In the sense that they can just be submitted but not put under public scrutiny.

Just my opinion because I guess I’m an oversensitive crybaby at heart, but maybe it might be best to PM the people who’s stories you voted for?

It’s not a big deal though, I don’t take offense to the post or anything. I didn’t even submit a story. :sweat_smile:


I understand where you’re coming from, but I just wanted to share my support for these games and to encourage others to play them and share which games they enjoyed and why. I think it’s important to discuss them, in a respectful manner, of course. :slight_smile:


If I organize them, they will always have a poll. The reason is clear, the jam is planned as a way to practice in a safe environment what it feels putting a game on the market and sharing your work. If there isn’t any type of indicative of liking or rating the Jam is not an accurate preparation for what a contest or even publication is. Without that the jam lacks of the tools to help people.


Voting for 5 jams does not mean the other ones are not good, It is just that there is a poll and you have to choose 5. I personally plan on reading them all and provide feedback as @will did, it’s a way to show support and show the authors that you went through their work and give constructive feedback to help them continue writing.