24 Hour Storygame Jam

Hi folks! I’m hosting a 24 Hour Storygame Jam over on the CYS forum. Figured there might be some folks here who’d be interested in participating too. It starts tonight at midnight, so check it out if you want to play! :slight_smile:

Would it be okay if we replied to your post here with our story rather than create a new account on another forum? I take it there’s no prizes anyway but maybe you can repost the link if we “win” and that way people on that forum could play the games…

I don’t know, I’m working the night shift tonight, and it’s 1:00AM so I’m not off to a bad start, I could start working now!

Sure! I have no problem with that. :slight_smile:

Can the game be halfway done or does it have to be complete? If not, here’s the link to my game
If it does, then just disregard my comment

Heads up, @that1german your link isn’t working right now.

Actually just delete the 182 at the end!

Got it. Thanks for the heads up @CitizenShawn

@that1german – I’ll probably list unfinished games separately from finished ones, so players know what they’re in for. But I’m glad you participated! I look forward to playing your game… some time after midnight tonight. :wink:

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