Diversity jam- closed

I understand your point and I respect it.

But we have to remember that culture shouldnt be valued on numbers, or not only that.

If only twenty people in this two months try out learning part of a culture and mithology. Maybe even made friends with people from there to make that game that is priceless.

With modern translators and asking author one can learning about new cultures. I am at least excited about it.


Dutch isn’t exactly a world language either, but I’ve got one review already, which is more than I’d expected to get out of this jam. You could always give it a try with a short game, like I did. (I’m not going to torture any non-Dutch speakers with trying to translate anything longer than 1000 words, especially since I included quite a few plays on words and other language oddities in the text. It was quite fun to write something in my native language for the first time since high school.)


So glad to see this become a reality @poison_mara. Awesome idea and huge props for coming up with it.

Am definitely gonna try to write and submit a story with one of the languages I’m learning. Probably gonna add some warnings at the start so native speakers don’t get a headache when trying to read it. :sweat_smile:


My advice is ask on the forum if any native speaker of that language want to pm you and look your project.

You even can ask for it here if you want.


I’ve finished my game for the jam…it’s only 400 words sooo…

Just have to upload to Dashingdon!


If you want make it bigger or add another tale you can it is two months. You can hear suggestions and make it bigger give me the game in pm and i will put it in the list. But you dont have to rush it.


I’ve realized you are right @poison_mara! I’ll make the IF longer and more choices! :hugs:

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I am sure you will do great. If you need any assistance you know where I am; both here and in pm.


I’m currently contemplating writing my game as if it’s an excerpt from a storybook (which it technically is I suppose, I just haven’t written the book yet) but I’m not sure if that’s enough for the theme to be happy with it. :thinking:


I love the concept! Great work per usual Mara. I’m thinking about a story where a Ukranian boy goes on an adventure only to discover that when he returns the home he knew is not the same.


well the theme is someone telling a tale to a kid. That and not english. I am sure you can make it work. Imagine something like the kid future self coming from the future to convince themself that they have to keep following their dream to write it can be that the future self is telling the tale we are writing now.

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Right, thank you. My brain for some reason refused to comprehend if it was telling a story to a kid, or a story told to a kid, but that clears that up. (English as foreign language struggles #n^𝛑. Or something in that vein.) I’ll definitely make it work, just need to figure out which framing I like best.


In theory can be both. It can be a kid telling to other kids the old stories his gradma told him before passing. It could be almost anything as I said before

Well, I have an idea of what I’m going for now, anyway.

(I’ll also be very surprised it it’s going to be machine translateable. :laughing:)


Thank you for the feedback. I fixed the errors you pointed out.

I would’ve gotten to it a lot sooner if I hadn’t been on holiday without computer access, but honestly it was pretty nice not to have to respond to everything straight away for a change :sweat_smile:


Does “any language except English” include constructed languages/international auxiliary languages like Esperanto?

Time permitting, I’d like to submit something in an auxlang.

I think making a game in one of the languages created to be a universal, border-transcending form of communication sounds like a fun challenge and fitting for the jam theme, but I’d understand if you want to limit it to showcasing true natural languages.


Or in klingon, sildarin, orchish. Always is a language that can be translated and is known. Basically anything is not a made up language that nobody uses.

It is also allowed old dead languages like latin. It is not possible hieroglyphs.

Edit By Azura I have never imagine have to chat seriously about latin and klingon in the same paragraph.


I have finished my story! It was a lot of fun and I learned a lot of new Italian words. (Although I apologize in advance – Duolingo, Google translate, and an Italian dictionary only got me so far.)

Does anyone here know Italian and mind looking it over? It’s about 3000 words, 600 words per playthrough, and has 12 possible endings (plus stats screen and 13 achievements), so I guess it’ll take around 15 minutes to read the whole thing.


@Gilbert_Gallo probably can help, but its up to them! :grin:


Here I am! Ready to help!

Mamma mia! :joy::joy: