Feedback for "Tale of a Demon Gate"

So I’ve started to get a bit more feedback for my entry to @poison_mara’s Halloween Jam 2023.

Because of this I thought it’d make sense to create a topic to put all the feedback in one place for both me to work from and so others can see what has already been mentioned and can add to the discussion.

For Feedback I am after general feedback, spelling, grammar issues etc And story wise parts you think work or don’t work alongside suggestions if there is a point you wish you could have done this instead of that.

Here is the link to the game: Click Here


Good luck In your thread and hope your project polished and will all the feedback end being a published hosted or serve as material in another game.

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Thanks Mara.I’m having some good feedback so far.

Also have now added a save function for help with testing. (Thanks to @The_Lady_Luck for mentioning it)

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