Halloween Game Jam

Go ahead then, I’m waiting. :eyes:


You’ve already got a fan, @Autumn19. I’m jealous.


Don’t misunderstand. I’m only trying to find out what the idea is so I can snatch it for myself. :see_no_evil: You didn’t hear it from me though.



@Skillzerk Can I then redirect you to this thread where you can ‘inspirations’ for your story?

On a much more serious note, plagiarism bad. Original, creative ideas good. Of course, there’s almost nothing ‘completely original’ nowadays, but my point still stands.


Of course I would never go as far to actually steal anyone’s idea. My high morality won’t stand for it.

I already have my own project to which I’m religiously dedicating my time and money to. :sweat_smile:


Oh, I should have known! You are truly evil! Making me belive I had a fan already! :sweat_smile: :broken_heart:


Your implication that I’m not actually excited for the idea hurts me. :laughing:


Enough Kids… Now go write :writing_hand:


Shoot, I was hoping no one would notice that I’m trying to distract everyone. :sweat: :grin:


I doubt anyone here needs help distracting themself. :sweat_smile:

Procrastinators unite!

I’m getting a bit frustrated with my body (in a different way than all the usual).
After being sick for a week, I had three, THREE, days of feeling okay, but being exhausted, and then today I wake up feeling weird, and my stomach seems to want to murder me…

I’ve probably been sick a quarter of the days this jam has been going on!


Good reason. I tend to blame the headaches, but that’s a lame excuse in comparison.

Nothing written today, still six-and-a-half (of 17) sub-sections, connecting text, and endings to write. Should be doable.


Yesterday I was able to write about 2000 words. Today I got nothing done, instead I spent my time watching my kitten claw at my laptop screen.


This is the last scene I wrote one of the bad endings. If someone has any advice I am not good at terror.

Void worms bad ending

“Something is lurking, throbbing in my skull. Am I going crazy?”

The radio signal stands on n perpetual silence scanning and monitoring you in silence. Waiting for something…

“My eyes hurt. It is like someone’s bitten me from inside! Ahhhhhhhh!” You scream, as you aimlessly float around, crashing with everything in your way. In a way, each crash is a relief to forget the immense pain in your eyes and head; your tired eyes sting incessantly as if you were rubbing them against sandpaper, over and over again.

You whimper, feeling some weird smelly stuff dripping through your face; you touch it, it is a kind of bloody mucus.

You desperately outcry as you open all the water bags you found … While the water bubbles remaining floating around far away from your boiling skin like in a pathetic cosmic joke.

I can’t keep going like this. I have to do something!

You cant, you should be proud mortal. The mother of the Void worm. The voice says stronger which each word eating you from inside.

“SHUT UP” You closely look at your flutter right hand clenching a scattered sharp of the black fragment precariously.

The voice whispers gleefully in your mind like it were theirs. “Come on Lopez! It just needs a fluid incision and the pain will fade forever.”

Your shattered temples engulf you in cramps and pressure. That gives them, the ultimate push to control your itching anatomy. Your hand moves automatically while the voice orchestra your breathing rhythm. You grumble more for yourself than for the voice:

Your improvised blade pierces your left eye like a sharp hawk claw flaring a balloon filled with water.

You baffled scream, as finally, you see one of them; a big white plump worm inside your right eye! you mesmerized gaze at it engulfed in beneath the jelly and the nerves of your eyeball. It has a strange black metallic receptor in the place where its head should be.

“I don’t even know what!” You just puke again, feeling the acid burning through your throat.

The pain is gone, but everything revolves around you at full speed; your consciousness fades as you are floating around while your entire body spreads itself like A Pollock’s canvas. As the worms swarming…


Last time I wrote 2000 words in a day, I was still in school, frantically writing an assignment in the middle of the night, a few hours before I had to turn it in… :grimacing:



If that’s not terror I don’t know what is… That’s pretty good.


To be honest with you, I might never accomplish something like that again in this lifetime. I don’t know what came over me yesterday.


This got me, I actually winced.


Same :no_mouth:


Well people, whether we’re able to turn anything in for the jam or not, this will have been great practice for NaNoWriMo, next month… :laughing:


Surely you must be joking… :sweat_smile: