Halloween Game Jam

I am thinking about making a forum activity where anyone can participate in making a small game on Choicescript or any other code language or media that allows the player choice (twine, ren’pi etc) It could be a great practice for everyone and give to forum members new small stories to enjoy on Halloween. Groups can be fun. This is a special call for people who are scared to start a big wip but still loves to write and play interactive stories.

We are all in the same situation and we want to have fun writing!

The deadline will be 31 October 12 noon Eastern time

The poll will be open for an entire week after the deadline.

@dashingdon has been so wonderful to add the Halloween Jam checkbox in the edition of dashingdon page so you can let clear you are a part of the Halloween Jam

So, You know, what you have to press if you make your game on Choicescript.


Couple of things;

  1. The timeframe?

  2. Length of project?

  3. Criteria of judgement of projects?

  4. Specific contents (NSFW, Horror etc.)?

  5. Any extra ground rules?


A story with Halloween theme and interactive choices on it. It can have an Adult theme the only hard requirements is that respect Cog rules for posting and publishing So no grossly racism, anti-LGBTQ machismo etc… or glorified them. We are an open community so we don’t want bigotry.

Edit about Judging players will choose their 3 favourites from a poll at the end of the event . Like there is no price, there is no real pressure.

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Where should we post them? Here?

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If there are enough people when The deadline comes aka Halloween. I will post all games links in the first post.

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This sounds like a lot of fun. I might take a stab at it.

Just… as someone who’s not from the US, around when is Halloween? :sweat_smile:


The Night between 31 October and 1 November. Or normally consider the 1 November in Latino countries and Spain.


What should we go for in regards to word count do you think? Not sure what the word count is for regular IF I’d imagine it would be much shorter though.


Ohh I love horror, and I’ve been wanting to make a horror VN for a while, maybe this is my sign haha One way or another, I’ll be keeping an eye out! I love the idea, I really hope we get some fun halloween games:)


I don’t want to limit word account. Because the words required code in Choicescript are totally different from Twine, to Infinity Stories or to Ren’py. So I don’t want to limit anyone.


I like the Halloween Idea. Don’t you think it would be possible to make such a thing here? It is not against the rules I think


It is not, but I am afraid that I make the game jam and nobody reply back to the thread and look like a fool. Mara the lonely, lol.


I am gonna help Til Halloween there should be enough time to make something small


Shall we make a poll to gauge the reaction then? I can volunteer, I’ve got a bit free time in my hands now.


Maybe I will put a poll in the poll thread

Edit: Poll created.


What do you think, how many possible writers do we need? About ten?

I think 5 should be the minimum. It doesn’t have to be Choicescript, twine, ren py etc… That allows the player choice could be accepted. I will love to see people who never tried a wip trying. Or groups of people. It could be really useful as practice and fun both for players and for writers.


Maybe we shouldn’t discuss this on this thread.


Oh a group Work sounds cool


Something like this does sound like it could be a fair bit of fun, and I’d contribute if I could, but as I mentioned in an earlier post, I have no prior experience with coding, if there was another way to help I’d be interested to know though!