H4CK3D (Title Pending) WIP! Major Stats Screen Update!

The year is 2496, and a certain group of cyber-vigilantes are on a role. They recently managed to get away from a major heist… or did they? The officials are on their backs, and after a close call with someone in your group you all decide to meet up and hide. The Boss has been quiet, is he okay…? You couldn’t and won’t give up your jobs, however. With new technology your group had developed, it’s time to get more physical during these heists than behind a screen. If they thought tracing your cyber-steps were hard, let’s see them try chasing you down for real…

Demo (very short, be warned!!):

(Warning for a lot of swearing!)

Hey guys! I’ve been a long time lurker and I thought I would make an account and try my hand at a game. :smiley:
This is just for fun, and I don’t think I will have a very serious update schedule, but I’ll try by best to be consistent.

This game is mostly about developing relationships with characters!
Whether your relationships be purely platonic, or you romance them, that’s your choice! I absolutely love character development. That’s my goal during this. Tell people your story, or learn theirs!

Short summary of your character:
You are in a group with ten other people. Of course, this hacker ring is much more than just you eleven, but you were chosen to have abilities that blend with these selected people well. The groups are also generally selected by age group, to make cooperation easier. You can choose between several countries where you live, and even choose a second language. What language you choose and what country you originate from will unlock more conversations that coerce with some of the characters. If you choose not to pick a second language, that’s quite alright, because every character can speak English (the only thing they all have in common, lol!).

Short summary of the other characters:
I simply can’t! They’re all colorful in their own way. During the game, in stats there will be an option to view ‘Character Files’ as you learn more and more about each character.

Have any questions? Ask!
I also have a Tumblr, which I will probably visit more often for questions :blush:

Update Log:


New Features Added:
You now can have a second language! This translates everything originally written in this language to English.
You know can choose a home country!
Character Files!
Relationship Stats!
Personal Stats!


can I sell them out?


Yo dare attempt to betray us we will make you disappear now!


Do you need a little help with the French? The second sentence was like: “I don’t know and I don’t know-” was that the translation intended?

Definitely have that path planned!

That was my fault, actually! I meant to say “I don’t know, and I don’t care”, but I guess I must have overlooked that mistake. Thank you for finding it, and yes, if I have any questions I will make sure to ask!


So they stole 500,000 from who, which country? Or did they steal a bit from several countries? Why couldn’t they steal at least a full million :laughing:


Daamn, sounds nice! And demo was good! Reminded me of Matrix :heart_eyes:

And whole character relationship development sounds amazing! I freaking love that in games!!

Oh, and i could help you, if ya ever need, with Greek and Russian. If ya intend on putting those languages.!!

Wish you luck with the project and hope everything will go well!!


So I have a question. So MC has two korean friends Iseul and Jae-Eun? or I had an error here? It’s just the second name surprised me really for some reason as I met it on other forum.

Bit of a spoiler! Which country they’ve stolen from will be revealed soon.
They mostly have stolen a couple thousands spread from country to country, to make it easier to cover their tracks. Half a million is one of their biggest achievements to do all at once.

There is indeed a Russian character! Thank you for the proposition, I’ll keep it in mind. Thank you for your kind words :blush:

Yep! You got it right. Although I might make the term “friend” change if the MC decides they don’t like specific characters/anyone.

Also I just noticed an error in Jae-eun’s name. I’ll fix numerous grammar mistakes soon. My computer seems to think that even after a dash the first letter needs to be capitalized. :frowning: I can’t believe I over looked that, lol.


This popped up after I hit the “Play Again” button:

Also, I’m fluent in Spanish, so if you need help with that then just ask… assuming there’s a character who speaks Spanish. If not, then never mind :grin:

You said it’s was short and dam that was short haha it’s was good

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I accidentally forgot to finish a statement, thanks for noticing :blush:
It’s fixed now, and the Play Again button shouldn’t bug out now.

There is two, actually! They can speak Spanish and Catalan. Thank’s for the offer! I’ll come to you with any questions. Thankfully I have experience with Spanish myself, but it always helps to have a second look at these things :smile:

Thanks! I’m actually working on it right now, and the next update should make it much longer. I’m working on the character files, too, to get more insight into people you meet.


Won’t be any misterious basque?

I was debating that, actually, but I am most familiar with Catalan and Spanish, and I might make a lot more mistakes. Sorry! :frowning:

All of the characters will be revealed next update (which is very soon, but it’s mostly the stats screen with the character files), and it will reveal which languages are spoken.

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Np but if you would want to add It i could help (I’m from Bilbao :flushed:) also i could help you with spanish

Could you replace the 4 with @? That sounds more hackerry. Or better yet the title could be “Hack the Planet” in homage to the best hacking movie ever.

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Thanks for the offer! I hope I won’t have much trouble with the other languages, but if there are any mistakes I’m glad I have fluent speakers to pick up on mistakes :smile:

Good suggestion! I was thinking of a few myself, I’ll definitely put this on the list.


Half a million dollars is not that much, considering the biggest cyber heist aimed for two billions (they got off with about 60 millions in the end).

Other than that, I’ll be watching this. Sounds like something right up my alley. If you ever need someone with a computer science background, let me know. Cyber security is not my field of specialty, but I know a bit regardless.


That’s interesting :thinking:
I was considering hacking up the price a bit, actually. My original idea for this was a small group, but it evolved into a whole ring of sorts!

Also, major update! Most of it is in the stats screen, but it is really focused around languages. What I am exactly looking for is at the end of the demo, which has advanced a bit, but not much sadly :cry:
I got to the point I wanted to, though, so that’s a plus!
Next update is going to focus majorly on the story to compensate.


This is a very interesting idea. How many extra scenes would we get with operatives that speak the same language as us? Would it lock us out of other scenes?