Grey Swan - Hawks and Doves Updated 20.12.23

Grey Swan - Hawks and Doves


Unless otherwise stated you are playing as a normal human! Two legs, two arms, internal organs, hopefully a brain too. We will see how much of this organ stays intact after state propaganda, will we?

Someone once said that you were the most happiest youth in the world after the Great Heartbeat, that had shattered the old world. Earlier you would have agreed in a heartbeat, wearing the light green uniform of your state youth organisation. But now? When war has come to Avistrions shores and news reels show only destruction ?

Choose your gender, way of thinking and stance while growing up in a religious dictatorship on the giant island Avistrion. Be a devout follower of the Divine Flock, the only thing that survived the earthquake that devastated the earth. Or be the Vulture, trying to rip it to shreds, while wearing the badge of youth leadership… where will you be when war strikes your so closed off country? Which side will you be on when it ends? Will you even survive long enough to see the outcome?

ROs (more ROs will be added)

Agon Falkenflug
Adler/Weihe Habichtklau

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Inspired by Ghibli: Ghibli inspired WIP - Citadel of dancing Birds 05.12.23




Can’t wait for more

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You are in luck, I am currently writing an update!

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Tiny update!

Keep playing until your Fugol MC undertakes the Fledge, a medical examonation that can change a life forever, as you are tested for any potential magical or otherwise supernatural talent!
Meet a future friend.


Will there be some political intrigue in the game

Why does the demo link point to a forum topic?

There will! You can even become a spy for another country!

Great question, I dont know. I noticed that the tumblr links were broken and changed it while really sleepy, I am guessing that it somehow happened then. Thanks for noticing that!


Quick question, if someone is to take total control and power of the country, what court is the best to chose to start the taking control process?

I see perfect ambitious motivation! Normally it would be the Court of Day, but since there will be a war happening… the normal so divided world will change, allowing the both Courts to mingle for the first time, so its more about how you play your cards!

So the easy path of taking power is to choose the day court, and the fun path with some challenges is to choose the night court?

I’m really interested to see where the night court route goes particularly since testing positive would mean that we connect to the supernatural somehow.

Though saves appear to be broken and have an error message.

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@vilsbae helped me during saves, maybe this can help you too.

The queston is more “what are you willing to sacrifice for it” as surely you wont be alone in your search for power!

I am planning on having the player choose what exactly is the supernatural part, as for example in my world magic sometimes just happens in a totally normal family!

Yeah I forgot to switch them back on, and since there still isnt really a “game” I will switch them back on with the next update when this game gets a bit of meat on its bones!


Hey, I am well aware of how the saves work, but you cant let cside test the game if they are on tats why I had to switch them off and I simply forgot to switch them back on.


may I ask but what do you use to make the covers of your 3 choicescripts. They are very well done, and aesthetic. :smiley:

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Thank you.
A friend told me they look like CD covers :joy:

I used the free version of

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So what type of supernatural powers would our NC have if they go the night court path

You can find that out in todays update! :smiley:

Later there will be a more specific choice, but this is what I am planning with rn!


Update is sadly so tiny cause two of my colleagues are sick and I need to cover their shifts :sweat_smile:

The next one will be bigger!