The conspiracy of the Doves (Temporary name)

You are playing a role of the cat (mc).
There is a war between Cats and Doves…
The doves have the advantage of Flying…

You start by being a regular street cat, You join a cat street gang after having a conflict with a dove
You train your Dove hunting skills, join a Huge secret organisation of Cats and discover that the cats and doves have been at war for centuries, The mc cat finds a dog friend bulldog by the name cooper. they go trough big adventure together… Hunting the Doves…

at the end the mc cat find a human and is being adopted by him… :))

Any remarks or suggestions? :slight_smile:

Best game ever 10/10

Sounds purrfect. :smiley:

…or at least different from the general mould! Go for it, if you want! I’d play it. :slight_smile:

(Reminds me of a short story I wrote once, the main character was a bat…)

@Vlad433 If you think you can make it highly comedic, go for it.

Just a small off-topic question: What happened to Undead Apocalypse?

The zombies killed all the humans, the end

@P0RT3R Of course. What else would have happened Safety. Nah man

I think this idea could really take flight if you work on it. I’ll be watching this thread like a hawk for more updates! Can’t wait to get my claws into a demo, when you have one.

(Puns aside, this sounds interesting. Good luck!)

Wait, so cats are at war with doves… The doves have the advantage of flying… and I guess the cats have the advantage of actually being able to kill doves?

“Too long have the doves been all flappy and feathery at us! Well I say no more! Today cats will unite to destroy those flappy bastards and stop their flappyness for good! Then… we’ll find something else to kill I guess. Or whatever. I don’t freaking care, I’m a cat.”

As long as I can take long naps and have my belly rub then I’m in. :slight_smile:

I’m not very experienced, i think The Undead Apocalypse is too big and too hard for me , so i think i will start of something small like this, i didn’t abandon The undead apocalypse, but i will finish it later…

i will put an alpha demo (or however it’s called :)) ) as i will make it… :slight_smile:

recall all the times when they took a dump on you by surprise ~X(

here is an intro (I would not even call it an alpha :)) )

I assume everybody happened to be a victim of doves, at least once in your life a dove’s shit fell on you from the sky, THIS IS REVENGE!!! >:)

If the Dangerous Zone with rapes and fighting and killing is a low risc environment what would a medium and high risc zones be like? :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

maybe high grounds rooftops, chasing doves I’m not sure yet :-?

restricted areas, government soldiers shooting at you… that and other more dangerous cat gangs, more skilled… :))

Maybe a country where people eat cats?

Yeah that’s a good idea @PORT3R
Another Risky area, A house with a yard, and a dog is patrolling there… 8-X

This is fun. Cheers to you for making Doves bad birdies :stuck_out_tongue: