Which Idea, Reaper or Doodleverse?


Alright so I’m wanting to do a side project so I don’t get totally frustrated with my current one and can have something to go to when my mind is fried. So I was hoping you guys could tell me which of the two you would rather see become a game.

  • Reaper: You have the choice to become one of the oh so famous reapers, but will you choose to take the throne and become Death itself or will you join sides with angels or demons. Or will you just stay as a reaper or a ghost?
    Link: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/ejsw2ha1ilo4bo1/Reaper.html?dl=0

  • Doodleverse: A child’s imagination is an extraordinary thing, you should know you are the product of such thing. Yep you are a imaginary creature, created by an adoring kid. To others you are nothing but a fake play thing that the child needs to give away but to the kid, you are everything. And in the dreamland, the Doodleverse, you are real.
    Link: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/63vkp2m05to2arg/Doodleverse.html?dl=0

*For those who had asked to see the others that aren’t listed, those aren’t scraped just will be future projects.


Hmmmm probably not a good answer but I want to see all of them!!! But can I hear more about the Survival Game,Doodleverse and For The Prince. But in seriousness I would really like to see Doodleverse.



But with Survival Game it’s more of a post apocalyptic type world where the wealthy live in cities that rest on the western coast, southern, and eastern - no one has heard from the northern in a while. Superiors are all of those who live inside the walls while everyone else, you, live outside and must survive on your own - hunting, finding water, defending yourself, everything. Superior scouts had killed your parents and took over your village and so you might have a bit of a bone to pick. The Duchess of the eastern lands is being hunted by rebels, others that are in the same position as you. She runs across you and begs you for help. You can either help her or join the rebels and betray her and bring the Superiors down.

In Doodleverse you are the product of a child, a child who desperately needs you. Once created you join the ranks of many in a realm called Doodleverse, inhabited by other imaginary creatures. You can interact with your child in both the realistic world and the Doodleverse or Dream World. Watch as your child grows but know that everything doesn’t last.

And finally For the Prince you don’t know much about your past, only that you are a unique breed of assassin that allows you to cause others to bleed internally when you touch them. You are a tool by the ruler of your lands, Lord Doran, doing his bidding alongside another rare assasin. When the King of the lands request for eligible ladies/men to come and win his son’s/daughter’s hand in marriage, the Lord see’s this as a chance to take over the world of humans. So he sends you to secure his/her hand and as soon as it is done, to kill him. But you could find love or you could stay on the right path.

For the Prince is probably going to be tweaked so it might be renamed For the Crown. Hope that helped a bit.


For the Prince sounds very exciting!


My gut response, too, was “all of them!” My second gut response was “combine them!” Hush, gut. No help at all.

After deliberating long and hard (exactly two minutes)…
reapers and assassins, yes, but Doodleverse gets thrice the yeas. Sounds like a version of “Cool World” for the littles. I’m in.


This discussion is over Doodleverse is obviously the winner​:joy::joy::joy::smiley::smiley::smiley: Also if you need any help with any of those titles just pm me


My gut won. I have no control


Doodleverse and For the Prince both sound really cool to me. Doodleverse kind of reminds me of this old Saturday Morning Cartoon type show called Chalk World. And it’s a really awesome idea.

But I also love the idea of For the Prince, it sounds really unique and I love the turmoil that can come out of someone having such a deadly touch.

So I’m going to have to split myself (hopefully not literally) between those two.


Your gut sounds like a dragon. I’ve heard those can be trained.
My gut is a spoiled princess currently pouting in the corner…


How about you combine the Survival Game with Doodleverse


Tried that and ended up in the hospital


How would you see that set up? The kid is in a post apocalyptic world and the imaginary friend is there to help?

I feel like the focus would be all over the place, on you, the duchess, and the person. If that makes sense.


The Survival Game Plus Doodleverse Equal Doodlesurvival
Your trying to survive as an imaginary friend of a child who is growing up and there imagination is shrinking


Hold on working on the duchess part


Got it the child’s imagination is the only way to save the duchess and it’s shrinking and the imagery friend has to survive and keep the imagination going in order to save the duchess


There is a better way: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/h5au8acz8e7u6lr/Dragon%20Racer.html?dl=03.0k


Hmm I will have to consider that.


Think Inside Out that half insane movie


This. In fact it gives me ideas. Like your goal is to become materialized, and you can do this in several ways. Becoming a doodle, and then a comic book, or becoming a stuffed animal, like Calvin and Hobbes. You can influence the child to become better or worse, challenge them intellectually or get them to do crazy stunts.

I want. To steal. Your idea.


Im having a tough time choosing between Survival Game or Reaper