Gray Eyes of Death (Working title: Gray Death) - Public Beta Test - Closed - Updated: 16/09/21

Hello Everyone!

It’s been a while. I would like to present you a project of mine that I’ve started back in 2018, soon after Doomsday on Demand 2 has been released. Due to certain events in both personal and work life, I could only work on and off with this project whenever I had time in the past few years. Recently though, I’ve luckily had more time on my hands, so I could finally finish Gray Death. So… beta testers would be much appreciated!

About Gray Death! It’s a ~ 300.000-word interactive fantasy set in an apocalyptic world, where you take the role of a young teenager of your choice when the world around you turns to hell. In brief, due to unknown circumstances, the dead no longer wishes to remain dead, and they are hungry.
You will have to adapt to the new, hostile environment, and learn the ropes of survival if you want to stay alive in the harsh world. You will have to decide whom you will form a bond with and who you place your trust in. These will be vital to overcome challenges, and eventually reach your goal in one piece.

The game relies heavily on the story and its social elements, while also trying to balance a steady pace of thrill filled action.

Some disclaimers on a scale of little - medium - lots:

Medium - there are romance options included, but due to the age of the protagonist, the candidates are limited to those with similar age. Due to that, romance elements are also within boundaries.

Little - present here and there, but not common throughout the story.

Lots - both fantasy and real violence are heavily present.

Lots - some gruesome events and/or suffering are depicted in detail.

Little - few occurrences of cigarette and alcohol.

Generally, I would like to receive a feedback regarding anything that you find worthy of mentioning, but to get a bullet point of things:

  1. Typos, spelling, style, grammar errors (e.g.: misplaced comma, wrong gender pronunciation, wonky sentences or just generally bad English)

    • That happens, unfortunately.
  2. Coding (e.g.: gender flips, dead character returning, shift or jump in story that doesn’t make sense, event that doesn’t reflect previous choice, showing variable etc.),

    • These things would most likely would indicate a coding error.
  3. Stat errors (e.g.: something in inventory that was never there/lost before)

    • Part of coding, but separated because there will be a few things going on with the stats.
  4. Plot, characters, progress (e.g.: feedback of scenes and characters) -

    • It would be great to hear which chapter, scene, character and event you have liked or disliked, and for what reason.
  5. How long did it take you to finish the game, and which ending have you reached?

    • An estimation would be highly welcome.
    • Would you play the game again to reach a different ending?
    • Was the screen time enough for you, or was it too short/too long?
  6. Anything you wish sharing.

    • Yes, anything. This can range from weird page/line breaks to anything you find illogical, or think that can improve the overall quality of the game. If you hate something, tell me. If you love something, tell me. Anything in-between is also welcome. Was there something you wished was included, or something you wish was not included etc.
  7. Suggestions/opinions for improvement.

    • Suggestions are always welcome in any form, basically the same as above.

Please feel free to share feedback either here, or in DM. Please also use the spoiler tag where you deem it applicable. Seeing a snippet of the environment where the issue occurred also helps a lot.

A new release is uploaded, with the first day issues fixed (many thanks for that).
This version contains a save system with 30 save slots. I’ll keep the old one alive for a little while, but please refer to this version from now on, as saving makes testing go a lot easier.

Thanks to everyone who participated and helped with the beta test so far! I have quite a few things to address. A new version is uploaded with many errors fixed. The expansion of the story and introduction of additional choices is ongoing.

As I’ve just become aware of the fact that Gray Death is also a street name for a highly dangerous and also illegal opioid, the name is now subject to change, presumably to Gray Demise or Gray Plague

Thanks a bunch to everyone who has participated in the beta test! I have a few issues to address and also expand the game further. For the time being, the beta test is closed.

Thank you for your time, feedback and suggestions, and I hope you’ve had fun!


Haven’t finished yet, just wanted to let you know that the choice about letting the principle take the gun or not is mixed up a bit, I chose to let him take it yet my diary says “I didn’t let principal Eamon take my weapon, we haven’t seen him since he left for food. He might still be alive, though…”.
furthermore, when Ben gets attacked in the supermarket there is text I assume is meant for the keep the gun path (“Overwhelmed with fear, you grip the handle of your small handgun” for example), though the choice to “Shoot the creature” is locked.


Have read a few chapters… So:

I believe that should be not Surname…

Here, not hear

After the dot it should be capital letter

I think the second paragraph should be in italic too

You have forgotten quotes in the other half of his speach

You dont need “the” before “it”

I think you see the error there

In last sentance instead of he better use the name (Killiah… Hope I remembered it right) as for now it kinda not clear about whom you are talking

The sme as above - losing quotes in second half. And a capital letter in the middle of it

Lost a word between “you” and “between”

Other than that: the other child… The one in black hoody sometimes uses different pronounses (like she is “she”, but sometimes text says “he”). But for that I forgot to do the screenshot, sorry. it was somewhere after we escaped the mall i think

I think diary better to move on their own Page (Just create a subpage in stats), as they talking a lot if space

Oh, but beggining is interesting). And Another suggestion: put up a save system for testing - it really saves a lot of time


That was an absolute rollercoaster of emotions! I think it’s definitely interesting and I audibly laughed at some parts. I’d also recommend putting in a save system. The scene with angel absolutely GUTTED ME and I definitely wasn’t expecting that. I think I’d definitely replay to get other endings (I got the bitten ending). Quick question; is it possible to survive if you leave with Killian?


I was greatly enjoying it until I got a 404 error instead of the actual game lol


Did you close the link? Or is it just not working?

Probably dashingdon having an error, it’s working again now

Mach, xLime, PastelSweetss,

Thank you very much for the quick feedback! I’ve fixed these banal errors.
Regarding your question about the ending: it is possible to survive with Killian!

Petrichor, GKRA

I haven’t closed the link, I can access both of the links.

A new version is uploaded with 30 slave slots, please refer to that for future testing :slight_smile:


While I do not really like to play as a Kid, I am a sucker for apocalypse and especially Zombies, so I gave it a try.

I really like the writing and the pace of the Story so far (only reached point where we get to guard the cinema).

Personally I would like more choices, I am not that Fond of texts after texts. Some choices would Help, Not Game altering ones but some that just add flavor text or change irrelevant things.

I also found some Errors:

I was female but the pronoun is him

Should be walk

beard I guess

I guess it was planned as “Killian says and”

Keep Up the good work, I like this game


Utterly magnificent my friend! i really enjoyed reading every single chapter.

My feelings after getting the ending (best probably possible outcome) “The World”:
“In the name of the god-emperor and mankind we reconquest our holy world!”

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by the way i didn’t found errors (big ones) in my first run, so good job on that.

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More errors:

Larry is dead in my playthrough

Aliana should be female

And Killian Male

I would like a choice where I can try to make peace when Aliana and Killian are quarraling


First off, loved the story. Couldn’t put it down.

A major issue I had was a particular character dying. When I learned that Angel was dead I was very upset. May have shed a few tears in the manor that we learn of her demise. But luckily, based on future party slots and grayed out lines I figure there is a way to save her and I will have to play again to do so.

All in all, amazing game. Well worth the time it takes to sit down and read it. There are a large number of pronoun errors throughout, but I’m not good at quoting sections or however people do that. It is amazingly well written and I really enjoy the in-depth look at the psyche of zombie apocalypse survivors. I liked how you left in choices that actually matter unlike a lot of choices games where the path is strictly linear. You can determine life and death and branching pathways etc. Oh, the one last wording issue I would recommend fixing was the term “presses lips together.” Maybe just a personal pev, but I counted 31 uses of that phrase spread throughout the book. And after the second time it was uncomfortable to read. And none of them were in reference to kissing, just characters that would make the expression I guess? But I really don’t think the expression matches the mood in most of those cases. Just a suggestion. Overall, 9.5/10 game.


Haven’t tried it yet but I just want to say that Doomsday On Demand series is one of the best hosted game I’ve ever played… I’ve noticed one mistake it’s should be “we didn’t even have a bottle of water” instead of “we didn’t bottle water”

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It’s not wrong though… MC’s friend meant that they didn’t even bottled the water when they’re getting the needed resources…


Really? Damn I guess it’s my mistake then… sorry English isn’t my first language so I thought that was wrong :sweat_smile:


Hi! Please see the following images. I hope that they will help you! :grin:



@Kaelyn, @The_Commander_543, @Jerry_Atkinstein, @Alexthelame, @Empress_Nightmare

Thank you for the additional, detailed feedback!


Thank you for the screenshots and the suggestions, they do help a lot!

Good points. I’ll try to add a few more choices that would help with the flow of the story, and another few that would favor the “middle way” in said situations.

Good point also, I’ll cut back on that phrase.

Regarding a certain element:

Thank you for letting me know how this particular path made you feel!


That’s great information!!!

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Hi, I have a question. If it is not too spoiler-y how can we survive with K?