Goblin-MC Fantasy WiP (Interest Gauge)


Idea Pitch:

Choice of Game where you play as a Goblin born into a world where monsters, if not killed off early in their life by Adventurers and “Heroes”, can “evolve” into stronger monsters over time.

For example: Goblins evolve into Hobgoblins, then Ogres.

Would feature un-traditional characters and love interests, including (but not limited to) Arachnes, Dryads, Centaurs, other Goblins, Beastfolk, and a few friendly humans.


RE: Monster? now the question is…will you all the way into the darkness (for those that have read the novel or manga)


if you like the idea go for it you don’t need us to tell you if a idea is good or not.
but I personally like my goblins to stay goblins or at least goblinoids.



Never heard of it. I’ma have to look it up. I actually got the idea from a manga called “Kumo desu ga, nani ka?”

Edit: After looking it up, I now see the glaring similarities. I’ll definitely be reading this.


Could we be something besides a goblin? Like a griffon, or a werewolf etc


Color me interested.


yess… look it up but don’t shy away from the darkness…embrace it!! SHAPE IT!! CoNtRoL iT!



Sounds interesting I like being a goblin what happen after ogre


this should help



or this one

chart v2


Not sure about the Griffin, as I feel it’d be easier to work with a humanoid MC if i did end up allowing you to choose your species. I’d probably end up just allowing you to choose different evolution branches for your goblin as the story would progress though. Nothing’s set in stone, though, since i don’t even have the plot fully thought out yet.


As an otaku myself, I’m definitely interested.


Going to be honest here, clicked on the thread because the idea of playing as a monster sounded interesting. However I don’t find the whole evolving thing that interesting. Just my opinion, though it sounds like there is definitely some interest so best of luck. I will check in when the story nears completion and see if my mind has changed as it is prone to do sometimes.


I really like the idea of evolving, but I guess I wish I didn’t have to be an ugly monster, but maybe a majestic monster lol


I think you can be as ugly or as pretty as you wish, assuming the author leaves their appearance up to our imagination or at least gives us the option to choose.

I mean, just look at these WoW goblins:


Exactly my thoughts. Unless the author tells me I’m a grotesque and hideous monstrosity, I will believe that I am a beautiful goblin princess. :grin:


@SiROSTRiKE :grinning:

Base form


yes Yes YES YES!!! This is literally Re:Monster! Thank f**k for you SiROSTRiKE. You are a god send. You. Need. To. Do. This. Please.


I’ve read been reading both of these. Recommended.


A story were you play a goblin who can evolve would be pretty awesome imo.

Goblin’s are cute in their own way and get up to lots of shenanigans.


I always love being a monster. I would only do about 3 evolutions (Goblin to Hob to Ogre) because if you add too many options, you may over extend yourself. I would love to see this become a finished story.