Gladiator: Road to the Colosseum (Out Now!)



U r not alone :+1:


I leave my fate to the gods when choosing my origin. I like having to work with what I’m given.


Spotted an error in the demo:

"We know you. And we absolutely idolize you, Flavius. Back when we were slaves in the House of Cato, the only thing we could think of was the tales of your exploits on and off the sands.

My mc was a slave in the house of Brutus and D. was too.


… All you guys thinking about min-maxing stats and I went for story decisions! :laughing: Oh boy. Should make my first run interesting… I’m going Greek merchant family for my first run. It didn’t even occur to me to see how that affected my stats as I played along. I just thought it would be fun to play someone from a semi-prominent family getting taken out of their element, playing as part naive but realist at times.

@nauhziy Yeah, Sera was the one who turned me onto this WIP.


Same here, never though about stats, just went with what seemed right for the character. Probably will end badly then. :scream: C’est la vie! Or, perhaps, c’est la mort? :thinking:


I am not an inventor


But @your_mom is.
I am so sorry, I just had to. Again, I am sorry


Good you did, because i thought about it 3 times… Maturity? Idk her


It was a matter of life and…life again… So I had to decide


What year does this take place


Around 50-40 BC


That doesn’t make sense, Since the Colosseum wasn’t built until 70 A.D.


“a 128 year old gladiator looks up at the newly constructed colossem and utters a single statement “We didn’t have any fighting areana like this when I was young, these wiper snappers with all there good medical care after a fight and the emperor’s new try not to kill rule.””


Technically he would be 128, since the MC started the story at age 18.




The author said this is a few hundred years before colleseum I believe
Edit: sorry if I sound rude, I asked the author earlier and he said it wasn’t any specific date but he’d estimate around 50-40 BC


Than the title is a bit misleading.


Sorry, I should probably just let the author reply, I am truly sorry for the inconveniences, I probably misread something


Lol, no worries man.


I try to be helpful and I mess things up, sounds like me alright lol