Gladiator: Road to the Colosseum (Out Now!)



you did not mess anything up



Hahaha “Let me kill you with my wonderous prose and sharp wit!” Hmm that makes sense, I suppose intellect forces you to fight in a smarter way, whereas strength gives you a bit more leeway (in the sense that you can purely use brute force).

Glad you picked this up hahaha. Hmm, did you feel that agility was well represented? It was added in after the rest of the core stats. I do feel that I might have been biased towards my own personal playstyle though >.<

I suppose ethnicity would be more accurate but it’s a tad of a mouthful heh

A min-maxer that has all balanced stats seems a little contradictory hahaha. Did you feel like certain stats were less important though?

That’s awesome though! Have you considered releasing your mods (w/ permission from the author)? I imagine there would definitely be a ton of people who would appreciate the stat balancing, added ROs and the ability to save their progress.

Ooh very cool, I’ll have to check it out when I have a spot of time then!

Hahaha I recall you saying this… and that you secretly wanted him as an RO hahaha

I guess you’ll have to wait and see then :wink:

You’re Egyptian? Wow that’s cool!

Mhmm this is pretty fair judgement. It also leaves the MC on a much poorer starting position in terms of formal training and skills, as well as motivation -> escaping slavery to live a life of peasantry doesn’t seem all too appealing

Ahh I definitely hope it is! As a small publisher in a niche area there will always be a ton of questions asked with regard to quality/production value. Also, it’s always going to be difficult to pick out the diamonds in the rough so to speak. Like most creative work, no one knows how good something is going to be until it is released. Hope 2019 works out much better!!!


That is one thing I have never been able to do (successfully). The function to resume from where I left of was always entirely Steam/Chrome’s. If I really upgrade my skills I suppose I could try make local browser versions using an equally local version of the save-game plugin from Dashingdon, but it would be a hack job. :thinking:
Thus far my one attempt to (re)build a local version from code gathered from the web wasn’t a success.

Rebalancing stats is really easy to do, anybody could do it. Want a +10 increase instead of a plus 5? Literally as easy as changing the number in the.json file and my stat rebalance is usually custom tailored to my vision of my preferred main mc (and would screw things up for other builds). Really, I recommend would be stat-rebalancers to do it themselves as they are likely to prefer some other balance than I do. And to be fair not all games even need it.

Yup, still do. After my mc enslaves him…:smiling_imp:


How was the playthrough!

Ahh that’s super helpful! Thank you so much! Great catches as usual :smile:

Great catch as well! Definitely had a brain fart there heh.

Well, to each their own :smile: Did you feel like the stat checks were very challenging though? Given that you didn’t min-max your stats hahaha.

Oh wow that’s awesome! So you’re a full-time editor?

Hahaha well, it’s definitely not going as badly as it is for the community Let’s Play… let’s just say that when a group of people vote on an IF… things don’t end up well at all hahahaha


Touche touche

Heya! I specifically left out the time period cause I didn’t really want to stick to chronological history but do a somewhat historical mishmash of events where I just picked and chose what would seem the most exciting for gameplay/storyline.

So yes, there’s definitely a tad of historical inaccuracy in the sense that some characters you will meet came before/after the Colosseum was built. If you would look up the House of Cato and the House of Brutus you will notice that they existing about 150-200 years before the Colosseum was built. But ultimately I decided to go try and come up with my own fictionalized version of events just to make things a bit more interesting! Hope you understand!

After all, who would want to play a historical slave? Would have to write in 100 different versions of “You scythe the wheat from the fields” or “You sweep the corner of the villa” hahahahaha.

Don’t worry!! You were not wrong - I did tell you that the chronology of the game doesn’t match real life. Thanks for being helpful!! :smile:


I think that agility is well represented. It is quite subtle, and seems to affect choices made as opposed to actually having choices center around it which makes sense since a lot of factors actually go into how agile someone is. I think it is most prominent in the way others fight though, like their fighting style.


Kind of like the show “Vikings” than. I was hoping for that, as there is so much history I would love to experience within this game. Rome Is too interesting to confine this story to one time period.


Damn! I hadn’t played since a lot of time and I’m impressed by the update, also, how will we interact with Gisilia in the future (where will we see her again)?


So, you say it was a group effort? :crazy_face: United we fall, divided we may actually survive? :grimacing: :wink:


@nauhziy it was good i love how you just dont start at the colosseum i started with the mines i dont think alot of the gladitor storys ive read start with the slave going somewhere else so it was a good change of pace and im reallly digging the realtionship between the mc and boadecia


not exactly because none of these places were monolithic in ethnicity. There were also Black and Jewish egyptians as well so it was confusing to me what my character actually looked like which is why I brought it up


Aw shit.
Not really. I think they’re all important, and I like how some stat checks combine two of them.
I was able to make a character that can (hopefully) get me through without embarrassin myself.
So I believe the word I should’ve used is perfectionist :sweat_smile:


The upcoming update for will allow everyone to save/load their game to/from the server for any games that allow it. So if you’re logged in, you’ll be able to save and load regardless of browser/OS/device. But don’t tell anyone, it’s a secret… and how the heck would I know about that sort of stuff anyway?

On topic, I’m looking forward to more… it’s very engaging so far!

P.S. Gisila forever


Are we currently living in the Roman Republic or the Roman Empire?


Ahh that’s good to hear! I wanted to try and make all stats equally valuable, so there can be multiple play styles instead of a singular optimized build. I think there are also some agility dependent checks later on in the game… so definitely look out for those :wink:

Yeah you could say so! I would say more of the Roman Republic phase - if you play through to chapter 3, you’ll meet a bunch of senators. I also found it wayy too difficult to pick a single time period that would reasonably make sense to fall within a single lifetime… so yeah. Got greedy >.<

Thank you! I’m glad you liked the update! I would say you will see her again later. Or maybe you won’t. :wink:

Oh yes. I’m trying this thing out where I post a scene and get people to vote on the options. And somehow the majority vote is always suicidal so… I’ve been cheating a little and tweaking the scenes as we go along hahaha. I’ve also started to realise how bad insta-death branches are as an experience.

Sad but. maybe. HAHAHA much can also be said of people who normally don’t play these games aka my friends on the socials… shakes my head

That’s awesome! Glad to hear that :smile: The mines path is. imo, the hardest path I think. So you’re definitely in for a bit of a rough ride there.

You’ve a good point, but I think that’s the thing. I would hate to prescribe a certain look to the MC because this means that players wouldn’t be able to mentally customize their MC. I would say it was more of a stylistic choice!

Hahaha don’t worry, I had to google “min-maxer” myself. I wonder how a balanced MC would do though, especially late game where the stat checks become a bit more demanding… hahahha

Awesome to hear about the update! Your platform is such an amazing life-saver in the terms of giving us an easy way to host our demos. Really appreciate it and it’s definitely an honour to have you playing the game!

Woah woah are you trying to start a RO war :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I was replaying dragon age origins recently and each origin is essentially a different character so this is really just me over thinking things


Being a Greek noble implies that you live in Athens, the thing is though that your father couldn’t be the cousin of the king since the Roman Republic didn’t have kings, the Closest equivalent to a king would be Caesar who became Dictator for life, and ended up being killed immediately afterwards.


Fun fact: The Roman Republic had many client “kings” spread about in the ancient world including Greece …some of the greatest drama involves revolting client kings and queens (excluding Cleopatra; lol)


Indeed, unless you 1) advertise (somehow) the idiocy (such as ‘are you sure jumping into a pit with spikes are a good idea?’) thereof and 2) offer other solutions together with 3) ‘save points’ in the start of each ‘chapter’ or somesuch. Even then, apart from #1, I do not enjoy ‘death’ in my games.

As for gaming on social media and groups, yes, it appears to often lead to taking actions an individual would not take. Maybe dub it the Lemming effect? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Technically those client “kings” were actually Governors of their respective Provinces, the text does imply that the Greek background lives in Athens and Athens was apart of Achaea and Achaea was intern a province of the roman province of Macedonia. It’s pretty confusing but if i’m getting this right the roman province of Macedonia consisted of many other provinces each governed by their own respective Roman governor who was the chief authority of that province who’s authority was granted by the Roman Senate, Achaea being no exception to this.


No, not a full-time editor though it feels that way when I get new chapters. :smile:

I also enjoyed that about this too. I really felt like I got to get into character and experience a bit of my world before it all went sideways. It makes what happens hit much harder in the feels.