Give me an idea for a game and I'll make it

I somewhat have an idea. You could perhaps create a game surrounding an aspiring programmer who’s just made a breakthrough in the creation of AI level synthetic intelligence. It could be given traits, much like a main character, which could determine different endings.

I don’t know if this is even possible or probable, but it sounded like a good idea to me. If you don’t feel like creating it, I would appreciate it if you could pass on the idea to someone who might be interested. Thanks.

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Still waiting for someone to make a game about a COG author writing a game :laughing:

No, I’m serious.


Make a game about a young footballing prodigy!

We are lacking in games were you play as a god.
But you are not a lone god
There is a council of gods and goddesses spanning multiple dimensions with ways for gods to be created (if a sentient creature is powerful enough) and also ways for gods to be dethroned (taking their power and utter defeat in battle so and so) gods and goddesses have territory’s with some having one planet to others having entire dimensions. These immortal (as long as they have powers) and almost omnipotent beings have strengths and weaknesses and such.
They can specilize in battle, life, etc
And there is even alliances and relationships. (gods and goddesses are basically mortal creatures that gained enough power that they “ascended”) you play as a mortal who ascended (you can keep your human or whatever form but gods and such can shapeshift) gods and goddesses also have “angels” servants who are immortal so long as they have a god to serve.
Also each god and goddess has a specialty


This post I made a while back pretty much explains my idea

Lol… i can see it now… :eyes:

Pouring over your research notes, plot ideas and quirky little gags in the dark has your head reeling with discomfort. Why does planing a story have to be such a strenuous task? You begin writing the next scene for your WIP only to get a few lines in when… BAM! Writers block hits you square in the face! Just like that random metal pillar in third grade. You’ve hit that dreaded wall again.

:weary: You could try to climb it (again), :zzz: take a nap or :boom: SMASH IT TO SMITHEREENS!


(+20 points because I ran into a steel pillar when I was that young)


I gotta admit that would interest me as a non-writing reader, just because it would throw me in the shoes of an author for however long the book is (even though it might not be as accurate to play a game(book?) as it would to write one)

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You could also do a demigod style game or perhaps a game set in mythical scandinavia. I am a big fan of the norse gods.

Playing as a demi-god is fun but a full blooded god sounds even cooler.


The post-apocalyptic genre is a bit overused but… what about a game that tells the story of a man/woman trying to find a reason to live in a post-apocalyptic world? The characters he meets and decisions he’s forced to make would play a role on how the game ends, I think.

An evolution humour game where you start as a humble thingy- like a potato or something, and evolve into an all powerful omnipresent immortal creature (but obviously not that fast)


How about a game similar to what I imagine SPORE is like. You start as an amoeba and make choices that affect how your species evolves. The goal is to survive into the 21st century, giving you several millions of years to branch out. ;D

I like these ideas,they were mentioned at the start, but i want to bring them back.


I would play that game… an evolving humbled thing (like potato). :v:

That sounds like a Warcraft 3 mod called Darwin’s island where you start as a low level monster and evolve by killing stuff.

The most evolved player gets 14 ways of starting the apocalypse :smile:

I miss Warcraft 3 so much… All the cool kids are playing WoW and Call of Duty now T_T

You mean 12 year old shouting at you simulator.
With a Your Mom! DLC out now?

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Haven’t played it T_T"… I seem to be missing out on all the good games.

@faewkless, you’re not wrong. I got sick of those little foul mouthed twelvies. (I think there’s a law now where a child playing an inappropriate game can get their parents in trouble. Don’t know which country brought it out but I don’t think it’s stopped the twelvies). That said, I’m waiting for BO3 >_< lol.

Most good games start out that way no? A humble (being), growing in potential and skills towards being the best :grin:

-While sipping coffe with a picture of godot on it-
Asura’s wrath. Enough was said this day.

I shall name the worst of the worst, e.t. For the atari, burn it in oblivion and dont let it free!

Boxing game since apparently aliens suck. Seriously. We need a boxing game.

@gentleman_scholar, how about a game in which the MC is a WW2 soldier? I’d prefer a game in which the MC is part of the Axis Powers because I haven’t seen any game about them at all. However an Allied soldier will be fine.