New sports game idea

So I was thinking about what to do for my first game. Since there aren’t many sports games on the forum, I decided to give it a try. After some thinking, I decided to try something out of the ordinary. There is a sport not many people are familiar with called Slamball. It combines elements of basketball, football, hockey and gymnastics. It’s played on a regular basketball court, but the similarities stop there. There are 4 trampolines at each end of the court, used to propel players into the air to score. Slam dunks and regular 3 pointers are worth 3 points, while any other shot from inside the 3 point line is worth 2. Any pushing and shoving is legal except tackling and shoving from behind. Please tell me what you think!

Whoa whoa whoa whoa… If it’s like hockey I’m in!

if you like hard body checks then this is definitely for you!

here’s a brief video about the basics of slamball

This sounds great. I think there are not enough sports games on CoG. If it’s kind of in the style of SLAMMED! that would be awesome, but an original idea would be better.

It will be similar to slammed in terms of character creation and background. Then again, I’ve only played the demo, so the overall game will be pretty much original.

The demo will probably include character creation, hometown selection, positions, and a brief explanation of the rules of the sport.

Sounds awesome. I remember watching this on tv, don’t remember much about it but looked really cool.

Yea, the video was awesome. Best of luck.

Sounds awesome especially since it mixes two of my favorite sports football and basketball

How popular would slamball be? Would it be like football or at it’s current level of popularity

The game will probably be set in the near future, when SlamBall has skyrocketed in popularity and rivals baseball, hockey and even regular basketball to some degree.

I would enjoy playing a game like this. Funny story, back when I was in my early teens I asked my parents if my friends and I could dig holes in the ground so we could play legit slam ball. Instead we had to play with a different set of rules and three trampolines on flat ground.

Wow…head over to LA and try out for a SlamBall team if you really want to. I would suggest the MOB. Sean “Inches” Jackson is one of the best (and shortest) players in the game.