Gang Related, working title

aight yall, i wanted an Urban Fiction on Gang Violence. You play as a trobuled teen, boy or girl, GENDERS MATTER, who has problems. and, violence and crime, you decided to start a small time or big time gang. The race you pick, Your criminal hobbies, and what type of gang you want wil also have.a major impact. Beware, your not the only gang. use your smarts to get your crew out of a hornets nest, by making morale and logical choices. and face issues like Rival Gangs, Dirty Cops, and your sanity


Gang Related? Like the recently released Fox action/drama television show?

Well, there are a lot of gang/gangster related games out there, but this one seems to have a slightly different take. Will there be clever ways to deal with things other than killing people?

Oh yes, brute killing isbt alqays genuis in crime, you can make deals,kidnapp,torture, blackmail, extortion, and killing. etc

Im also thinking of adding backgrounds, like you dont know your father, or your forced to take care of your younger siblings. and they will affect the story

I hate to sound like an asshole, but you should really try very hard to have good grammar and spelling when you write this. At least for the descriptive text… For the dialogue, well, these are street “gangsta’s”… :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s not such a big deal in an internet forum thread like this as long as you’re intelligible, but even here just forcing yourself to try hard is good practice for serious writing.

Lots of people will think you’re smarter just for having good grammar and spelling. Heck, it works for me! :stuck_out_tongue:

please, thanks for the advice. But my phones just a piece of shisnick. and I revise every paragraph so I think my writings just fine. I think.

I see. I hate writing on phones. :stuck_out_tongue:

I know, Im still writing the list for backgrounds

Will it be 100% realistic or have some fantasy/sci-fi/steampunk elements?

Its not gonna be like NOLA IS BURNING, it will be realistic

Okay, Wulfyk I decided to make some changes thanks to your comment I had a genuis idea. Everything I said will still be included. but in 2050, so tech is more advance and the government is corrupt

@Deathwriter And corporations have been given second amendment rights?

Yes! And police have robot partners

@Deathwriter so it will be like Shadowrun but without magic, UGEs and critters? and considering @Shoelip’s comment, does it mean it’s set in the US? **==

Well yeah, but you can pick nationality

Nationality or ethnicity?

Im so sorry, but my computer just got nabbed by my ex

It sounds interesting, I’m definitely going to be looking forward to a demo.

If you need info on dangerous cartels, look up ms-13. Most dangerous gang in the world

Any idea where this would take place? Like a real city, (NYC, Chicago, London) or something new that popped up in the last thirty five years?