Game Idea-The Monster hunted by Monster Hunters

So As I mentioned before I’m kinda bit on playing as non humanoid. I wanna be an aliens spider, or a Cobra wizard or the goat demon in a horror setting.

One idea I’ve always played with is instead of being a monster hunter you are the monster that is hunted.

I’ve got a few issues with it. Some are,do you play as a dragon, chimera, something new, should the player desire or customize? Should the hunters be dragon slayers, Van Helsing, modern setting (with guns and tacky leather clothes) or the Monster Hunter video games? How intelligent are you? How big? ect.

Also What kinda story could even form from that idea?

I should mention I’m not going to start this idea, but it could be a fun colab to do with some ppl. Not so much a masterpiece of fiction, but something that’s intense yet enjoyable. If that makes any sense.

What do ya’ll think?


All of the above? :stuck_out_tongue:

Before anything, I think its probably to wise to access what are your capabilities and limitations in all this. As much as I love a game with variety and lots of character customization options, I can only imagine the amount of work necessary to pull that through. Instead of creating hunters for a specific species why not simply focus on an organization that hunts all, similar to Witchers? Though if its something relevant to the story then I don’t see any harm in having a few independent factions here and there.

As for what race I would play… I admit that playing dragon is always cool in my book but maybe a bit cliche? Also depending on the setting, playing such a large, powerful creature can have its drawbacks - you can’t exactly hide amidst society which could pose an issue if you intend to have some form of intrigue and political elements in the game. Of course I don’t really know much about the Monster Hunter universe to know if that’s a common thing or not… but it doesn’t hurt keeping it in mind.

If I had to choose I’d say I would want to be something related to water, like an amphibian or something of the sort. There’s not that many games that allow you to become a leviathan or sea-monster sort of creature. I did some research and the Piscine Wyvern from the Monster Hunter universe looks cool enough for me! As for the setting… I’m not picky though having it all happening on a more modern world sounds a bit more interesting than your standard fantasy-medieval setting. Hey, may I drop a suggestion? What if you included the lore and monsters from Dark Souls or Bloodborne?

Transforms into a totally normal and inconspicuous treasure chest, waiting for the next big hero to approach… (wiggles eyebrows)

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Now you’ve made me want “Choice of the Mimic.” A lot of waiting, but the payoff is so good.


Choice of the Liquid Metal Slime.

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I’d play as long as I don’t have to be an evil people eating monster. I’d rather be neutral like Shrek.

The player should be able to choose their intelligence, personality, and mean/niceness.

Being a shape shifter would be nice because we can hide and be secretive if we want. Or, we could be large, but have to keep buying magical glamours to stay hidden which would mean we’d be forced to protect the witches that made the glamour so we won’t get caught.

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Choice of the Doppelganger - I’d play that. Can only imagine the amount of mischief I could do with their powers…

Choice of the Annoying Monster.
Play as an annoying overpower monster. Will you be ridiculously hard to kill? Will you kill the main hero countless times? Or will you become a legend of ragequit and frustration?


I think far more interesting could be a feeble monster. How does a kobold go about their day in the fast-paced world of a dungeon’s ecosystem? All you have is this stupid sack of 50 copper pieces and a dagger +1. The high-level adventurers are actually just walking past you at this point. It’s depressing.


So… you mean I can play a Legendary Tunneler Caza-Deathclaw hybrid and scream “WHERE IS YOUR GOD NOW?”, while everything around me instantly gets caught on radioactive fire for added effect? :stuck_out_tongue:

Kudos to whoever gets the Fallout reference


Well the idea was instead of playing a Monster slayer you WERE the monster being hunted. What do dragons think when they’re kind starts to die out. What would a Stone Troll in New York do if people knew it’s weaknesses.

It was kinda to get the feeling of being a massive creature that’s burdened with fear and paranoia. That you’re kind is being slaughtered.

Does that make sense?

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nah i just prefer the good old cazaclaw

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or this “shudders”

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It dose sounds good I would love to be a monster that gets hunted and that

I think you should look into the witcher series. In the Witcher there are huge variations in the “monsters”. Some live among humans and others are basically just animals. Another thing is the “humans are the real monsters” which could be quite a large part of your story.
Either way great idea. You should definitely build on it.

@Gower This concept has actually been done a lot. Not in CoG really, but it’s one of the more popular campaign ideas I’ve seen and in some ways it’s kinda just a new satirical coat of paint on a typical horror story. The adventurers are the “monsters” and the monsters are the hapless victims struggling for survival.

@Alorix Your idea vaguely reminds me of Choice of the Dragon, although that was more just about being a dragon (and failing at stat based romance) than dealing with people coming after you. What type of game would this be though? Like, would it be more about the practical aspects of avoiding the hunters or would it be more about the social aspects of being a powerful creature being hunted by other sentient beings (assuming the MC is sentient too) who think you need to be destroyed? Would the hunters be developed, consistent characters, some sort of sword of Damocles, or a string of puzzles to solve to get out alive? Do you actually have to be evil? Can you be the less violent more subtle type of evil that sways good guys to their will rather than simply annihilating them? Conversely can you be the type to try to make peace? Are the hunters “heroes” or just highly skilled and dangerous murder hobos like the PCs in most Hack and Slash D&D campaigns?

I mean, it’d be pretty entertaining to horrifyingly drag away the party’s fighter screaming into the darkness of the caverns only to greet them once they’re safely back in your lair and have awoken from passing out and changed into the unsoiled clothes you’ve kindly provided that you only eat people who are already dead and were dumped here by the corrupt local undertaker. :slight_smile:

hehe. Well IF I were to make the monster sentient and befriend a hunter I’d go with Dragon X Human romance story I’ve always wanted to make. I have 6 versions of that story but can never seem to find the right one.

But mine was more along the line of a creature suddenly being hunted. I have the designs actually, (not posted yet) So you’re like an animal just doing your thing when you’re suddenly trapped/attacked.

So you’d have a simple intelligence and stuff .

That’s Drakengard. You’re thinking of Drakengard.

IDK what that is. Looked it up but just got a vid game.

I could never recommend Drakengard w/out a description because of the WTF factor. :slight_smile:

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still confused. Sorry