Final impact:Judgment day developers diary

Hello and welcome to the developers diary for my first COG project. I plan to frequently update this thread as production continues along.

The plan so far: The plan for this thread is to host it for questions,provide updates, To have discussions,give feedback.

The story so far:
The beginning of the plague outbreak started like any other typical day. The sun raised, life continued as it normally would. Adults scurried to work. Yelling at cars in front of them because they are stuck in traffic. Teenagers suffered in class, complaining about a surprise pop quiz. It was a sad type of normal. Humanity falls into the typical rhythm of existence. Just living one day at a time.ignorantly assuming that everyday life would continue without falling apart. That exact mindset would be the end of mankind when the rapture struck and the zombie apocalypse outbreak began.

The story so far: I recently just started working on this project. I am in the early stages of writing out the script. Chapter one is almost complete,I’ll hopefully start coding within the next month. So i at least have the start of a playable demo!

As a survivor of a massive zombie outbreak on your home planet of Sarvis it is crucial to fight in order to stay alive.


1.The player will have the ability to name their MC, Choose their gender,Age,species,Orientation, What planet the MC hails from.

2.Fight zombies, survive the vast galaxy of Numas, Befriend and fall in love with 26 different characters Or have a poly-amorous relationship. Travel to different planets

3.Lead or Betray a group of followers.

4.Join a band of rebels

5.Explore new planets and meet different races as you travel through the galaxy.

story setting

Planet Sarvis: This is the home planet of the Mc and a couple of the main characters. It is a futuristic planet that runs off of steam power. It is a massive trading hub for merchants.

The Galaxy of Numas:This is a vast galaxy with 8 planets.It consists of Sarvis, Zosma c,Cycnus,Marsyas,Hylaeus,Cronu,Balius,Alcyone

Characters (spoilers)

Each image below is only a place holder until i can draw proper references for each character.Most of these character’s i adopted from other people. So the artwork below belongs to its respective artists and creators.

Maximum “Max” Montgomery:

Jublin O’conner

Jubline is a calm and bright youngman.

Willing “Will” O’conner

Will can be described as a hot headed with feisty personality. He’s

Rey Collymore

Rory Halik

Kingston Nakamura

Michaelis O’conner

Sage Ortega

Bai-Yin Liang

Cove Oro

Ezra Caddel

Jack Alaric

Lyric Harrison

Kai-Ming Liu

Zadie Solace

Siobhán Ortega:

Sofie Levine

Scarlet Lockhart

Rowen Monroe

Nalani Kekoa

Lorelei Stoll

Chantria Ulrich

Aspen Arden

Wren Mcenna

Hachi Asra

Toril Elrod

Extra content

Here you can find extra content for the game.I will frequently update this section.

Final impact:Judgment day, Novel (unreleased)
Official character portraits and bios (unreleased)


The settings look good

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Well at least that looks good, the rest of it is still really rough and needs work. Thanks for the feedback by the way. I appreciate it.

I know it’s still early on in the development process, but I was wondering how or if the mc species and planet they are from will affect the story and character interaction.

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Yes, the character species will impact the character interaction in small ways. Some characters live on different planets, for example you will meet Max and Sofie right off the bat if your Mc hails from Planet Sarvis.So yeah, It deferentially effects it.It also will effect the story plot in small ways with the planet that is picked.

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Oi there @RaisedMonkey the idea seems interesting enough to grab people’s interest but I hope you’ll post a demo soon, even if it’s a small introduction. Just so this won’t be locked cause of no working demo.

Nice, btw how heavy and free is romance gonna be?!?


Thanks for the heads up, I will definitely try to get the demo up soon. I might just take your advice up with the introduction.

It honestly depends on the character. Each one will have different preferences and reactions to romance. But the romance scenes will be heavily implemented into the story.

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Well this seems like it has alot of potential. When one think of zombie apocalypse, many don’t think of space travel or Sci-Fi. I wish you the best of luck and i look forward to seeing thr progress you make.

Also if you want some place to find proper art for your characters, I would recommend using Artbreeder as other authors have used it for their character references.

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Looks interesting :thinking:. But you sure you can handle so many characters more than 8 characters that interact with the MC romantically or anyway really are quite hard to account and code for, due to the multiple variables? Shouldn’t you lessen them, maybe? Unless you are good at coding, then I guess it’ll only be a pain in the ass, lol :sweat_smile:. But I guess that’s my 2 cents. Otherwise definitely looking forward to this.


The ro’s look amazing even if it’s a placeholder. I can’t wait to meet them all

Honestly I barley know Jack about coding. My demo is broken, my coding is off. But I’m wanting to dive head into it. I do feel like I have a lot on my plate with 26 RO’s. It will definitely be a pain in the ass. But I wanted players too have a vast amount of characters with different personalities to choose from. Ya know? So I’m keeping that amount and the hell that will come with it :rofl:


I am really happy to hear you like the characters! I’m working on the bio and character sheets. I’ll will hopefully updating this weekend.


Really interested to see how you handle meeting and interacting with all twenty six of them long enough to form relationships. Good luck with your project!

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