June 2022's Writer Support Thread

Today’s been a pretty good day for me, I think.

I got a lot of feedback yesterday, and that spurred me on to do one of my side-goals, rewriting the prologue of AToH, now that I’ve got a more cohesive narrative going. I got help from a couple of testers who gave me a few ideas, but I only really started working on it this afternoon.

I’m taking a break now, I don’t want to tire my brain out, but I managed to get 2.5k words out in a couple of hours. It’s been an easier process than I expected, which probably helps with the speed, but it’s still gratifying to see progress happen.

I’ll get back to it later tonight, after dinner, and see if I can double that number. I expect I will be done by tomorrow or the day after, at which point I’ll tackle Chapter 1.


it’s now officially been more than a year since the last time I wrote something publishable and I’m finally getting the itch again.

I feel like my last project was really the book I wanted to write–you know, the one that was in my soul and all that crap. So now i’m finally ready to really write to market (blatantly pander) and all that stuff and then buy a castle somewhere. Yippee!


Welcome back…



Hello, this is my first post here. It’s a pleasure to meet you guys. I always had multiple ideas that floated in my mind around the years and finally am working on putting them into the real world for the first time. I recommend for everyone here to watch Brandon Sanderson’s lectures. They are intuitive, and he goes step by step through the various steps of writing your story. Apologies for the English, as I’m not a native speaker.


Update: I didn’t, but I got over halfway there. I wrote another 1.5k words last night, and it was probably my favorite part of the chapter.

I was busier today, but I still got around ~1.8k done throughout the afternoon.

Current word-count is 6,268 or so words, which makes it larger than the original prologue was by that point.

Tomorrow will be even busier than today, but I hope to finish at least two of the three sections remaining tomorrow. If I manage that, the prologue should be essentially done then.

That aside, because my brain is too stubborn to shut up when I tell it to, I came up with a different idea for a scene in Chapter 5. It’ll set me back about two or three thousand words, and I feel a bit guilty, since my best tester helped me come up with the current scene, but I feel like this one is better, and offers me less headaches for the future. I’m excited to get back to it, when I’m done with my rewriting.


Well I’ve made some progress on Final impact. I just posted my developers Diary today.(It’s still a work in progress.But i will update when i can) I have made headway with my demo. But it’s broken an wont work properly. It’s not ideal, But it’s still progress! I am working on the character bios and profile sheets. I hope to have those up soon!

that’s all i have for now! if your interested you can check out the developers dairy here.


Bless the entire institute of public libraries. I swear, every time I go to work in the local library, my productivity rate triples. Anyway, I wrote the first draft of a new scene for chapter 3.


For me, it turned out that one of my supervillain characters is actually a… wizard? I don’t think English has an accurate word. Weird stuff anyway.


https://blog.jefsescritor.com/amor-como-elemento-narrativo/ I’m not sure how to contribute to this support thread but I felt that sharing the link of a writing blog was the only thing I could do. And especially on a topic related to ROs. (Love) Have a good week.


Thank you for your support, Francisco.

Assisting writers by sharing resources like blogs is a totally valid and appreciated way of showing your support.


Sorry if the blog is in Spanish :pensive:


Google Translate has apparently advanced to the point where I can completely understand the article with it, despite not knowing any Spanish myself. So thank you for sharing!


Dont know if this is the place for it but: happy Midsommar to all swedes in the community!


Hi everyone.

I just want to say I am alive and kicking.

Thank you, everyone, for your invaluable support. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I have been through one of the worst moments of my life but hopefully I just left the worst part behind me.

So, less chatting and more writing! Together we stand, divided we fall.


@Gilbert_Gallo very sorry to hear that things have been so tough. I hope that things improve as much as they can.

It’s been strange getting back into Royal Affairs again this June. I made some good headway earlier this week, but it’s not easy both switching between projects as well as mindset (going from very focused editing and feedback responses to creating new material). I’ve also hit a physical issue (frozen shoulder) which makes computer work harder, especially fitting CoG writing around my day job. It flares up every so often, which is frustrating. But I’m trying to be mindful about not trying to power through, and taking breaks when needed.


I would like to loan some wisdom from this forum. How do you come up with meaningful character motivation? How to make sure my character’s motivations and raison d’être overall are not shallow and actually believable? I’m writing a detective story, however I can’t seem to find a proper motivation other than the ‘for the greater good’ cliche or just solving the crime itself.


a detective still gotta eat and pay bills. They could’ve do it because a case traumatized them, or they failed to save someone, or someone related to them was killed…etc.

Really, you can take small little motives like ‘‘I just gotta have a career’’ and grow that into something bigger as your story grow, by meetings peoples, seeing thing, surviving events, and kicking evil butt.


Thanks for your perspective. I’m doing my best to find a motivation that is not related to the plot, but I’ve been failing miserably so far.


Just keep in mind, it doesn’t always have to be ‘save the world’. Someone can be a brat and be a detective, or a broody or a stoic person or whatever. Can be someone selfish, or greedy, or just butthurt. I mean it happen, there were peoples who weren’t suitable for the job still doing the job (horrible teachers, scary nuns…etc).


My story is about a detective that is transferred to a small town, willingly or not, after X incident in their lives, hoping to overcome said incident. However, 17 years after the death of a young lady during a traditional pagan ritual (bonfire, robes, masks and all that), her friends are getting killed one by one. I know the ‘default’ motivation for him would be ‘overcoming his trauma’, ‘moving on’ or just solving the case itself, however the difficulty is that I don’t know how he can move on, and how to link this arc to the story itself without it becoming an irrelevant subplot. They need to be intertwined. ‘Solving the crimes’ and ‘moving on’ at the same time.