Felipe Femur: Choice Adventures (WIP)



Hello everyone,

I’m the author of the Hosted Games story, No Proper Thief. I’m making this post about a new project that I’m working on called, Felipe Femur: Choice Adventures. It’s directed towards a younger audience, but should also appeal to adults who want a light-hearted adventure. It currently doesn’t have a romance aspect to it that I know many of you enjoy (sorry) and expect with the Choice of Games productions. Instead, I wanted to add something new to the Hosted Games selection: A fun, family-friendly series of text quests that might encourage children to read. I may add a mild romance option for the Trick or Shriek and Ole Haunted Bathhouse quests, as I will be adding a character creation section to those two storylines, but not in Carnival Caper.

Felipe Femur: Choice Adventures (WIP) currently features a mystery in a carnival that readers have to collect three clues to solve. They guide Felipe Femur the skeleton around and choose if he’s to be a Detective, Fighter, or a Jack-of-all-trades. Each profession offers a slightly different series of events and each has a different culprit to increase replay value. This project has taken me quite a bit longer to make than I originally anticipated, but it’s been a fun experience so far. Rather than be linear–as was a legitimate complaint about my first project, No Proper Thief–I made this game a closed circuit that you need clues to escape from and finish the quest. I think of it as an almost physical map of the carnival setting that players can guide Felipe through. With Felipe, readers can search sections of the fairground, go on rides, play carnival games, explore the circus tent, food court, and speak to other characters to gather clues. Two other features that added to this project taking me a long time are the “random” features and the fight sequences. I placed random selection code in things such as name generation, Felipe Femur’s responses in conversations, carnival game results, and generation of Clowns, Tall men, Strong men, and Ringleaders appearing to fight Felipe Femur in various locations and after various events. By random I mean an average of 10+ outcomes that the code selects. There are options to fight certain characters and each fight has many possible outcomes, including Felipe getting injured. He can also run out of energy and go home. But, no worries, one stop at the traveling caravan and you can heal him right up, so stock up on those Mortal Energy Drinks and Slender Tenders.

Overall, I think this project is quite different than most on Hosted games, including my first game (NPT). It still provides a story, but it is more of an open arena than a straight track to run on.

As for the characters: Felipe Femur is a skeleton with a lot of heart, guts, brains (figuratively and ironically) and is a character for the Toonstone universe I created with my artist brother. We run a free, family-friendly website dedicated to Felipe Femur and his ironic monster buddies at: http://www.felipefemur.com/, where we offer free craft ideas, recipes, games we make, stories I write, and more. You can check it out to learn more about the characters, or just explore the codex in this demo, where you can also check Felipe’s inventory, stats, and clue status.

I still anticipate there will be some bugs and typos, so please let me know if you find any (more so bugs). Suggestions are always welcome. I hope you enjoy this demo and thanks for giving it a try.


Are you working on a game in ChoiceScript? Let us know!


It seems they changed their policy recently. Sorry about that. I’ll have to upload it elsewhere.

*edit: @Terrell_Williams I’ve uploaded to DashingDon now, so hopefully that works.


Huh you clearly have a real “boner” for skeletons, bet you’ve never heard that one before.


As a matter of fact, I have not. That’s quite humerus!


I’m currently going through Carnival Caper and am really enjoying the story! It is, like you said, a lot different from most CoGs, and I usually don’t play ones that have set characters. Despite that, I really like how even though you’re not a main character within the story, you’re still influencing Felipe to progress in the way you want to go. It really helps that Felipe is such a likable character, too ^^

Also, I stumbled upon this:
"stories line 2919: It is illegal to fall out of a *choice statement; you must *goto or *finish before the end of the indented block."
when trying to attack the clown behind the ice cream stand. I clicked “Okay” on the popup, and it sent me to the scene where Felipe is celebrating over his victory, but there’s no “next” option or any choice at all to continue.
(And a minor continuity error where Felipe will eat pie, or drink coffee, but then states in the Lemonade Stand that he can’t eat or drink “even if he wanted to”. This is if you pick the lock and tell him to grab a lemonade.)


@Aerin I’m happy you are enjoying it. Thank you for giving it a try! I’ve noted line 2919 as a issue and will work on that as soon as I can. Thank you! As for the continuity error, I had meant it as a joke, but you’re right it doesn’t work well. I think I will still have him eat the pie/drink the coffee (as well as the Traveling Caravan goods) and just have it spill out of his open jaw or rib cage.


I’m still playing the game, but I’m enjoying it so far. :smile:
Plus, I loved the character. It’s so cute and funny, you did an amazing work with the drawing. And I’m looking forward to see more of Felipe Femur. :3


@Nexus Thanks for playing and for the reply! The illustrations are actually done by my brother. We work together on all kinds of projects as artist and writer. I agree, he did a good job with the character designs as well as the website. Thanks!


This game is oddly satisfying, I do say! I love the Fighter class, and had an absolute blast kicking clown arse in literally every sense of the term.

I know this is geared more towards young pups, but I don’t care. If the final product is just like this demo, then this man is buying day one! I absolutely adore this fun, creative little romp. Props to you, good sir! Can’t wait for more!


@ArchangelVoldemort Thanks so much for playing and for your great comment. I’m glad you enjoyed the battle system–I plan to have more enemies in the Trick or Shriek quest, with bullies and people is costumes, and have the fighter class really shine in it, where as the Detective class excels in Carnival Caper, and the Jack of all Trades will do well in the Ole Haunted Bathhouse adventure.


You’re very welcome! That sounds spectacular! I forgot to mention the battle system…it is very good. Surprisingly good. In fact, besides more variation, I don’t think it should be changed at all. I laugh at the ridiculous confrontations I had. Hell, I even screenshoted some just to have my blokes read and laugh at too! The game world itself is equally as tasteful, as is Felipe. Oh, this game will be so much fun. I will be following it until release, most definitely so.


I loved No Proper Thief. It was a great work.I am definitely going to check out this demo


@ArchangelVoldemort I will be adding more variation to the battle system, especially for the Trick or Shriek quest. I’ll probably make a few more quirky weapons (don’t know what yet - suggestions?) and make the Maracas of Might, which can currently be bought from by Dale the Salesman do more. Happy to have a fan! Thanks again.

@Tuhin_Subhra_Maity Glad you enjoyed No Proper Thief. I hope you enjoy this demo, though it is quite different. Please let me know what you think, if you do try it out.


Since the game is on the comedic side I want some more humorous scenes and verbal exchanges. Great job with the names though. Although Gummy said he wanted some corndogs so I went to the grill in the food stands but didn’t find anything there ,struck me a bit surprising.After I got the tip from the alien in the fortune teller section that Gummy has been kidnapped by the cat mayor and I need to collect some evidence,I found the place to be too big and Felipe to have too little energy to search all of it.I would suggest to add a sort of breadcrumb trail


Ooohh, how about the Chimichangas of Chance? Projectiles that have a slight change of immediately ending any fight, because your opponent stops to eat them? Ooohh, or the Gloves of Greatness, oversized boxing gloves wrapped in barbwire, for causing extra pain in battle? How about the Hammer of Hate, a seemingly normal carpenter’s hammer that is actually possessed by the ghost of a former Jack of All Trades, so it becomes set on fire every time Felipe attacks, due to the burning rage trapped inside?

I think all of these are sweet, I do say. I tried to come up with things that fit the game world and tone. I think all these are good. You could make the hammer special, have the ghost inside make angry but random snarky comments at certain points. That would be cool. I imagine the gloves would be fairly expensive, the chimichangas as well. Kind of. You’d need to stock up on those.

How’s that, mate? :yum:


@Tuhin_Subhra_Maity Thanks for the suggestions! I can certainly add more humorous verbal exchanges and can add more hints in various parts of the carnival, because they are a little lacking. Gummy the toothless werewolf disappears from the food court in all three of the professions by design, but I can try to make that more clear. As for the dwindling energy, I needed to add that feature into the game otherwise the testing (quick test and random test)looped forever and crashed. In the end, I liked the challenge that comes with it. I can work on implementing a notification system for when energy or health get low, but by visiting Dale the Salesman, you can buy cheap Mortal Energy drinks and Slender Tenders to give a large boost of energy and health potions to recover health in order to continue searching for clues. I considered starting players with one of each, so I think I may do that. I will work on adding a better breadcrumb trail.

@ArchangelVoldemort Great ideas! Creative. I particularly like the Chimichangas of Chance. That is exactly the type of thing that the sleazy Dale the Salesman would try to pass off as useful. I’m thinking they could be eaten to recover some health/energy, or used as a weapon like you suggest, with a small chance of inflicting damage or ending a fight via distraction. I like the idea of a possessed hammer, as well. My brother I made a Christmas game called Present Danger with a couple hammer weapons and so maybe a combination of the two with a spirit stuck in the snowglobe. Although the ordinary hammer has its merits, too, and would work well in the third quest, Ole Haunted Bathhouse. Thanks for such great ideas!