Dungeon Crawler - WIP

This is a work in progress game I’ve been writing for the last couple of weeks. It’s got an rpg styled combat system and dungeon exploration.

The editing is… slightly non-existent at present, so some story elements flatly make no sense, but there is a playable game under there.

The current release is playable up until an area called the ‘western cliffs’. Technically you can enter this area, but it’s pretty broken since I’m still working on it.

Western Cliffs Update is live!

If you have any feedback to give me at all, I’d greatly appreciate it. Thank you for your time.

I work on this daily, so expect an update within a few days.


The link doesn’t work for me.

Hmm… looks like dropbox took it down. I’ll have to look into this.

Well, I tried downloading the latest update of choice script, but it still automatically took it down. I won’t be able to post a demo until I find a service able to host it. If anyone knows any, be sure to tell me.

Did you do it this way?

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Huh… I didn’t know we could compile these things ourselves.


Fingers crossed.

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Instant error

At least it loaded this time. Hmm… didn’t test that debug choice.


Alright! Now, it should work. Probably.

Edit: SUCCESS!!!

Thanks for your help guys, you really gave me a leg up here. Also, that’s really good to know that we can compile the games ourselves. That’s definitely something I could make use out of.

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@OdicHastings No worries. Some people don’t know right off the bat. I was one lol.

Any kind of synopsis of the plot?

I have an instant request: Possible ability to customize character (Like name and gender?) Optional, but helps with immersion to have some customization.

Not necessary to get immersed however.

However, some people do prefer to have such options (Im not too picky personally)


@OdicHastings okay I like your story so far. Just a few things, im not sure if you noticed but your first page is a wall of writing. Like, a looong one. I think it would flow smoother with a page break or two.

Also, if you go fishing the choice is there repeatedly. If you fight the wolf and defeat it it skips you straight along from having a gruesome leg wound to seeing the two girls and traveling north (with a leg wound that you haven’t patched up?)

Also I’d like to know what a Zealot is? (Sorry if miss spelled).

Also, I’d like to know what is in each direction before choosing North, West, East or South repeatedly. Something like North - towards the hill or South - Towards the river.

Keep up the good work :smile:

I’m a little nervous about giving one, mainly because it’s changed a few times, hence my warning about some elements not making sense. Particularly some early scenes compared to later ones.

This, however, is what I’ve gravitated toward.

You play as Maxwell Fortin, a ‘zealot’ (Read: D&D Paladin basically) of the vaguely named ‘The Order’. He’s only just received this position, and thus must spend time wandering the land and helping others. Zealots are always spent to specific locations, and his is a country just North of his own.

The problem with this is, the countries have almost no contact with each other. The order is distrusted at the best of times in the north, and hated at worst. Effectively Maxwell is acting as an ambassador of the order.

However, shortly upon arriving to the closest town to the border, he finds that monsters have been appearing in the countryside. These creatures have been growing both in number and strength for reasons unknown, and thus he must set off to find out why.

Probably. Unless I change my mind and the focus shifts slightly. Still, basically the above. City plagued by monster problems. Fortin tries to figure out what the deal is as part of his paladin duties. And also maybe he’ll improve the order’s rep.

Duly noted on the wall of text. I’ll toss some breaks before the next update, and try to clean it up a bit.

As for the wolf fight… I might cut that. I was still trying to figure out what I wanted the combat system to be when I put that together, and I’m not sure how well it gels with the rest of the combat system.

If I don’t end up cutting it, I’ll probably make it less scripted, and more like a normal fight that has some tutorial messages attached to it.

And a Zealot is basically a Paladin, hence calling for divine assistance. I’ll have to clarify their role a bit more in the story.

As for the character customization… I wanted to try my hand at making the player character an actual character. Some people prefer more customization, which is understandable, but this is what I’m going for this time.

I like the fight system with exp points and nxt lv. The random fights… i get your trying to make a sandbox type system where you can choose which way you want to go but im completely lost in the forest. Sometimes a different option appears and I think yay, im out and then it just goes round and round. :cry: sometimes I end up back at the locked door sometimes back at the entrance but eventually I end up reaching “invalid go sub” error. It would be nice to know which way you’ve already traveled.

where was that ‘invalid go sub’? That definitely shouldn’t be there.

There’s actually a map hidden in the comments, it was mostly for my own reference, but
I might be able to give it to the player.

I was worried navigation would be too difficult. I wanted to make a really old school dungeon crawler.
One where you’d need a pen and paper to keep track of where you’ve been. That might be a little too niche of an appeal though. It’s a pity, but that’s how it goes.

Or did you make it to the Western Cliffs? Because that area is most definitely broken.

@OdicHastings I do love that whole dungeons idea but unless there is something a little different for each bit, it is a little hard to navigate. Maybe if you put that in the game description, something like “This is a dungeon style game that is best played with a pen and paper to keep track”. I dunno, there will be fans. Its best to write what makes you happy.

Im sorry im not sure where that go sub error is. I tried randomly picking at first. Then picking all south, all east, all west and all north. I’m not sure if it will come up if you run a quicktest? I don’t use go subs so im not sure if it’ll pick that up. I can see if I hit it again then I’ll let you know.

Maybe the occasional land mark would help? It would spice up the dungeon a bit, and would probably do wonders for improving navigation without having to completely compromise on the exploration element.

I’ll try sticking a few in during my next update. If nothing else, they’ll add a bit of flavor.

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Yes! That would be awesome. Something like your in the forest “I tore a piece of my sleeve on the tree as I went west” then if you go past it. “Hmm… seems I’ve been here before, a piece of my clothing sticks to a nearby branch”. I agree landmarks would help a great deal.

Also I found one. I think it’s a different one but it was in label Labyrinth line 1025, already returned from gosub

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Oh! I know what’s happening. The game’s falling out of the map. :grin:

That line exists in the combat system. I must have put a movement option where there was no room to go to.

Like, for example, Room (5,6) Travel North → Room (5,7)

The problem in this example is that Room (5,7) doesn’t exist, so the game just keeps going down the text file till it hits the gosub based combat system.

I’ll have to experiment a bit to find where the blind spot is, but I’ll have it fixed by the next update.

Another option is to have some sort of map that slowly begin to be made as the player explores the wilds. Sort of like how a videogames minimap growd more detailed as you traverse the different areas in each new map. That would encourage exploration by rewarding players for their travels (in the form of a more complete map), and seeing unexplored areas on a map always incentivizes player to do what they can to visit those areas.