Fallen Hero: Retribution release thread! (Book Two) (Spoilers Inside!)

Yep Malin has said before that he doesn’t want any permanent endings/game overs before the last book in the series


I imagine a villainous puppetmaster Sidestep and puppet just manipulating Ortega, making them all confused and slowly draining their sanity.


Early bad events and results are fun; early bad endings are a cop-out, in my opinion. Better to have people suffer through their decisions, why put in something you don’t intend on follow through on?


Y’all say there’s nothing supernatural, but there’s someone beyond the gates and I think they’re referred to as he, so I don’t know.


Sidestep was also the previous subject of the same experiment HB was put through. But they were apparently able to tell whatever it was “no”.

My personal pet theory is similar to Nazroth’s, that it may be some sort of collective human subconsciousness the scientists were trying to tap into.


If Sidestep loses an eye from the fight with Argent, maybe Mortum will be able to place laser eyes in the missing hole and we’ll be able shoot laser beams at our enemies. It’s like a dangerous wink.

We’d probably need to run down one of the laser dolphins Mia Ocha mentions in that case…

I’m favoring this theory also. And as we know from browsing the internet, human collective consciousness is 10% funny 15% cats and 75% porn. With a healthy dose of terrible in each category.

Mmm… Theory debunked.
I note an important lack of memes and hidden depression/mental issues.

Nah. Memes are either funny or cats.

A… lack of hidden depression/mental issues? In Fallen Hero?


No, I was commenting @SeventhJackel theory on human consciousness.

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Hmm like in S.T.A.L.K.E.R then

To be fair you can hide a significant amount of mental distress behind several dozen layers of sarcasm and humour. Bonus points for adding cats in somehow.


Also, perhaps more prominently, Persona games where the Sea of Souls i.e. collective subconscious is a recurring concept. Also, more seriously, Carl Jung.

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I wouldn’t take seriously someone who made his own thesis about occult and belived in horoscope.

Ehh, more seriously as in an established presence in the field of psychology and the person who coined the concept, compared to a computer game with penis monster which capitalized on it.

Well since we are talking about this now here is the concept that was used in S.T.A.L.K.E.R in case anyone is curious Noosphere - Wikipedia

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I personally don’t believe the series will veer into the supernatural but I could very well see it taking a turn for the metaphysical (and yeah, oftentimes the difference between the two is just in how they’re presented), as far as the gates are concerned anyway.