Fallen Hero: Retribution release thread! (Book Two) (Spoilers Inside!)

So I decided to doodle the Step I’ve probably done the most runs with, meet Qiao Hua. I hope I properly captured their exhaustion :joy:
[Don’t look at the red dot, I said don’t look!]

I just realised that I don’t think I’ve actually drawn any art for any of the series I have played a lot of. Since FH is my favourite figured might as well start here. I am hoping to eventually doodle a civilian and villain full body though it’ll depend.


guys im super excitedi got 45% relationship score with HG and got a scene i’ve never seen before. i have no idea how i got it that high but im excited.


Let me guess, you, didn’t cause chaos at the auction, have an overall low infamy and didn’t blow up the museum, and you’re not a known telepath and firmly shaked Hollow Ground’s hand.

I got it?


Ohhh i am curious, what kind of scene did you get?

I got captured at the auction and got my ear pieced by HG

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Oh, well, congrats, I guess. I’ve never gotten captured in the auction so it didn’t cross my mind.

Can we avoid ending up in the hospital if we attend the HG meeting as Sidestep?

Nope, the body that you use to go to the HG meeting always ends up in the hospital.

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No, but you CAN determine whether or not you’re outted as the villain and which body you wake up as.


Which option do you prefer? Stay in the original body or in a puppet?

I stayed in the OG body, got clocked as a Re-Gene but not as the baddie, so I ended the book hiding out in Ortega’s apartment, getting smooches from Julia and Angie while we figure the poly thing out <3


My favorite so far has to be refusing HG, playing on the connection to leave freely, then getting outed with a friend Angie and a romanced Ortega, then getting bailed out. Triply so with a Mortum for that sweet Ortega/Mortum poly goodness.

If the secret’s out, youve got potentially 3 heroes on your side, assuming youve actively prevented casualties.

Its my favorite only for the potential in the third book. Navigating being a Villain with Ortega knowing while also having a code of ethics is gonna be fun.

Theres also the same state where you’re bot outed, if only for the drama. Heroes trying to actually be heroes is awesome, with a Mortum itchy to do something about a radio silent Step.

…theres just so much setup and I’m very eager to see the payoffs.


For the Ortega/Herald poly confession, as well as the Regene reveal to Ortega with Herald, as well as what happens when a high-Precog Puppet meets Ortega during the great escape from HG’s lackeys after the Puppet is marked for death, I have to give it to attending HG meeting as the Puppet and then jumping back to Sidestep.

Although staying in Step the entire chapter is also a very good story (even if there is less Ortega/Step/Herald poly).


For me, it’s entirely dependent on the kind of Sidestep that I’m playing.

For my primary playthrough (Hua), they went in their real body, got stuck in the puppet and broke out their body with Mortum’s help [they were romancing Mortum and the good Doctor knew the truth]. They always felt more comfortable in the puppets body since they had some pretty huge insecurities regarding their appearance, their tattoos… How battered their body has become from both their external and internal battles… The scars… The gender dysphoria isn’t nice but at least Ace is pretty, young, fit, and unmarred by the throes of time.

For an alternative playthrough with Alois, went in the puppet’s body and jumped to his real body. He ended up getting kidnapped [I find Mortum reveal too juicy to resist. In this playthrough though Alois was dating Chen while romancing Mortum as the puppet so… messy]. For him he was more comfortable with his real body, despite having similar concerns he was dead set on getting the regenerator up and running so he had a lot more optimism for his own form in the future. While the puppet always felt like a second skin in some ways, he always felt uneasy with meeting others through pretenses, his primary hesitation being not knowing how Mortum would handle his… mutual interest in both them and Chen.


For my main run I kept what I got from when I first got through the beta which was went to HG as Step (Agree to work with him through my Step is very much planning on stabbing him in the back) ,got stuck in the puppet, and break out body with a friend Mortum who doesn’t know the truth yet (My Mc is planning on telling her in the next book).

I’m going to do the same.

Why piss off HG at the first meeting by turning them into a muppet (very funny, tho) when you can shake their hand and pretend that their little trick worked? I wonder how their “alliance” will develop.


I mostly prefer to stay in the original body. Things are weird enough as it is, and I’m not looking forward to being chased around by someone in the body of a powerful telepath (even if I don’t know if they can use Step powers yet). Also, some of my favourite scenes happen when Step is in the hospital, so my MC is going to the HG meeting as himself - and most likely agreeing to work with Hollow Ground…and being influenced by them in the process

But I really like the interrogation scene when the puppet is arrested, so I might make a save for this one too

One day I’ll have stats high enough to do things like this, one day…



I feel like that’s the best part about being stuck in the puppet, because I really want to see what it’s like fighting an overpowered telepath (my Sidestep has 80+ subtle/70 force).
Like how can you even beat them, will you need the ranger’s help? Will they even trust us, a nobody basically, compared to Sidestep themselves (especially if you don’t tell them the truth)? Will we get to have a fight between the rangers and Villianstep but you are actually with the rangers against yourself??? or will we take down Sidestep alone? It’s all very fun to think about.

Also, I just love being able to beat up Chen in the elevator in hand-to-hand combat as the bloody puppet! Like, it’s extremely satisfying (you can also get Ortega to not suspect the puppet if their suspicion stat was low enough even though you knocked out Chen, lol)


Exactly why I pretend to work with him apart from I will end it when I got what I wanted from him. Might as well use him before tying up loose ends and it will probably do everyone some good.

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For my main step, my two preferred endings are: crushing as Step, being outed as a re-gene but not the villain and staying with Ortega; and crushing as the puppet, returning to Step’s body and dethreading Chen. For my very very villainous step, I like to crush as steps, returning to the puppet’s body, rescuing steps and being arrested by the rangers, it’s such a delicious angst and you can mess with them by not revealing anything about step whereabouts and playing on everyone’s guilt :smiling_imp: