Fallen Hero: Retribution release thread! (Book Two) (Spoilers Inside!)

May I recommend I, the Forgotten One? Specially with a tactician character, you really get opportunities to be a masterful, ruthless tactician.

I swear while the MC feels like they’re at Euphemia’s massacre, I am smiling like on the Black Rebellion.

Now that I think about it I may be slightly evil.


@maximo_caseres For me ,There isn’t evil in War situation .everyone need to kill for survive.that is way to survive. But killer Sidestep is in different situations.so,that is quite evil more than Marshall in Forgotten one If you compare their situation.

but one thing which they have common that both of them is victim who was forced to become as Villian

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Sidestep is more crazy, has slightly skewed morality and deep-seated belief that they are not human… that doesn’t justify them, tho


Oh yeah, Sidestep and The Marshall are in very different situations when they can perform their massacre. Marshall can very easily put their mind on the pragmatism that is reducing the numbers of the enemy, even if the weight of their actions destroys them afterwards.

Sidestep on the other hand is more dependent on the player for their reaction, where they can either be horrified at the death they caused and vow never to kill again, or they can fully embrace their actions, and fall ever deeper into their rage and madness at the world.


I mean in pont view of cilvilian who doesn’t know the fact Sideste is Re-gence .It’s quit evil if compare situation with Marshall. you can see in Otega’s view when he know Sidestep as killer Villian. Sidestep who kill mass innocent people is monster in Otega’s point view even Otega know (a littlle ? ) Sidestep was victim

Apologies if this has been brought up before, but what are the differences between the different Heartbreak scars Step can get?

Here is what the code say about the scars

*create heartbreak_scar “none”
*comment lesson taken from the heartbreak event: puppetmaster (learned how to manipulate), revenge (wanting to kill the scientists), hungry (a hunger for more), outside (being trapped in this other mind), friendless (letting it eat the memories of friends), suicidal (discontinued in retribution,


To add on to @Nm6k’s explanation of how you get each scar—their main effect, story-wise, is determining the details of the MC’s trauma. The different scars represent different trauma symptoms and coping mechanisms. A rough summary:

  • Puppetmaster: Determined never to let anyone else control them again, MC becomes adept at manipulating people in both the telepathic and mundane senses of the word.
  • Revenge: MC draws their strength from righteous anger and desire for revenge against those who’ve wronged them.
  • Hunger: Overwhelmed by the knowledge of how much of life they’ve missed out on, MC feels driven to make up for everything they were unjustly deprived of.
  • Friendless: MC feels unable to emotionally connect to or care about other people, like they’ve forgotten how to have friends or lost the part of them that could.
  • Outsider: MC experiences persistent derealization and depersonalization and struggles to meaningfully connect to the world around them.
  • Suicidal: MC experiences ongoing suicidal ideation and feels like they should have died back then. (As mentioned, this one is discontinued in Retribution in favor of making suicidal ideation a separate flag.)

Puppetmaster and Revenge are my favourite. I made two MCs because I couldn’t decide which scar I preferred more.

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Has it been stated how many Gates there are? I have kind of a tinfoil hat theory if there is a specific number of Gates.

There are 9 gates, this is mentioned on book one when you have the nightmare about heartbreak where you determine your scar, and is also mentioned on this book when you open more than 7 gates and Sidestep automatically closes the last two after the crash.

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Ahhh thank you for the reminder, wasn’t sure if it was actually 9 or not.

I am thinking the Gates have a somewhat supernatural aspect to them. The number of Gates made me immediately think of the 9 Circles in Dante’s Inferno. Its shown opening Gates is bad and only possible during traumatic events. Heartbreak also says a Biblical quote during the B1 Gates scene. I’m thinking there is a “demonic or Eldritch entity” that is imprisoned behind the Gates and telepaths are needed to open the Gates to release it. I believe HB was a success in connecting to the entity and they were corrupted by it. Sidestep having nightmares after the HB incident could be from the small connection Step had to the entity through HB.


I thought that the person praying was one of the Farmers whose second thoughts about the Heartbreak experiment were becoming reality before their eyes?

Also, Outsider is the scar I am most familiar with (because that’s Tadeusz’s scar), but I have played with Revenge/Hungry (and Suicidal) on my Gate-opening (cheevo-hunting) playthroughs of Retribution.

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For some reason, the thought of supernatural elements in that universe seems strange and disturbing.


The closest thing to something supernatural in the FH world I’ve seen so far is telepathy possession and how it may work, it’s not like dc or marvel where we see warlocks and the like doing magic to know that it exist, so I wouldn’t believe it’s anything related to that for now.
The moment we see a wizard doing magic in the public though, I’ll be willing to consider anything.

Personally I think the gates are related to the body limiters and the human subconscious either the collective one or just a personal one.


While interesting, I personally could not see the author bringing religiously coded creatures into the story since that would likely put off some people. I think it would be more likely that it’s coincidental.

As others have pointed out, I don’t really think there is anything ‘supernatural’ in the setting. I think there is some attention put into the ‘method by which powers work,’ like how Danny actually manipulates gravity in a field around him (considering that he can expand the field around you, I am curious the bounds of objects he can lift while in flight) instead of just ‘having the ability to fly.’ Is there an in universe explanation for telepaths btw? I’m kind of curious.

Also is anyone willing to touch on the significance from the gates? As I recall, they act as kind of… protection? Barriers put in place to keep certain memories buried (hence why if too many are open Sidestep will force some to shut).


Pretty sure Malin have said there was no supernatural things in this setting but my memory around that is pretty fussy.

As for gates we know they are connected to trauma and have been said that opening all nine would be a game over. My guess is simply that the more trauma the less present in the real world a psychic become and this give their powers the chance to run wild. Much like it’s been said Step’s nightmares affecting people around them and being able to severely affect other people in the pub when you go there with Chen and find out about the photos.
So I imagine HB was pretty much dreaming during the whole thing and of course being experimented on it was a nightmare of their trauma and likely strongly having wanted to die to escape the pain.


More like a special bad ending path in book 4 if I understand right from all the posts over the years


Why only in book 4? FH has always seemed to me like the type of story that is both conducive and logical for early bad ends. Unless the author doesn’t want early bad ends, in which case I understand.