Fallen Hero: Rebirth - achievements and gameplay questions


A Doctor’s Appointment requires you to have a high rating with the doctor, let her save the puppet from the museum, and then in the hospital invite her back to your puppet’s place for “coffee”. Basically it is the culmination of romancing the doc.

Scarface requires you to get injured in the battle in the sewers against Argent. Don’t remember the exact triggers, but go for the physical fight, and don’t have the strength and armor upgrades.

Can’t Touch This , I don’t remember exactly, but I think you need to make it through every fight without getting hurt. If that is that one it is pretty difficult to get, and you probably need some one to give you an exact path guide.

Days of Our Lives - I am pretty sure in this one you need to be friends with Ortega both before and after the Heartbreak event and then struggle with the decision to walk away from Ortega. But I am not 100% sure on that one.


So, I am wondering, is it possible for Lady (as in Argent) to take the cape without the mc having to strike up a mental fight with her.
I looked into the code and from what I saw it is indeed the case that Lady only takes the cape when the mc has a mental fight with her. But I find code text slightly confusing to read and I would not be surprised if I have overlooked a possible ‘normal’ fight scene with Lady wherein she takes the cape as well.
Also, I am aware that the mc should not have the speed booster in order for Lady to take the cape (at least that is what some have commented on the thread).

Does anyone know if I should crush my hopes for a normal-cape-being-stolen-fight?
Because I really do not want Lady to think of my mc as a cheater the Rangers to know that the new villain is a telepath.


I need extreme help! I can not for the life of me get the Damocles Trigger to show up as an option. What are the things that need to happen in order to trigger it?


I think you need around 65 subterfuge and then when you mindmeld with argent you need to chose the option to ‘stay light’ in her mind. From there then you can either choose not to interfere but if you do you can choose an option like ‘Prepare for next time’ and then when you fight argent I think you can choose to trigger it either the first time or in the sewers.


Ah subterfuge! I always put a majority of my points in strength of will one. Thanks a lot! I got it to trigger in my first playthrough forever ago and totally spaced how. I super appreciate the fast response! You are a gentleman and scholar good sir! :smiley:

By the way love this thread really helped me get a lot of achievements i missed or couldn’t figure out.


Thank you. Good to know, that there are games which are wanting to balance and not forcing your way to one side.


Completely agree. I want to roleplay not get stuck into one or the other. (Even though leaning towards a certain attitude does happen) People are nuanced for god sake lol


Does anybody know if our motive changes how Ortega thinks of our Villain persona? I want him to be suspicious of my MC (with “I want to show the world the truth” motive) but he keeps sympathising instead. Also!! Is there any possible way to get the epilepsy scene with having the Telepathic & Speed upgrade?


I commented on this earlier here. I haven’t cracked open the code in a while but I can if you still have trouble.

I think the problem is that the telepathy booster will help you out if Ortega cracks the nanovore container on your suit. If you don’t have it, you have to corral the critters yourself and he has time to get a cheap shot in. Sidestep being stomped by him is what makes them think of activating the flashy thing in the helmet that triggers his epilepsy.

However!! That’s not your only option to make him suspicious. After the fight, if he is hurt (you used the strength upgrade) and you’re presented with options of what to do (knock him out, etc.) pick the one that says “I can’t do this…”

And yes, while monologuing, your motivation affects whether he suspects you. “Anger” and “revenge” get you sympathy, “life” gets you suspicion as does “fate”. I think I’m reading correctly :smiley:


Hey yo, so how do I avoid getting noticed by Farm?


When you go to steal the rat king, I believe you need to: hide close to your target, run making them think you’re a henchman, use your telepathy to make the regene ignore you, and do not help the henchman fighting the regenes.

It’s been awhile since I played but those are the choices I think, it’s the stealing of the rat king scene that determines whether the farm notices you


Ohhh that makes sense I always help Bo… Thank you so much! :heart:


@smuteczekbiczo IIRC the telepathy option succeeds only if you have high subterfuge, so the choice you make will depend on whether you’re higher in force or subterfuge. Also I vaguely recall aiding them fight the regenes without attracting attention :thinking: I only attracted the Farm’s attention when I chose to save the regene after the battle.


Yep, kill the regene.


Does anybody know how to get the flashback scene where Sidestep has to save Ortega from a villain because they were too stubborn? Like the villain (who’s name i can’t remember right now) was pointing a gun at Ortega’s head and they laughed? I’ve only gotten it once in my playthroughs and i’m stuck on how to get it again!!


Okay my memory is terrible but I think you are talking about Catastrofiend? It’s a flashback that happens during the gala fight with Ortega. Catastrofiend has big claws and told Ortega to beg for their life, and they laughed instead, and then Sidestep got the drop on them with their energy blaster? If that doesn’t sound familiar I’ll try again.

I checked the code, though keep in mind I’m only looking at this section and not following the entire flow of the fight. It’s in the third(?) part of the fight with Ortega. You get a choice about having the advantage, and what do you want to do about it?

  1. Move in fast and hard - you need your daring stat to be between 50 and 65 - you get the advantage over Ortega, otherwise he is tricksy and zaps your nanovores. The advantage scene has Sidestep flash back to a time they saved Ortega from a situation like they are now in.
  2. Be cautious - your daring stat should be between 35 or 50 - same as above, if you are in this range you get the advantage over Ortega.

If you get the disadvantage scene, you get a little thought about how you have telepathically controlled the nanoswarm before.


I feel a little dumb but I can’t figure out how to get the suicidal scar from the heartbreak incident. No matter how many times I go through the dream sequence it doesn’t give me the “I slowly raise the gun towards mouth” option. help?


No need to feel bad! I had a hard time with it as well (and ended up looking in the codes to get it). Some ways that should work are either:

No. I’m too clever to let that happen -> My feelings-emotions-can be confusing… -> Despair… (gives suicidal scar) -> I slowly raise the gun towards my mouth.

No. I’m stronger than this… -> I keep moving to handle the threat… -> I draw on (any option should be fine) -> I slowly raise the gun towards my mouth (sets suicidal scar)

Hopefully that can help!


Thank you!!


How do I tell whether or not Ortega suspects that my MC is the new villain? I used the epilepsy on her and did not choose the Sidestep or Anathema names, but I’m not sure if she suspects me. I think the only indication is that the hospital scene was a bit… off? Like she looked at my character with intensity or something and mentioned that she wished she could ignore what was going on. Does that mean she suspects me?