Fallen Hero: Rebirth - achievements and gameplay questions

How do I tell whether or not Ortega suspects that my MC is the new villain? I used the epilepsy on her and did not choose the Sidestep or Anathema names, but I’m not sure if she suspects me. I think the only indication is that the hospital scene was a bit… off? Like she looked at my character with intensity or something and mentioned that she wished she could ignore what was going on. Does that mean she suspects me?

She might although its ify… it is mentioned that the fact she has epilepsy is a closely guarded secret one that only the MC would know. So if she does suspect you it’d make sense.

You can’t be sure, it’s as simple as that :slight_smile:


For some reason, every time I try to name my villain Sidestep it says ‘That is a really bad idea—you are not ready to out yourself yet.’ and makes me type in something else. Is there something specific I have to do? Does my character have to be more daring or something?

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U have to have a high arrogance to name urself sidestep like past 60%

And here’s a guide to raise arrogance to help you out!


Oh wow! Thank you guys!

Does anybody have tips about following:

  1. I remember once I got “rich” state of my wealth, but now I can’t repeat it. Is it possible and how or I dreamt about it?
  2. How can I boost infamy?

Is it possible to get Ortega suspicious with a “Want to show the world the truth” motive, “Revenge” scar, and telepathy & speed armour?

  1. It’s possible, but difficult IIRC. Always pick the most valuable targets - rob from the rich, and rob the gala. edit: I did more reading and it looks like wealthy is the most you can get in book one by doing the below. I think if you do the below and then continue pursuing money in book two, that is how you can be “rich.” So this is to set you up for that in book two.
Cash rules everything around me

When you’re robbing the gala, pick either to have some people fill the bag with cash while you rob their jewelry, or else that you fill the bag fast with no time to waste. You have to then do a decent job fighting off the rangers, or else someone will steal your loot (if you are bleeding when it’s time to go down the sewers, basically you are too dizzy from blood loss and you realize someone took your bag). Also, there are a couple conditions where you can lose the money in the sewers (again, if you got your butt kicked by the rangers, such as if Ortega found a flaw in your suit or you’re bleeding after your fight with Argent, you will be too weak and drop the bag).

  1. Infamy is a measure of badass things you do as a villain. Blow shit up and act cool. Some specific choices etc. are under a cut below.
Cool villains don't look at explosions

During your debut, blow up the van. You get a little infamy from the smoke grenade entrance, and none or actually lose some if you just plain exit (it depends on your suit type). So… go for the cool explosion.

When you are attacked by security, you can get varying amounts of infamy depending on your suit upgrades and if you are killing people. You get the most (20) if you have the armor upgrade and are killing people. If you pick the speed option, you only get infamy if you are killing people, otherwise you get daring. Same for telepathy (if you are not killing people then using your telepathy on them generally sets the “known telepath” flag but you can also get some points for your chosen style. No infamy though).

Once inside, you can get infamy if you heighten the crowd’s fear (pick “I make them cower before me”). You get a little less infamy if you make them flee, unless you have the telepath upgrade.
If you are robbing the place, making the civilians fill the cash bag while you take the jewelry, gives you some infamy points.

If you are there to destroy the place, you will get a choice to use your nanovores on the central pillars or to stick to the bombs Mortum gave you. If you decide to destroy the central pillars with your nanovores (the choice to do this is “I wonder if I can really disintegrate something this big”), you get varying levels of infamy depending how you do it. Like if you have armor you can tank the building collapse, or speed get out in the nick of time, etc. You generally get more if you are successful and pick an appropriate tactic for your upgrades.

If you decide to stick to just the bomb, you can still get infamy but Herald will try to defuse the bomb, and your success and infamy gain depends on how long you set the timer for. If you keep it short and decide to trust your armor, you need the armor or speed upgrade but you’ll be ok and get infamy points. You can also pick “long enough” and get out, but you must have the speed upgrade otherwise Herald is successful and carries the bomb away from the museum (no infamy points for you).

Next chance for infamy is when fighting Ortega. You can get infamy if you get the perfect ending to the fight. I will paste below a guide for a certain tricky bit in his fight where you have to have stats in a certain way, otherwise he will beat you.

If you get the perfect ending to Ortega’s fight, you can get some extra infamy if you have the terrifying or imposing suit type. You get this extra bonus if you get lesser endings to the Ortega fight (such as the “good” end). If you get trounced and resort to triggering his epilepsy, you can get infamy if Ortega is your rival and you pick “it’s a long time coming.”

Once you’ve beat him up, don’t express any regret for doing it (if you pick “I can’t do this” when it’s time to knock him out you lose infamy). You also don’t get any infamy for just knocking him out and leaving. Time to monologue like a big villain cliche :grinning: Don’t pick “speak from the heart.”

You should be up against Argent now. If you planted an ace in her mind and trigger it, you get infamy. If she is your rival and you pick that you studied how to take her down, you also get infamy.

Otherwise if you plan to fight fair, there are a few things you will need if you want infamy here. In order to pick “Don’t draw it out - it’s all or nothing” you need either the speed upgrade or the fighter trait, PLUS the strength upgrade. If you want to pick “Wait for my moment” you will need either the armor upgrade or the tactician trait, PLUS the strength upgrade.

That’s it!

Heartbreak scar doesn’t come into it from what I can tell. I think your best bet is to pick the option “I rely on the fact that I know him and the way he fights” and then be careful not to change the tag after that. Don’t monologue or let him talk too much. :thinking: If you kill anyone the tag will be set to nemesis, so try to avoid that.

If you’re successful, when he talks to Steel in the epilogue, there will be part of the conversation affected. I will post both suspicious and sympathetic so you can tell which you got. Spoilers, obviously :slight_smile:


*if villainortega_relationship = "suspicious"

“Do you ever wonder if we’re doing the right thing?” Ortega’s voice has gone softer now, and ${he} looks intently at Steel.


"You could have hesitated, you know?"

“If we don’t stop people like ${villain_name}, who will?” Steel shrugs and turns back to the laptop.

“I know.” $!{he} sighs in frustration. “It’s just that sometimes I wonder if maybe—”

“Stop it.” Steel doesn’t bother to turn around. “I don’t know what bothers you so much about this last fight, but you need to stop. We need to focus.”

“Heh. True.” The laugh is an embarrassed attempt at trying to cover ${his} emotions. “Focus. I can do that. Don’t need to get my imagination running for no good reason.”


*if villainortega_relationship = "sympathetic"

“Do you ever wonder if we’re doing the right thing?” Ortega’s voice has gone softer now, and ${he} looks intently at Steel.


"You could have hesitated, you know?"

“If we don’t stop people like ${villain_name}, who will?” Steel shrugs and turns back to the laptop.

“I know.” $!{he} sighs in frustration. “It’s just that some of the things they said—”

“Stop it.” Steel doesn’t bother to turn around. “You know villains say whatever they think will throw you off guard.”

"Heh. True." The laugh is an embarrassed attempt at trying to cover ${his} emotions. "They sure got my number."


Was just wondering if anyone knows how to get the Still got it and the Can’t touch this achievements?

Still got it: You have to beat the Rangers perfectly. Best way is to pick either strength+armor or strength+speed. Don’t monologue, knock Ortega out right away, and being a fighter might help with Argent. There is a lot going on across all 3 fights, if you tell me more about where you are falling short I can try helping you get past it.

Can’t touch this: You must beat the rangers without being injured PLUS you must have done the rat king retrieval mission (where you call the special directive on psychopathor) without being injured. Again, there is a lot going on so if you can point out where you’re getting injured I can help you past that.


Awesome thanks mate I always get injured when I fight the ReGene I can’t seem to figure out the combo. Also I am not sure if I should save the wolf pack or not but I was wondering if they’d be able to help me. As for the fight with the rangers thanks I like the speed strength combo so that should help

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If you try to go toe to toe with the Regene, he will fuck you up. There is no way to get through that uninjured (you win, you just always get injured). The MC is incredibly out of shape and doesn’t have the villain suit yet.


Ah nuts so should I just sacrifice the wolf pack then

I’m wondering, is it possible to blow up the museum with people inside without taking damage? I hade telepathy and strenght on one character and took damage from the explosion and herald pushing me through walls.

Also, is attacking Herald while he’s down the only way to break his leg?

Yes, it is. Speed and armor upgrades (either, not both) will help you out. Set the timer pretty short, if you have armor you can just tank it, if you have speed you can zip out ahead of the blast.

As for breaking Herald’s leg. Jeez y’all are so mean.Yes, that is how to do it. After you beat him up, you have an option to knock him out, monologue etc. Pick the option that you wanna make him suffer (MEAN!).


A question regarding Lady Argent: how does she steal your cape? What you can do to achieve this?

It’s dependent on a couple things. Like whether you set a trap in her mind then trigger it during the gala fight, or if she’s your nemesis. Also avoid being a fighter, that helps you avoid when she grabs at it in the sewer.

Btw, I believe these options will both make her consider you a cheater and the ace option means the villain is outed as a telepath.

Looks like there is another way if you don’t successfully fight her off in the sewer. You end up needing to get rid of her by using the nanovores to cause a flood in the sewer. It’s pretty complicated. Don’t have the speed upgrade (you will jump jet out of her reach), strength looks like it works and I believe any of the others will also be fine. Let me know if you still need help and I’ll look again.


Thanks. I’m curious about this outcome and I’ll try it in my next playthrough. My mc Gillian is a bastard gay for Lady Argent and in Retribution when she appears with mc’s cape around her neck I find it rather charming.

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