Fallen Hero: Rebirth is released - discussion thread!

ALL HAIL LELOUCH! ALL HAIL LELOUCH! glad i’m not the only one that got that vibe.


@malinryden I think you’ll be pleased to know that Lady Argent’s triple pupils and the attached achievement have sent me down a rabbit hole of paranoid speculation. I’d put it down to some effect of the hero drug, but the fact that attention is directly called to it and there’s an achievement attached to seeing it says otherwise. Or this could just be an elaborate fakeout and I’m jumping at shadows.

Also Ortega looking “like a cat that just had its nose bopped” is just the most adorable mental image.


@malinryden Lol. Thank you for stopping me from calling myself Sidestep!! Or stealing and existing name!! I was the person who brought that up:




There is an option to name yourself side step you just need a really high daring I believe.

Can someone help me on how to keep my arrogance higher than 65 so i can use sidestep’s name? I keep failing on that :frowning:

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here’s how to have high arrogance according to the msg i got from @Rakkun


-i smile threateningly
-embezzle the rich
-i wanted to see if i can posses her
or look foward to teach them(this will also increase your villainy and daring)
-this is the only home i’ve known
-yes,i am still a telepath
-i just didn’t expect it have anything to do with the ranger
-i’m flattered
-supressed annoyance (this will not increase arrogance but the other option decrease it)
-i feel amazing i need to check out how i look

there should be more but overall you just have to not worry about raising suspicion and be very cocky. fighting the re-gene when you have to save Rosie/Boris during the Psychopathor scene also has opportunities to increase arrogance. i just can’t recall which options exactly.


How Depraved and narcissistic would it be if you’re only “Romantic Interest” was your Catatonic Puppet .


It’s one of my Dreamship though… MCxPuppet :disappointed_relieved:


OMG TIL Gonna Try That Now :scream:

My puppet looks just like me only shorter and curvier. I like to think that my character is depraved enough to visit her upstairs.

Nothing wrong with loving yourself thought…and puppet is always there for the MC…just hope they will not hate us when they wake up…


speaking of the puppet, i’m really curious how things would work out for them since a) they seem to be waking up soon as seen in the hospital scene; b) they resemble the Heartbreak villain who is most likely a product of the Farm; c) it was just so convenient for the MC to find a comatose attractive person with no memories and no kin; and d) they showed hints of probability (?) / future sight powers as seen in the gambling scene. i really find all these very sketchy. anybody have any theories/speculations about this?

on a slightly related note, what would your MCs do if/when the puppet gains consciousness?


Wake up? Let’s hope not then I’d have to find another puppet.

if they wake up i will probably hug them if there is such an option or the puppet waking up that is…

True but keeping our puppet in comatose seem wrong if there is some way to wake them up i will do it


The difference between love and abuse. Since they can’t consent to being a puppet. Or upstairs visits.

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Ok so I really adored this game. I’ve gotten several books from here but this is the first time I’ve ever sat down after a demo and just felt like I needed to finish it, and it was absolutely worth it. Personally I was surprised to see how many people went full villain but I’ve always had problems being mean to fictional characters, so I guess it’s just a personal thing. This was far and away my favorite story I’ve ever gotten from here, and arguably one of my top readings, though that’s coming from someone who doesn’t read all that much to begin with.

More specifically for the story, I really loved the more hesitant, regretful path though, the dynamic between the extraordinary self hatred and the crushing feeling of inevitability and necessity of going down this path. I loved during the fight with Ortega finally winning but just not being able to actually put her down. I just wish that doing that with minimum collateral, like no deaths, not brutalizing Herald or Charge, pulling Argent out of the water, got more recognition in the epilogue with the Rangers wondering why this new villain who so thoroughly thrashed them left everyone there in pretty alright condition all things considered. I also really loved how it approached the sort of detachment, and the ramifications of having telepathic powers. The identity issues, the way the protagonist approaches every situation thinking about how to manipulate people, how to put on the right face, even if they end up not doing that at all and just telling Ortega everything they want to know because they’re actually just damaged and alone and want to be able to rely on someone again. The way that the character honestly just sort of acts like a sociopath, but at the same time I can’t help but sympathize because they’re clearly hurt, they weren’t always like that, they don’t even want to be like that but they’re afraid, I have trouble putting it into words but all of that was wonderful. At least with that path it really created a wonderful tone to the whole story that I found really unique and engaging. As an ardent lover of angst in stories (preferably with happy endings pls) I loved watching the main character struggle so much, both with their past and the idea of even hurting Ortega. My only regret was kissing Ortega at the end, I guess it’s yet to be seen how that’ll play out but in hindsight it felt too fast and I’d like things to stay more firmly in ‘it’s complicated’ limbo for longer, though so far she’d still be my clear choice for a LI. Just, if there’s anything I love as much as angst it’s watching people dance around their feelings for a silly amount of time.


The author mention in Book 2, Lady Argend and Herald are ROs while in Book 3 , there will be more RO

By the end of this book they might as well have included a "do you want all NPCs to be this gender or that gender. Because I chose ROs female my character female my puppet female and now Rosie.

Wait didn’t you earlier point out that the RO gender option was unimmersive?

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Yeah because I didn’t want to just know who tbe ROs were ahead of time unless I specifically did “SCIENCE!”

I.E.: I played the Samurai of Hyuga book 1. I saw I was a lesbian samurai. My protege was Masami restarted. I said I was a straight woman samurai my protege was Masashi. Restarted . Straight guy= Masami. Gay guy = Masashi. This evidence suggests that my protege’s gender corresponds to my character"s preferred sexuality. This so why would my protege have a variable based on Who I view as a potential love interest? Because at some point in the series they will be a RO. That is science.

Now granted since I didn’t know I’d also be choosing the gender of NPCs like Rosie the idea of only choosing mine and RO was making it super obvious and it still is because I made them both female. The game asked me about Rosie but not about Ortega so I can make assumptions. ( Though again the flirt option being right there from the get go makes it rather obvious even if choosing the ro gender wasn’t an option)