Fallen Hero: Rebirth - achievements and gameplay questions


You can be nemesis to any of the rangers, but for the achievement requires you to do well fighting Argent, without using telepathy. She considers the telepathy cheating, but is impressed if you do well without using it. Best way I found to get it was to go slow in the sewers then set up an ambush.


I posted this in the other thread, but how do I get the Days of Our Lives achievement WHILE getting Lady Argent’s hair? With the strength mod, I can never get Ortega to get up and visit the puppet while I’m at the hospital.


You can’t avoid Ortega being hurt, but I think all you need for Days of Our Lives is to have your character flirt with Ortega in the past and then have the puppet flirt with them and go with them to the gala. After that just make sure you don’t kiss or hug Ortega as the main character, as this overwrites the variable you need.


That actually worked, thanks a ton.


Does anyone know how to keep arrogance up so that i can name my MC sidestep


here is some option that will increase your arrogance


-i smile threateningly
-embezzle the rich
-i wanted to see if i can posses her
or look foward to teach them(this will also increase your villainy and daring)
-this is the only home i’ve known
-yes,i am still a telepath
-i just didn’t expect it have anything to do with the ranger
-i’m flattered
-supressed annoyance (this will not increase arrogance but the other option decrease it)
-i feel amazing i need to check out how i look

there should be more but overall you just have to not worry about raising suspicion and be confidence…

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Anyone get can’t touch this?


Yep, you have to be unscathed from every fight. I’m not sure if its all fights or just the fights at the end, but here is what I did for every fight I always took manipulation options so my manipulation was (almost) as high as possible for all of these: For getting the Rat King, I hid as close as possible; ran assuming the sniper wouldn’t bother with a henchman, Ignored the other henchmen whenever it came up to help them. Manipulated the ReGene to not focus on me.

I took the jump jets and telepathic boosters and was robbing the gala. I manipulated the cops into attacking each other, Didn’t mess around with Herald, used jump jets when he takes to the skies, and didn’t take the time to cripple him. Ortega faster then her, refused to banter and not smile, and chose finish this quick. Once she was down I just knocked her out, didn’t monologue at all. Argent I took all the ‘finish it as fast as possible’ options. And then ambush her in the sewers. Finally use manipulation to stop her breathing.


Is the game finished? And how do you get the villain name Anathema?

The game/story was incredible, but if it’s done it feels like some aspects were left unfinished.


It is book 1 of 3, so there’s plenty of things left unfinished.

And I think high daring is needed for Anathema.


Hmm okay back the truck up Angie, how did i possibly cheat. Anyone got a clue what prompts the cheating route blocking angies rivalry path?
Edit: i made her stop breathing uhh how do i not do that.
Also, i cant seem to recreate Ortegas sketchiness, by that i mean he couldnt figure out my mcs gender, got any clues on how to send him signs of my villainy? Mc needs a saving.


i think if you use telepathy your labeled a Cheater by her because you know villains aren’t allowed to cheat were goody two shoes ya know. :innocent:


I dont recall using telepathy, was this choice prompted ny me or the game?


You don’t use the Damocles trigger you left in her, and don’t use telepathy against her


The scene where you get to impress her starts in the sewers, you need to fight her when you escape. No telepathy or any tricks. If you’re injured, the chances are lower too.


@malinryden if we don’t use the teletrap in Argent’s mind in book 1 , can we still use it in book 2? Kind of like a fail safe incase she gets too close to winning?


How can you kiss Ortega in the elevator?


You would have to be a puppet and just flirt with him tbh


Make sure that Ortega and MC aren’t too injured so Ortega and MC can still visit the puppet. MC can assist them on the way and either hug or kiss when Ortega tries to seriously talk to the MC.


Anyone know how to achieve three’s company?