Fallen Hero Excitement Discussion



Could I know who are the two ROs and how many many books will be in the series? =)


No news on books iirc. But confirmed for B1 is Ortega and Mortum. Herald and Steel for later titles iirc


Thank you! =D Looking forward to play as a villian for a change and hope I could manage it. :joy:


The author has actually said there will be three books! And adding onto what squarelyblue said, Argent is also a possible romance in book 2.


Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to try out the demo so I have no idea which character is which. :laughing: I’ll probably meet them for the first time once we get the game. XD

But thanks for the info though and I deliberately minimize the research in order to learn more of them through the demo. =)


Ortega is an optimistic (possibly old flame depending on choice) who wants to reconnect with you.

Mortem is an intelligent (scientist?) individual you have dealings with under weird circumstances to lightly put it.

Most people gravitate towards Ortega for circumstantial reasons you will read in the first 10 minutes of reading.


There is a good reason why Ortega is so OTP worthy like we can all go home now.

Angst = CHECK

Drama = CHECK


I can DM peeps who want demo details but GOD ORTEGA IS SUCH AN A+ CHARACTER AND ROMANCE OPTION


@squarelyblue @IlliterateSandwich

Interesting… :thinking: I don’t mind waiting though so thanks for the offer. :smiley:


I lived for this!!! I live for this and will continue living for this!!


It’s been a while since I played the demo, and although I remember falling hard for Ortega while being kinda indifferent to Dr Mortem as an RO at least, TBH the MC is why I’m so hyped for this game?? Like the angsty antihero potential of the MC and the various paths (redemption, regretful, unrepentant, self-destructive etc) hinted that they can go down…

Honestly even without great characters such as Ortega, Lady Argent and Herald (so glad golden boy is gonna be a future RO TBH lol I hope we get to explore all the deliciously angsty possibilities of him being disillusioned by MC’s villainy bc I’m a terrible person rip) I would love this game just for MC lol. MC for best character!


Honestly? The MC is such a great character on their own. There was enough customization in the demo to really make it feel like you had some control over who they were but at that same time there was also enough inherent personality infused into them that I got attached to them as a character before I ever even got attached to them as the MC.


I’m glad that I’m not the only one who loves the MC as a character! Their story is so easy to get emotionally invested in. I cannot wait to see where it goes and find out how it’ll break my heart. :grin:



My MC is angry but ultimately heroic leaning? I mean whatever happened in the BG must be earth shattering for them to consider this path

So Akira is pursuing her own brand of justice and it’s not the healthiest? She really needs that therapist :))

And closure for whatever caused her to turncoat


I love all the MC hype!! I swear I could gush about how good @malinryden writing is all day, but I don’t want to spam the thread. All the characters were just so alive! Oof I cannot wait for this book to come out.


To be fair- it’s not really spamming the thread when that’s essentially part of the point of the thread itself.


You’re fine, darling. Gush away.


Gushing about that is like 85% of this thread…95? Its a large number. XD


Ahhhh you are all so sweet!! I love how positive this thread is! To get back on topic though, what are you guys most excited about for the books? I can’t wait to see how the Ortega romance will play out myself<3
Oh! And to find out the MC’s full story. I’m real curious about their past.


i can’t wait to see how mc and puppet’s relationship will turn out. when i played a demo, there was a hint that puppet was gaining back consciousness when puppet was talking in the hospital with Mortum. so i am really excited for puppet’s character development and how puppet and mc’s relationship will change throughout the whole books.


I know, right? :grin:

…and to see that moustache gone… :smirk: