Fallen Hero Excitement Discussion


Oh boy oh boy

I’m super excited to learn more about the MCs past and what is going on there and to see how far off all of my many theories are. Also the puppet, the puppet is definitely a big mystery to me because I feel like there might be more to them than just the empty shell you inhabit.

The biggest mystery I wanna know is that Farm, I think it was called? that popped up a few times during the demo and I had my whole crackpot theory that I put up way back when and I’m just jazzed about finding the truth. (Or getting more clues to what the truth is, either way.)

And, of course, Ortega. I love Ortega. So much, so I’m so so so excited to see how their romance goes, too! :smiley:


I AGREE. the fact that the puppet seems to be gaining back their consciousness made me think that there might be more to them than just a random unfortunately unconscious person. what if they have power of their own? what if they used to be a secret agent hiding their identity all the times?


French farce + detonation of an atom bomb = when the true identity of our puppets are revealed.


Its funny you say that because in the demo, depending on which routes you chose, you can end up (as your puppet) playing a roulette game at Joes. There, something interesting happens that makes me believe that the puppet had some kind of probability or future seeing power before going into a coma. And if they are a psychic like that, then it would make sense that their mentally based powers only started returning along with glimpses of their consciousness. But this is just a theory.


Wait doesn’t joes have a specific sensor you have to go through to get in the back that checks for powers or something or other? Thats the main reason why the Mc themselves don’t go there.


That’s what I thought too but the scene is so weird I keep wondering how it could be anything else. Though my theory still remains valid if the puppet’s powers and mentally based, like I said, and only resurface with the glimpses of their consciousness. The puppet may have been in their usual state of being unconsciousness when going thru the scanner, but could have slightly popped awake or something while at the roulette table. But again, these are just guesses based on the weirdness of the scene.

The other explanations for that scene are the MC time traveled, doesn’t remember it, and just had a sense of deja vu or that the MC is somehow gaining new powers. Both seem possible unlikely in comparison to me. It also could have just been that I misinterpreted the scene but I don’t think so.


The scanner scrambles the MC powers and therefore, they avoid it like the plague from what little of the scene I remember. They let modified people inside but they are real careful of powered. I also imagine that maylin won’t just let the puppet lie as an unused plot device. I imagine that if the puppet ever wakes up my character would be over the moon with worry about their mental state,after all they did just move into her head while she was out.


I wish there weren’t a 20 character minimum on these things because all I wanted to type was “Same”.



imagines beefcake dorian


remembers mustache glitch in DAI
"Oh god Ortega!"
Grabs buzzer


What…Ortega has a mustache? I am not overly fond of mustaches… :thinking:


there is a chance where you can gently put in your two cents. probaly not at the best time, but you can.


I hope I didn’t offend anyone. :joy:


I think a few other people put up a stink about it and maylin put it in the game to talk to Ortega about finding it a new home. Somewhere else. Far, far away grom you.


I suppose this is one of the disadvantages when you haven’t been part of the IF process. You miss some interesting discussions. XD


While I’m personally not fond of moustaches either we’ll at least get some time without it, since (unless the demo I last played have changed) Ortega probably won’t be running around with half a moustache until the rest grows properly out…then again, it is Ortega and he can be kind of a silly man. :stuck_out_tongue:


You can still go read the threads even though they’re locked, just go to maylin’s first thread and search the word ‘mustache’.


Imagine if he DRAWS the other half on?!


Seems an interesting title, looking forward to try it out next week …

although this month i do need to reserve more money because there will be four titles coming out this month ( 3 HG and 1 CoG ) , and next week there will be two release ? Fallen Hero and Highway War… :slight_smile:

Edit : Actually Five Title , I miss out Zombie Exodus … Wow :smile:


omg, that’s awesome! i hope your theory is true. if the puppet does have probability/precognition power, then it’s even more interesting in the fact that maybe the puppet was betting on mc to use their body, which would help them to gain back their consciousness.