Fallen Hero Excitement Discussion

I’m simply making this to discuss and share my excitement for one of the best WIPs I’ve had the pleasure of knowing finally hit the Upcoming Hosted Games as these iconic lines say below:

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Who else is excited? Who/What are you most excited for?


What is fallen hero dude

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I got to play the demo for Fallen Hero a while back and I enjoyed it. I’ll be checking out the full story once it comes out but right now, I’m very excited to see The Wayhaven Chronicles to come out on the 15th. And I’m also waiting for Fielder’s Choice since there aren’t that many sports games and I was told that it may or may not be coming next month as well.



This is a clear sentence cog, what do you speak of, excitement is an understandable language.


I am excited for traumatizing Ortega. I’m a horrible person, but it is true.


This is the one where you’re a former hero you’re able to have a second body to help with your rise to villainy and can romance characters in both bodies, right?


Yes! I’m so super pumped for Fallen Hero! I fell in love with that story the moment I found it on the forum and I’m so so so excited to know that it’s actually going to be coming out (somewhat) soon(ish)! (Man, even just seeing it on the list makes me super happy!)

I’m so excited to dive into the plot again and figure out what’s going on. I have my at this point vault of theories still stacked high and they’ve only been growing with the more time I’ve had to think about them.

And, of course, to see Ortega again because I love them so much and wow that’s going to hurt my heart, ahaha. :’)


Yaaas give that trauma!


It’s a game where you play as a former telepathic hero turned villain. Whether this is a reluctant role you take on or not is up to your play style and choice. It has interesting dynamic and character cast whose relationships with the main character are part of what makes me love the game so much.

There is also an underlying mystery of a backstory for your actions that gives you the sense that some Big Bad is pulling the strings in the background and you are attempting to fight against it in your own highly destructive way. Whether that way is destructive to yourself (mentally) or others (both physically and mentally) is also your choice.

I’m not the best with summaries so I feel my explanation doesn’t do it justice.


Honestly part of me is also super scared, but… a good scared…?

Either way I anticipate lots of emotional pain and most likely tears.

My tears, specifically.


Oh, then I am excited, I liked the demo for that one, one of the characters was a anti-heroic Captain Marvel or Power Girl type as I remember the bit where she tries to kill you in the sewers because you’re not in the public eye anymore was sobering.


Oh, but they’re good tears. My MC is so mentally disturbed. They want ortega to want them, so the doll is thrown at them, then ortega loves doll, but MC though, and MC just goes- LOVE ME, but doll goes LOVE ME, and I want MC to put doll in danger and Ortega must choose then MC is like: I’M THE PUPPETEER! And I want a tragic death ending. XD lol i live my emo teenager fantasies in this game.


Ahaha oh geez, that’ll definitely be quite the situation your MC is in.

I always saw my MC as more the reluctant villain who was pretty much regretting each and every step of the way and wanted to stop them but also felt that whatever they were doing was wholly necessary and the only way it would work. (And also a big big fingers crossed for some kind of happy ending because I love both my MC and also Ortega and I really just want them to be happy. Honestly no matter what happens in this game it is going to absolutely wreck me.)


So does that mean Ortegas fine with basically cheating on the MC.




Well technically they aren’t in a relationship anymore but yeah, the dude’s not earning any brownie points. Especially if this is how he shoes his love for the MC.


I believe the developer said that the MC can either decide to stay as a villain and carry out their plans or rejoin the heroes at some point, so I assume there’s a wider threat too.


No no no- like, MC and Ortega isn’t confirmed a thing. It’s a will-they-won’t-they, and Ortega is trying to get over them, but they just can’t…


Yeah, due to the general air of the story, the MC’s past traumas, and certain scenes, you can just tell there’s some Big Bad hiding in the background that may not be Eldritch Horror level, but still pretty crazy.


Yeah but you will eventually get with them. Apparently you can do with both bodies. I’m wondering if they’ll reject the other person or just go along with it.


Yeah I think I remember there being redemption mentioned at least once which I’m gunning for so that at least after I put my heart through the blender that I anticipate will be this story there’ll at least be some happy light at the end of the tunnel. Honestly either way I’m just super jazzed. (And that’s not to say I’m not also going to torture myself by going for the full non-redemption, evil-path, I gotta try that out too. :stuck_out_tongue:)