Upcoming Hosted Games Releases — 2018



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The Aether: Life as a God by @TheMaker: Released January 11th.
Comrade or Czar: by @Albnoob Released February 1st.
Great Tournament 2 by @Jerieth: Released February 9th.
The Wayhaven Chronicles by @Seraphinite: Released March 8th.
Fallen Hero: Rebirth: Released March 15th.
Highway Wars by @adrao: Released March 15th.
Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven Part 2 by @JimD: Released March 22nd.
NW by NE Oz: Released May 1st.
The Kepler Colony: Evacuation by @andymwhy: Released May 10th.
Community College Hero: Knowledge is Power by @Eric_Moser: Released May 17th.
The sequel to Community College Hero: Trial by Fire.
A Mummy is not an Antique by @Zontar: Released June 1st.
The Courting of Miss Bennet: Released June 7th.
Doomsday on Demand 2 by @Myst: Released June 26th.
Along with a Doomsday on Demand rerelease for Steam.
The Harbinger’s Head by @storytellerkim: Released July 19th.
The Last Wizard by @Lucid: Releasing August 3rd.
The Magician’s Burden by @Samuel_H_Young: Released August 16th.
The Haze Under Windbroke by @OdicHastings: Released August 16th.
The Twelve Trials: Released September 27th.
The Grim and I by @ThomB: Released September 27th.
The Legacy Advantage for The Lost Heir: Released September 27th.
Nuclear Powered Toaster: Releasing October 25th.
Missing Wings by @Carlos.R: Releasing November 12th.
The Slayer of Evil by @Mayday: Releasing November 12th.
Critical Mass: The Bridge: Releasing November 21st.
The Butler Did It by @Delliot: Releasing November 21st.
Aether: Life as a God rerelease for Steam December 18th.
Life of a Mercenary by @Jerieth: Releasing December 28th

Because someone asked me, to clarify: Hosted Games go on this list once they enter the publishing queue, meaning once we’ve received a full copy of the game. HG WIPs won’t show up on this list.

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Gladiator: Road to the Colosseum (Out Now!)