Hosted Games releases?

Is the Hosted games thread being updated anymore? 2 new games have been released under the hosted games label and they are not on that list. I thought that thread got updated when games get on the publishing queue.


In fact the hosted games are stories created by users who are not fully associated with the main moderators of this website unless it is clear that it is to create an important project like Vampire the Masquerade with Jim Datillo despite the fact that their main game Zombie Exodus is in hosted games. The point is that in the Choice of games section the launch of projects is more planned to make estimates of the launch of confirmed projects while in Stored Games are the users who on their own initiative launch their own stories and leave without previously planning their launch under the knowledge of anyone

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I know that Hosted Games aren’t contracted like Choice of Games and Hearts Choice. I am asking about the forum thread that lists Hosted Games and their estimated release dates after they are submitted and I am pretty sure that after authors submit the games they have no control over when they release or launch?

I’m guessing that with covid the staff are currently too busy to update the thread


I think you’re right. If my memory serves me well before, Hosted Games had a similar list until Covid arrived and some content creators have more occupations now due to the terrible crisis.

I think it’s simply not updated cazse Jason’s busy IRL?


Well, it’s an Upcoming Releases thread. I’m not sure what point there would be in putting them on now. And I imagine the reason they weren’t on there before is they were submitted fairly recently. Sometimes if the schedules has holes (and it certainly does now), and the release isn’t going on Steam, they might fast-track it through in order to keep up a steady stream of new content.