Fallen Hero Excitement Discussion


I always liked it when there were a very subtle indication that there were something bigger than what you’d think. Anyone who does that in a COG game gets a point in my book.


Well I’m a bit of a sucker for a redemption story too, and of course I think you can decide how villainous your MC actually is and whether they’re the type to kill people or not. Super villains are all over the place in comics in terms of their mentality and morality so I’m hoping that sort of thing continues to be a part of it.


Im not sure if this is the right place to discus this but who els feels that if we are playing a superhero/villan game we should be able to pick our powers from at least 3 options. I notice a lot of hero games on here like cch or hero rise trilagy just pick your powers for you or give you none at all. This is one reason why i feel the best of us is the best hero game on here because of the vast selection of powers you can have even if it does effect the actual story in negitive ways because all the coading that goes into a game like that can get very complex very fast. My question is does not having power selection in games that are about powered people ruin that game for you, no matter how well writen it is or do you disagree if so please explain your reasoning


Oh yeah definitely! There was already a lot of that in the demo which I absolutely adored. (God the fights at the party were so good.)

A very interesting question! But probably one deserving of it’s own topic so that everything doesn’t get all mixed up! (Or if there’s one there already- I don’t think there is? But hey! That just means you should start one!)


Agreed, I love how much planning you could do for your attack on the museum and how you treat the exhibit, the guests, the heroes, how you act as your villain alter ego and what sort of ways. your villain suit will work. Nice and open really.


Personally, I’m under way with writing my pet project that is about superheroes (it’s on hold while I do more researching) but I’ve noticed that most, if not, all of them has something in common that you’re a super powered human so I’m trying to break the thread right there. But as for the power selections, that’s really up to the author to add these choices if they want to take that direction but some of them doesn’t because it wouldn’t fit in with their story that they want to write. Personally, I don’t really care much if we have a choice to pick our powers or not, it all depends on the plot itself and the character development for all characters in the game that you’re reading.

Hopefully I explained myself somewhat well because I’m not sure if it makes any sense to you.


I think the advantage of a game where you have pre defined powers is that the developer can give you a lot more way to utilize them, whilst with multiple options for powers the options in your run through might be a lot more limited. I talked before about doing a game where you’re a size changing hero and I could imagine the ideas of playing with perspective and scale in a game like that. :slight_smile:


So basically Ant-Man? Honestly it sounds like a very unique concept to do for a COG/Hosted game since I don’t think there’s a game that has that kind of choice. Usually you see the regular superpowers like strength, speed, flying and energy manipulation but if someone were to go with that idea, they got my support 100%


Effectively, yes! I have a bit of a soft spot for size changers in comics like the various Ant Men and Wasps and Atoms and the like, not to mention fiction playing with size like the Honey I Shrunk the Kids films, and if you read into there and give abilities around it there’s a lot you could accomplish with that ability of being super small or super big whilst keeping your natural strength. Though to avoid too much comparing to Ant Man I would likely call it a natural ability than a suit. But thanks for the vote! Guess I could try and do it as a straight forward COG one off in the future…


Definitely excited. Just hope I’ve finished reading the other games on my list before it’s out :frowning: , there is definitely a lot of games right now to keep me busy. Right now the only hero games I’ve got downloaded are the hero rise first trilogy, so yeah will be nice to add this to my collection, my mc will be a gray area hero/villain, on Wolverine’s sort of level. I’m excited to find out what the mc plans to do with the tracking system they steal. Didn’t play the last demo put up, so don’t know if we found that out yet(if so don’t spoil it for me :stuck_out_tongue: ) .


So what is Fallen Hero about and what will make it great?


Basically, you play as a hero turned villian with mind control powers and telekinesis I believe. But you’ll have a choice to remain as a hero or become a legit villian in the story. I’m not sure if the demo is up for it right now because it’s under copyediting and it sounds like it may be released soon.


Oh cool, sounds interesting, look forward to checking it out.


Well there was a thread posted by the author a while back, I have it on tracking and haven’t got a notification to say it’s been locked or anyone has posted there since I checked, so for anyone who hasn’t played the yp previously checking that thread out could be a good idea.


This is what I wrote above btw, hope it helps.


I played the demo sometime back and I enjoy it very much more than I thought I would so hearing that its going through a copy edit right now has me very excited for it foreseeable release in the future. The main draw of Fallen Hero for me was the idea of a good hero turned villain and I wanted to see how the author plays this out in the story and the conflict with the MC past-Hero friends. I am also interested in the puppet we use during the story I do wonder if the puppet will also effect the story as well go through it.


I heard about this but I wasn’t able to try the demo out. With what I read here, it seems interesting so I am looking forward to trying it out.


Absolutely here for this! Fallen Hero was one of my fave wips here so super excited to see it on the queue

Also highkey worried + psyched for Ortega. Especially if the MC has feelings (platonic or romantic) for them


Hey you, I was wondering when you’d find your way to this thread. @squarelyblue


I’m always here just currently afk ish. But am so glad this thread exists! Can’t wait to see how the MC struggles at this point and who the big bad is and if we’ll get to see more people from their past