Fallen Hero 2 Theories and Wishlists


Nope, not going anywhere near it til release. I do this with author’s I trust and @malinryden has earned that from me.


I wish I had that kind of willpower. I’m surviving the wait with this WIP and fanart on tumblr.


I have to give feedback for anything an author I like asks. Fortunately she seems to have enough people clamoring for the WIP that more or less people giving feedback doesn’t matter, but I know how important consumer response is in the production stage so I feel I have no choice but to help out someone so amazing when asked.

I’ve also followed Malin since Fallen Hero’s early days on this site and I’m not sure which one of us is older but I feel like she’s my child that I must encourage every step of the way as I watch them grow. A somewhat exaggerated analogy, but an apt one nonetheless.


Honestly, I was not even aware there was a WIP, but yes, now I am avoiding it as well. With the same fear for spoilers as you have, thereby comes the fact that I prefer to just continue reading until the end.


Seeing as this is labelled ‘Theories and wishlists’ I figured I’d mention some things I think might improve book 2.
I haven’t actually read the second book’s tester, as I want to wait for the full version on choice of games.
I recognise that I can romance Ortega and Dr. Mortum in the first book, but something that always annoyed me was that I couldn’t romance Rosie, (male version is Boris)
Or Lady argent, as I think being her arch nemesis, and romantic partner would be pretty interesting and potentially pretty fun/exiting.

Also, I know the MC is meant to be evil and hate his old team mates
(especially Chen who, funnily enough, is the only person you DON’T beat unconscious)
But I find it really hard to be mean to Ortega and crew, they’re so nice! It’s like, no matter how hard you try, the MC is fundamentally an A class jerk.
Is that just me? Because I might just be getting too connected to these characters… again…


The Mittens


This has already been confirmed to be in book 2 along with a possible romance with Herald.

I got the feeling the Rosie/Boris are really meant to be throw away characters.

As to having mixed feelings about whooping ass on Ortega and company, that is what the intention of the author is, she is trying create a conflict in our MC. To make them torn between the their past and what they have been ‘forced’ to become.


I apologise, I have been avoiding spoilers like the plague up until now and wasn’t aware.
Thanks for the feedback, and uh.
That means I have to go back and play the first part again without making out with Ortega…


The Mittens.