Fallen Hero 2 Theories and Wishlists


Nope, not going anywhere near it til release. I do this with author’s I trust and @malinryden has earned that from me.


I wish I had that kind of willpower. I’m surviving the wait with this WIP and fanart on tumblr.


I have to give feedback for anything an author I like asks. Fortunately she seems to have enough people clamoring for the WIP that more or less people giving feedback doesn’t matter, but I know how important consumer response is in the production stage so I feel I have no choice but to help out someone so amazing when asked.

I’ve also followed Malin since Fallen Hero’s early days on this site and I’m not sure which one of us is older but I feel like she’s my child that I must encourage every step of the way as I watch them grow. A somewhat exaggerated analogy, but an apt one nonetheless.