Fallen Hero 2 Theories and Wishlists

Okay, now that I have 100% all the achievements and read every scenario I could cook up, I am left to wait and wait and wait for book 2. So while I wait, I would be interested in hearing any and all conspiracy theories, wishlists, and ideas about the rumored future ROs and what might have been the best way to play book 1 in order to best achieve our desires in book 2.

For the Lady Argent potential romance, I wonder if having her as a nemesis would be the best option. Also would making her more amiable towards the MC be beneficial or detrimental.

I know many are hoping that Steel will be added as a RO, but for me aside from Argent, I hope the reporter Mia Ochoa gets some love in book 2.

Okay opening the floor to others. I have many other wishes and theories, but I will post them in drip fashion to try and keep me from going crazy while I wait for book 2.


To make the heartbreak incident and nanovore incident ( assuming they’re separate) combined look like a case of a young guy accidentally bumping into an old lady on the sidewalk in terms of chaos and destruction. I want cities on fire and millions screaming as I watch flames glinting off me featureless armor.


In reguards to the Argent romance, if we want any chance of it lasting beyond th reveal of us as the villain (which is already a very small chance I feel), the telepathic manipulation to like us would hurt us in the long run because I would highly suspect Argent to be second guessing every thought she’s had with us around, “Wait I didn’t even feel friendship towards you till after you were in my mind, and then I was thinking of you as a potential friend”

What do all good villains need? An over-the-top ridiculously expensive lair with an overwhelming excess of gadgetry to satisfy their hearts’ content

And maybe if we could develop some kind of love-hate relationship with Argent similar to that of Batman and Catwoman then I’m already sold on book 2


If there will be a supposed argent romance will there be 1 for herald as well, curious? Big fan of him, though the mc does say they hate him at the start

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Yep, it’s confirmed :+1:


MC doesn’t HATE hate him it’s more like Envious hate than former…

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YES, I can now start wearing the mantle of “Herald’s Girlfriend & Professional Homewrecking Harpy”
Thanks for the heads up, I haven’t been keeping up with the thread.


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, my big wish for book 2 is to be able to bring Argent over to the darkside. I think the potential is there. She’s one of the more ruthless members of the Rangers, her relationships with the other Rangers seem strained at best and she holds the general public in pretty undisgused contempt. And the MC and Argent working together would be one hell of a team as they cover each others weaknesses well.

That being said I’m now a tad paranoid about Argent, some of her scenes have left me with the impression that she is not quite human.


I definitely agree with your assessment. Especially if you get looking into the Abyss and read all that is implied there.

But I also have the same feeling about the MC, as I think our body was invaded during the Heartbreak Fiasco or the immediate aftermath of that. One particular line about bringing it back with him/her/them


I stupidly made the assumption that everyone here would already know that.

Side: I know people are pushing for a Steel romance, and I have heard that it is being considered, but that would not be fair to those of us that prefer the other gender or non-binary types. I think Mia Ochoa would make an excellent additional romance and both her and Steel would in my opinion then need to be non-binary or there needs to be an additional RO for non-binary, and that is starting to make just too many demands of @malinryden.

One thing I noticed is that the main character is certainly written from a feminine point of view as to the romances. Being a guy, I have never sat there going, I hope you asks me out. I am used to be the aggressor in that situation.

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Yeah but the MC has a lot of issues that are going to discourage them from taking the initaive in that situation. Too many trust issues clashing with the desire to be wanted. And quite frankly? This idea that guy should be the pursuer in seeking a relationship is tired and outdated. If a girl wants to ask me or any other guy out I say more power to her.


Maybe it has more to do with MC’s personality than gender because MC had a sort of pre-set personality. I’m a woman, but i love to take the initiative so i really hope it’s not a gender thing.


I am talking about as the puppet, where the MC seems to have way more confidence and in fact in the sexy time scene with the good doctor, you can even mention how it is not the first time you have brought someone home with your puppet.

Still I was asked out many times during the course of my life by both men and women, but I never sat around pining for someone to ask me out, if I was interested, I initiated the interaction. That said I do understand that the MC has many many psychological issues.

Bringing me to my next interesting theory that he is doing all of this just to get back at the people at the Farm and what they did to him, yet he is also still terrified of them.

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It is just something I have noticed more often from female authors or at least authors using female pen names. Recently, both here and Wayhaven I have noticed it far less it didn’t bother much here as has been stated it is explained away by the story here.

But we are getting away from the topic, except that my wish is that now that our MC is much more confident at the end of the first book, we can start to change that personality going forward.

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1)Honestly, I just want more 1n1 time with the rangers and especially steel and Herald, for how much of an opinion my MC has about them they get little to no screen time.

  1. I want to ask the characters unprompted questions without having to go through indirect dialogue choices in hopes my character asks. I have questions that I feel my MC would want answered, especially if they decide to engage in a relationship with said person.

  2. I wish that maybe the world might become a little more fleshed out, maybe having just more exploration. The entire first book has about 5 different places in total that are revisited. I wanna know more about how most citizens and people view the changes in the Los Diablos. Apparently, the Rangers are an oddity compared to the rest of the country and I don’t remember hearing about any outside opinion on the rangers or Los Diablos in general. We get a brief glimpse of relations within the city between the rangers and the LDPD at the beginning and how easily it could escalate if given the chance. Do people in the other states look at the Lodiablos news and think it’s nuts?Is the Los Diablos news network the eqivalent to ‘Florida Man’ news that streams 24/7?



I want be able to use my puppet to fabricate a story about my MC in the
You1 You2 Oldfriend Love Triangle.

Be my own Hypeman/Wingman or be my own enemy.

Accidentally convince RO Doc to try to kill the MC by badmouthing my “boss” too much.

Also why can’t my puppet romance the Merc.

Attempt to give the puppet their own conscious.



So you propose to not make people happy and dissapoint them to ensure all is fair ? I mean if you look at the stuff merely in matter of advantages to your interest then i understand you. But I really dont think its fair to make demands of @malinryden to either not add that romance or to add more, i dont think saying Either ensure i get my cut or nobody does is very nice thing.


There is literally a scene where the MC comments about the fact how unhuman Argent seems so I’ll presume you either picked a different path than mine or just isn’t that meticulous of a reader

Technically, Los Diablos is basically Manifest Destiny 2.0 so I don’t think the rest of the nation would have much impact, if any, on the affairs the MC would deal with or come across

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