WIP: Fallen Hero 2: Retribution - updated 27 april 2019 (pre-adult version)

lol then don’t pick that choice . I always trap Lady Argent mind though…

That would be one of the finer details that Malin intends to work on later. For now, the most basic gist of what took place is being covered, since this is a rough alpha that will be going through a few rewrites before being passed into the closed beta, and then later finished up.

This is one of the things Malin is interested in making note of, but chapter 1 (as it stands currently) is going to get an overhaul in one of the upcoming updates. From my own inference of the info provided; this will be either before, or after what is currently being worked on the auction, and some post auction stuff is rounded off for the time being. It is always an unspecified date–Malin does this between work, and personal time so we need to be both gracious, and mindful. :relaxed:


Man, so pumped for this. I remember getting this along with Wayhaven. And now I’m eagerly waiting for both their sequels. That and Lords of Infinity. I suggest you guys also try Sabres of Infinity as well as it’s sequel Guns of Infinity while waiting for FH2. For cultural reasons (game is set in an era similar to the 18th-19th century) the MC can only be male, but the storytelling is top notch and the paths are decently replayable.


So my MC is at the auction to cause chaos and steal Mortum’s Disintegration gun. Then I get this paragraph:
“The regenerator prototype is awkward to deal with. That thing is big. You have an exit planned, but first you need to get it to a more quiet spot. Grabbing the accompanying suitcase with one hand, you fasten it with a magnetic lock to your suit. This is important, there’s information in there you need to complete the prototype. Now for the container unit.”

This is not a gun? I have no idea what this is, regenerator prototype has not been mentioned in my playthrough.

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Pointing out bugs is important, but remember to blur out spoilers; not everyone who comes to this thread as a guest wants to know about the contents of the alpha. It’s a safe bet that if it specifically takes place in the Retribution demo, it might need covering up.


Guys, there’s another topic for theories and speculation, too. I just found it, and figured I’d post it here in case anyone else wanted to check it out.



This is by far my favorite game in hosted games. And I played the auction for the second time, and the story evolved amazingly! Nothing but kind warm thoughts to Malin :slight_smile:


Guyssss. Is anyone dying to know how Ortega will react when he/she finally finds out the MC is a ReGene? I can’t stop thinking about it


Yes. Especially if the MC told Herald first :smirk:

I didn’t even think about that. Ohhhh, Ortega would be so pissed. Well, probably hurt, mostly.

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Or showed Argent.

Now I’m just waiting for the Steel confession so Ortega will be the last person to know. Sadism at it’s finest.


I’m more curious to know how Steel will react especially if my MC and Steel become something more.

I do imagine Ortega will be understanding though especially if you are either friends or lovers.

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Ortega: don’t worry, I can occasionally keep a secret ~winks~
MC: oh, um, actually, Steel already knows…
Ortega: ~fake pouts to hide shock~ oh, I see how it is
MC: and Herald…
Ortega: you told Herald before you told me
MC: and actually, um, Argent was the first to know…
Ortega: ~spits out drink~
MC: yeah, you’re actually the last to know
Ortega: do I mean nothing to you


Honestly, I see Steel being pretty accepting. I think it will actually make Steel more understanding of the MC’s secrecy and why they didn’t want to submit to the background check to join the team, now that he can see the reasoning behind it.

And now I’m waiting even more impatiently for this to come out :joy:


I take it I’m the only one who would want to be completely rejected if I showed anyone?
Am I crazy? I’m probably just crazy.


It’s for the drama! :avocado:

Everyone wants something different per play through of the story, so this outcome isn’t invalid in the least. I’d dread, but also want it for some of my mains. (Especially the really far gone a-holes…)

You know what… That avocado really is sinister. :sweat_smile:


Are you crazy? This is Steel we’re talking about, and anyway personal sympathy might not matter very much with him as he’d probably still consider it his duty to arrest and return the mc to the United States government as property. Because legally that’s what the mc is, property of the US government and its agency, the Farm. :unamused:

Anyway, my mc doesn’t plan to reveal the re-gene bit to anybody (certainly not that cutie Herald. As he likes the fact that Herald possibly thinks he is somehow physically desirable too much to want to tamper with that) He chose to reveal his face/unmask, rather than reveal his body to Argent. So she knows he’s (posing as) a villain and knows his true identity, but not the re-gene bit. They both need the regeneration tech for their own purposes and at least in my playthrough it seems they’ve reached a mutual “don’t ask don’t tell” agreement about their reasons for needing it.

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I actually disagree. I think Steel would see the MC as their own, albeit synthetic, person. And I think most of the MC’s actions and decisions would make sense to him once he knew about their past, not that he would necessarily agree with them.


It’ll be funny if Ortega is actually the one to start freaking out and acts in denial from learning MC’s secret(might even start avoiding us or act super awkward when talking with MC) since most of us if not all take for granted that they’ll accept us.


If by funny you mean horribly depressing, xD.

Since that confirms all of Sidestep’s worst expectations and fears. It’d be hard for that relationship to come back from that, even if Ortega does eventually come around. However, I love things that feed the angst machine.