Fallen Hero 2 Theories and Wishlists

So you propose to not make people happy and dissapoint them to make yourself happy???

I would not be happy seeing Steel as a romance option without another one that would interest me. We don’t get to choose the genders of Argent, Herald or Steel like we are allowed to do with the good Dr. and Ortega. I would just say that if Steel is added, I would like to Mia Ochoa added. Whether or not I think it is fair, I will not make demands of @malinryden. I just want to state my wish. I haven’t been able to read the entire discussion thread, but I didn’t see much interest in Mia Ochoa and that is more my point and wish, I want more Mia.

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First off, that’s a bit condescending. Secondly, what the MC thinks and what is true are two different things. They’re not exactly an unbiased source of information. I agree that there is something inhuman about Argent but until we know for certain, it could simply be us and the MC jumping at shadows.


Question: Does anyone else think that the MC was possessed or infected during the Heartbreak Fiasco? There seems to be a distinct change in personality after that event and while I know most of that would be a result of trauma, there was a distinct feeling during the flashback scene that while you are at the farm following the Fiasco that you(MC) brought something back with you.



I Propose to be happy for others instead of looking out only for yourself. In The end Its Majority opinion that matters. Malin is the ultimate arbiter

I love how you contradict yourself here!

But moving on, you want to see Steel as a RO? I think that is the sense I am getting from you correct?

All I am really trying to say, is I want Mia Ochoa to get some lovin too. Personally a Steel RO is a no go for me, but would not preclude me from buying and enjoying book 2 if it is there. I would just ignore it.

There is an interesting idea! I hadn’t thought of that.


I think this is being hinted at when you wake up in the hospital if the good Dr. is there waiting for you. I suspect that you psyche may well splinter in two, or that the original psyche of the puppet is slowly waking up and we will have to deal with that.


Cyrus Brown(MC): A regretful telepathic with a traumatic past.

John/Jane Doe(puppet): The type of person Cyrus aspires/wish they can be, normal, attractive, young, and not traumatized.

Puppet-Master(Villain MC): The aggression that Cyrus’ feels been pent-up too long, a body where he can truly face his fears, such as the past.

SideStep(Hero MC): The past he can never return to, the past in which he had friends, but then something changed.


So the stuff we have so far:

The awakening of the puppet?
The link between Heartbreak and the MC?
The link between Re-Gene/Farm and the MC?
Steel as a possible new RO?
Argent is inhuman(alien?)?

Some stuff over in the main discussion thread that I saw, postulates that MC is either a clone, or a Rogue telepathic Re-Gene


The Response of a nobody:

Awakening of the puppet, makes sense considering that telepathees(victims) can partially discern the telepather, so the puppet must be getting something.

Heartbreak was confusing, I can’t make heads or tails of it.

Re-Gene/Farm connection and the MC, possible but I wouldn’t want it to be grand, such as see below.

Steel? Bah! I’d prefer the Merc.

Argent is inhuman, probably not completely, as we were able to control her pretty easily.

And last but not least, PLEASE TO GODS NO CLONES, it would end up dehumanizing the MC by making them less of character, simply being this other guy/gal or a failed experiment.


re: Steel/Mia as ROs?

Steel isn’t even confirmed yet. the author is still trying to get a feel of things and even if he does get added, it’ll be on book 3 because the foundations still has to be set. still, he’s already shown traces of being a complex character in the bits we’ve seen of him in the first book.

on that note, idek with Mia. tbh i forgot about her existence other than “reporter”. IMO pushing for her to be promoted to RO status just because Steel could be is kinda stupid – no offense. no matter how i look at it, it just doesn’t fit. she doesn’t seem like she belongs in the MC’s world. i mean, i’m all for hero/villain x intrepid reporter stuff but i just think such a pairing with the MC doesn’t fit in this universe… like, unless reporter gal becomes obsessed with the villain persona or sth like that and develops an unhealthy relationship with the villain (since that seems to be in line with the game’s vibe more)

so yep unless, Mia gets a major role and becomes interesting in the future books then I’ll stand by my opinion that she shouldn’t be RO. also, quality >>> quantity. besides, adding more ROs for the sake of it would just delay the sequels’ release.

@Theguyfive_Jbra out of curiosity, why do you think being a clone would dehumanize MC (aside from literally ofc)? i don’t prefer it but i think it could still be an interesting twist. it validates the MC’s dissociation, self-loathing, etc. and it also opens up the discussion of how much of their self is actually them, not copy or an influence of their progenitor.


I differ a little in opinion obviously. But to me Steel is totally one dimensional. He hates the MC and thinks he is dangerous to the Rangers. There is nothing else there when it comes to Steel.

As to Mia, the interest for me was in a romance partner for the Puppet, but there was also an interesting scene with Mia, if you go alone to the gala and then choose to rob it. If you haven’t tried that route, I suggest reading it. I found it interesting, and she clearly is not as intimidated by the MC as she is intrigued.

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I always go to the gala alone and rob it, and I’m not entirely sure I have ever met her? Is she the lady you brush off?

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No, after brushing off the girl, go to the quiet place rather than going to the displays. You will meet her, and then when you rob the gala, you can make her fill the bag for you.

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Ah I see, thank you!

That will also net you the Friends in High Places achievement

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Agree so much! I really wouldn’t want to see Steel or Reporter woman(never even spoke to her or got a scene with her) as ros, would definitely be interested in seeing Rosie the henchman or henchwoman I guess :stuck_out_tongue: as a ro. They’ve got some good development to work off so far, so they’d be a nice addition.

And being a clone or failed experiment- yeah would definitely dehumanise the mc, like they’re a creation, and object not a person with an identity of their own…But if we could express that sentiment if we are a clone or what not, a nice arc would be to be able to live as the puppet permanently and destroy our body. To claim the puppet as our true identity, one we chose for ourselves, a second chance if you get me? Hell I don’t know if I’d choose this myself, but maybe even a path where we choose to live as the puppet because we welcome the loss of our powers, feeling like having them was forced upon us, not like swigs who chose it.

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The idea on the clone theory being posited is that you(MC) were going to infiltrate the Rangers, but somewhere along the way, you became self aware, then after Heartbreak, the Farm tried to bring you back under control but you escaped and now you are out for vengeance against everyone that betrayed you.

One issue I have with that theory is then why do you feel betrayed by the Rangers, I think for the theory to be even remotely true, the Rangers would have had to have known what your true nature was and that you were not infiltrating but being fieldtested by the Rangers. Could also explain some of Steel’s resentment towards the MC if he believes you are an unstable product of the Farm.

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@Theguyfive_Jbra out of curiosity, why do you think being a clone would dehumanize MC (aside from literally ofc)? i don’t prefer it but i think it could still be an interesting twist. it validates the MC’s dissociation, self-loathing, etc. and it also opens up the discussion of how much of their self is actually them, not copy or an influence of their progenitor.”

Because it changes the value of the relationships between characters(Charge Herald Steel) kind of making you that evil twin unable to get past the shadow of him/herself instead of a guy/gal lashing against the past you would be a guy/gal lashing against a past that didn’t exist.

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I don’t think the clone theory is meant to argue that the new MC and the MC from the flashbacks are different people (at least, I don’t think so).

But the MC might be a clone of someone else - I mean, it’s awfully coincidental that Hollow Ground is set to be the same gender and race as the player. I don’t think that sharing the same DNA makes the MC less of an individual.