England 1519, in the Court of Henry the VIII - Tudor Intrigue - Ready to begin testing?


But if i duel the poet i won’t be able to get support from France


So I very much enjoyed this game, but I noticed some rather severe errors. When I played through, I was able to get the king to marry me, but then he went and married Anne anyways while simultaneously being married to Catherine… then later Catherine died of old age only to be hanged for treason immediately after, though that may have supposed to have been Anne. I noticed sometimes they seemed to have been switched around. Otherwise great game!


Continued marriage/divorce bugs with King and Queen I guess the marriage romance angel needs a severe re-work… That will be unpleasant scripting.

Other Queens… from Denmark or Portugal as superior alternative to Anne of Cleves. You need some combo of favor of the King, the nobles, Cromwell, high sentiment, and favour of Hapsburgs or Northern Europe (there are several combos). It’s really hard right now… I’ll make it easier at next weekend’s upload

Royal children Any kids of Henry will be a contender for the throne, with you as regent in the climax.


I wonder if we’ll get historical cameos from Tudor era figures such as Thomas Cromwell (great guy, deserved better than the fate he was dealt)or if its mostly original characters.


Cromwell is there; I’m writing his downfall this week. Note, I’m playing fast and loose with time frame and age. You can meet Cromwell in 1519 in this sim but in reality Cromwell was not prominent at court until the 1530s. I thought it is better this way to build up lasting relationships. In this sense, Cromwell is not just a character, but in my story is representative of state-builder-of-common-background-establishing-reforms.


Is there any way to keep Anne Boleyn as queen?


Currently, there are several ways, all of them difficult.
a) If she marries Henry early on, and gets an early approval by the pope for a marriage, approximate 1529, she bears a son and there is not downfall.
b) If you chose #Support the Queen and (“sensibility” + “King”) > 120, you convince the king to stay with Anne… That’s a very high threshold; I think I’ll make it easier.
c) Eventually, i’d like to write the “early coup plot”, where you can jump-start the climax rather than wait for Henry to die. if you are a close supporter of Anne, you can try to do for her what Catherine the Great’s supporters did for her; Remove her husband and make her queen But that’s on the backburner.


We could marry a queen of a royal line? Speaking of I married Henry Sister how much of a claim that would give me to the throne or the child she birth?


Tentative yes… a work in progress.
Scripting-wise, there is: {heir} who will always be a child of Henry and the presumptive candidate to succeed the throne. In most scenarios, this will be Edward, son of Jane Seymour... but not always. If you have a son to Henry's sister, an option should come up currently to try to have your son placed on the throne. Script-wise, your son will be {heir2}. You act as regent on behalf of your son. In the climax, the factions ally around {heir} and {heir2}. It can result in tense politics, or outright war.
This option will also be open if you marry the Duke of Buckingham.


I realize it’s a huge long shot and would be stretching the limits of historical realism, but any chance we could (perhaps diplomatically) restore that sweet, sweet Angevin Empire in the name of are Plantagenet ancestors?

Again, it’s a stretch, especially in the time period of the game, but perhaps we can inspire it in the future. Like in the epilogue at the end that describes what we did it says something like: “King/queen X’s improvement of relations between England and France is credited as the start of the friendship that culminated in the union of the countries X years later.”

I don’t know though I’m just throwing around cool if stupid ideas.


What about Lady Jane Grey?


I really like the Epilogue aspect.
I will try to get many epilogues out to cover many different iteration of what England would become as a result of the decisions.
In game… Maybe? Henry and many lords did think such an invasion was possible and did strike in the 1540s, although the tide of history was against England by then. You can definitely expand Calais into something more than a foothold.



I haven’t thought through Lady Jane Grey… I get a bit confused about that claim. I really should get her involved, especially as a potential arranged marriage.


How do you actually marry the Duke of Buckingham? I can’t seem to get him to survive for some reason.


Will any of the ways Anne Boleyn stays Queen work for you if you are queen?


Duke - A) go on the hunting trip, B) speak to Cromwell, C) Get involved in the trial, D) Warn the Duke. There are some other ways to but all involve choosing the trial, and not going to France. If you are a woman and plead with the King, you will save him in most runs.

Trade-off- I made it so that you have to chose intervention in the trial of the Duke, OR go on foreign mission to France. In retrospect, that’s not the most logical trade-off so I may loosen that up a bit… Some of my trade-offs early on were pretty restrictive; I’ll open it up on the final product.

Staying as Queen - there is a whole bunch of factors for staying on as Queen. If you got the Pope to accept your marriage on the firs-ballot, you will have a son and secure your position. In that timeline, Henry will on ly have two queens.
Otherwise, having i) strong virtue (which was deliberately hard to have if you won over Henry), ii) high intelligence, iii) support of Cromwell, helps you stay on as Queen. EDIT - THIS IS REALLY HARD AT THE MOMENT! - working on it


I did that but I still have a daughter every time I mean getting the pope to agree the first time


Haha I have done it I had a son yay go prince Edward.


Great! I was having a tough time doing it myself… I am simulating randomtests to see how often it comes up but it is harder to test for the Queen-based missions.


How do you stay as queen? Whatever ı do ı always get executed