England 1519, in the Court of Henry the VIII - Tudor Intrigue - Ready to begin testing?


I’m making it easier on the queen… Right now it is harder than I intended. I also haven’t written what there is to do for a successful second queen.
As long as you don’t resist and lash out at your enemies, you shouldn’t be executed.
The downfall section will get a little more open next upload.


Do you remember how you got a son from Henry? Or do you think that it just happened?


I just thought of something interesting.

What if at one point you have the option to introduce like safety precautions/building regulations/firefighting techniques/etc., and later on they either prevent (or at least lessen the destruction) of the fire of London?


Question how old will our character be by the end of the story ?


Insurance History As someone who works in the insurance, I think that’s an intriguing idea. I’ve already been contemplating having the character start “Lloyds of London” coffee house.
I just wasn’t sure if anyone else could possibly be interested in the history of insurance. “Preventing the Great Fired of London” will be an achievement.


Age- The brother and sister are born in the early 1500s. So they will be in their 40s at the end.
I don’t want to pin myself down with an exact age because I want to open up marriage and career possibilities so I keep it vague.


in about 7 months you Made a massive ammount of Work. if it continues like this you have in 1 Year what it takes others 2- 2,5 to do.

is it really your first work ? Because you are Literally Blitzkrieging throught this.


I feel sorry for Lady Jane Grey… the Nine Day Queen and a tragic victim of circumstance. She was fifth in line to succeed Edward VI whilst Princess Mary was the rightful heir but out of favor due to her Catholicism. It was through the machinations of regent John Dudley, 1st Duke of Northumberland that the Protestant Lady Jane (his daughter-in-law) was named heir.

After King Edward’s death he marches an army to East Anglia to capture Princess Mary to secure Lady Jane’s position but himself becomes a victim of circumstance when the Privy Council switches support to Mary whereupon he is forced to surrender and convicted of treason.

He denounces his Protestant faith and converts to Catholicism in an attempt to gain clemency from execution but this fails and he ends up hated by both sides of the religious factions.


@jry Do you think we will be able to meet queen mary of scots ps I’m asking this because I just got done watching reign😂


I’m not jry but I don’t think it’s likely or likely to be of any consequence. She’s of a different generation than the story and was only about five years old when Henry viii died.


Yeah that’s true I think the best chance would be meeting her father and mother and maybe meeting Catherine de’ Medici


minor error: After choosing to keep in contact with Catherine and Mary, it said that it pained me to see my previous student like this, but i never tutored Mary.


Thank you very much… It’s much bigger than I thought.

Last year, I started emailing back and forth a text-adventure with a friend about China… I then started it on Inkelwriter which is very easy to use but obviously a good deal less powerful than choice-script.
http://writer.inklestudios.com/stories/46h9 - it got really bogged down. I’d like to convert it to Choicescipt after this… make it bigger and go from 1835 - 1953.

I’d like the idea of a choice based on his decision, perhaps to betray one of your proteges at the climax to help you achieve the Villain achievement.

I’d like to get that in. It’s on the back-burner.

I think there is something a little off about the tutoring… I need to re-work that stream.


Does anyone know how to court Anne Boleyn every time I tried to do it she always leaves me for the king , my bad if this question has been asked before


The content is interesting, continue to keep on.


(aboleyn >40)) and (wealth > 45)) and (charm>30)) and (intelligence >30)) and (virtue >29)
Probably the best way is in the early missions; A) go to poets, go to dinner with the French mistress and B) go to Cathedral, and listen to the cardinal. It should set you up well. That won’t always work if you chose some “un-virtous” decisions but try not to cross your family or betray the loyalty for anyone. Probably try a diplomatic mission rather than the Duke or Tutor missions.

But also consider the King’s option to leave Anne and taking a bribe!


You should totally make it so that this and the china game are in the same timeline and that are decisions here effect aspects of that game! (I’m kidding of course, I can’t even imagine how long that would take…)


Holy lord how? I’ve been trying for ages.


I’ll just tell you the steps I took.
1.Charming daughter use your head don’t lose it
2.go pray hear the cardinal.
3.See the tennis match don’t gamble cheer for the king
4.go to Buckingham estate speak to Cromwell.
5. Go on a political mission support France
6. Stay with your mother while doing your finances
7.Go pray NOT at the church in London go to the catholic one
8.Host at your residence and choose Cromwell when you host at your residence pick the third option and then the option to invite Cromwell will appear.
9.you will be in financial trouble don’t sell heirlooms or leave your brother to dry try to make the money for him through trade.
10. Now is the time to think of romance choose the king and dance with him then DONT embrace him stay respectable.
11.Choose to work on your relationship with the king than choose Cardinal Wolsey to be the diplomat that convinces the pope to give you a divorce.
12.you can really do what you want with the other missions but I work on trading endeavors and then I work on public policy.

  1. You have to be nice to Catherine and write her a letter to get well then when she is sick.
  2. Force your brother to marry a wealthy commoner who knows Cromwell.
  3. Meet nobles unhappy with the king and warn them to stop.
    16.when cathrine dies wear black right after that you’ll have a son.
    If this doesn’t work for you than I don’t know cause it’s what I do.
    PS 13 THROUGH 15 might be mixed around but when the options come just choose the ones I wrote.


Bug in the 1533 lawbonus calculation when you’re trying to defend yourself against the Treason Act:

“if law >2” is impossible. You can only have a law of max 2 at this point (if you did law stuff both times in 1525).

Oh, and in 1534…
#Support Bishop Cramner, a reformer.
Your support tilts the King and council in favour of Bishop Gardiner as the Archbishop. The Bishop, while against the reformation, is a supporter of royal supremacy and will diligently on behalf of his King.



The King wastes no time finding a new Queen; Jane Seymour, a noble lady of wit and distinguished heritage rumored to be a sympathetic to reform. You were keenly aware of rumors that the King would have preferred Jane Seymour but there are some things the king of England cannot have.