Emperor Syndrome: The Beginning (WIP)

That is really odd, I’ve play tested it dozens of times now and that’s never happened. Strange. Glad it’s fixed though!

Thoughts on what little there is so far?

In need of help figuring out how to make the stats like hair color etc blank before making a character. I already have for example all of them in startup with “” at the end and the words Hair Color etc in the stats screen, but it’s not working.

The way the game has been described especially the fight scenes really make me think of a coming of age anime which I kind of love :laughing:

The pace of the game so far is kind of jarring and what I mean by this is that there is no time between the fights and your MC getting bullied to just breathe and get to know your MC or the world/people around you. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Also, I just have to say the part where Tofuyu bite’s you and calls you a slut omg I love that part more than I think I should. :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :flushed:

And just thought why the hell is all of this happening months later!? :scream:

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Tofuyu bit you and called you a slut! Not Kumiko XD

I’ll add a little extra breathing room rn!

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OMG! I’m so bad with names so I’m not even shocked I got it wrong. :sweat_smile:

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XD that’s fine!

Updated the MC’s introduction!

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So the View personal stats is gone again.

Now the View relationship status is gone.

I’m in love with the updated prologue and chapter one. I honestly wish I could help out with figuring out choicescript but as it is, learning Twine is just as nerve-wracking lmao. My only advice regarding that is to be patient with yourself and don’t stress too much. This is a passion project, not something that should be like work, god forbid.

Kumiko is hilarious in Flirty!MC’s path, and I enjoyed their interaction immensely, it felt natural and honest. Even the level of thirst he was showing as he told her to beat it before Tofuyu arrived (or maybe he was just trying to protect her, in case things went south?). Still chuckling over the fact that he was hoping Tofuyu wouldn’t say anything about his flirting to Meyomi. So on some level he know he doin’ wrong, pfffft.

I tried to play the sarcastic mc on my desktop and on my phone, neither way worked.

Again, this isn’t a big deal. You literally started this what, two days ago? Without a laptop, as well? That’s dedication but remember to take a break. Heck, if you need someone to go over your work, I volunteer without hesitation. I edit, beta read, write, etc. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


That would be glorious thank you, I thought i fixed sarcastic…

Also next day has been updated with choices! You guys are going to LOVE Flirty MC’s option, they are such a slut I swear to god.

@Max_Jones I honestly don’t know, its showing up normally for me I will fiddle with it,

Updated Flirty!MC’s Tofuyu classroom scene with a new…very special line!

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Sarcastic!MC is fixed!

I can see that Flirty!MC is likely gonna be my default choice, if not Cold!MC.

“Choke me harder, daddy” I ABSOLUTELY CACKLED. XD He is absolutely wild af and I’m here for it.

Was playing the Sarcastic!MC route and this happened on the next day, after picking the second choice, when asked how we felt about Meyomi’s overprotectiveness.

I’ll send you my email, or discord link? However, you want to communicate.


Me after reading those lines. :sweat_smile: :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I don’t know either sometimes it works fine other times they are just gone.

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Add me on discord Sasuke.Aaravos#3059 anyone is free to! The link to my Boys Love publishing company server is in my profile on discord! @KrazyKeke the second choice is Ruthless!MC XD Sarcastic MC is the I’m SUCH a helpless individual choice!
And yaaas Flirty!MC is a total diva!

@Max_Jones Glad you liked it :wink:

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First off, I’d like to say that I really enjoy the MC’s revamped introduction; it has a much stronger sense of action/motion to it and it gives you a stronger impression of the MC, as well as of the general “world feel.” That said, the new post-Tofuyu choices seem to be a little bugged; when you choose the Ruthless response (the second choice on the list) after the scene with Tofuyu, the text on the next page includes the Ruthless Response as well as the Cold one and the Flirty one. I think this is the same thing that CrazyKeke reported, but their screenshot cut off, so I’m not sure.

  • If you pick the Shy choice, you do get the Shy response, but the next page leads to the same one as the Ruthless response: The Ruthless, Cold and Flirty results all on the same page.
  • If you pick the Sarcastic response, the next page has both the Sarcastic reply and the Shy one.
  • If you pick the Cold option (the last choice in the list), the next page has both the Cold and Flirty results.

I was also curious as to whether or not the other options are going to be expanded on for the Tofuyu scene? The Flirty option is considerably longer and more detailed than the others. This is still a very early demo, so I know that a lot of things will/may be expanded in the future, but I figured I’d ask anyway.


I need to go in and fix that thanks for letting me know! And yes the other options will be expanded on tomorrow!

The error should be fixed now!

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Outfit perference is now up!

A starter outfit is provided! Shopping for more outfits and currency will be added in future updates!

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Hi there~

This pops up when I try to pick the hair texture:

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Lemme fix that

Update: @Aster_Kaisu Fixed!

Also welcome to the forums!

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Ahaha~ thank you very much! I wish you the best with the project!

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