Editing, modding...cheating?

It can only operate on the ones in google page i don’t know but can you restore the purchase on Choice of games llc maybe?

After reading all of this now i realize, that it’s so much more easy to edit files (OP mc) on android phone. As long as your phone rooted, it’s so easy to maxing all stats. Sometimes i even used this method as q.save/q.load feature.

Apple sucks when it comes to this.

If you play on Steam you may want to take a look at these two topics:

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Does anyone know how to max the stats on moody.ink?

If you’re using a computer just use inspect element like you do on dashingdon. If you are using phone i suggest you install an app called F12 it is the same as inspect element but on phone

Easy download kiwi browser and run game, after open dev tool, and write command stats and editing stats

you can change variables in the users>youruser>appdata>roaming>saves
just open state file with text editor
the appdata folder is hidden so be sure to check the hidden files options in view

dont try with android its a major hassle. never works with newer titles. might work with old. just buy on pc through steam or chrome and become the next coming of the messiah in game.

For latop
right click and goto inspect then go to console and type stats and open it and I suggest using ctrl f to find what u are looking for or go the link of the website and type this for example when trying to see scenes of a wip and as seen below all u need to is just add the word scenes at the end
This can give players the edge they need to survive in whatever wip they play

For phone
you need lucky patcher to mod the choice of game you want and by doing this will send a file to another app you need MT manager and you have go to Android/data/and stroll down to choose a folder with the lucky patcher logo and choose files then lucky patcher then modified and then the game you used lucky patcher for should be there and once you enter the game folder tap on what is there in the folder and press view/base.apk and then choose view and then assets and then mygame and then scenes and this is where the exhausting problem comes, choose startup.txt.json and use the button with three dots vertically that go up to down and choose search to find what you are looking for and change the stats you want or change false to true, to get inventory items and then choose to save by pressing the save button nearby the button that looks like pencil and once saving a information should pop up asking if you want to update the json, click to autosign and press ok and this is the second final most difficult part, seeing as you just messed with the stats, u have to experiment with only the jsons to find out what went wrong especially when playing the mod and when you done just go back to where you see the base.apk and it will say it just been modified and press ok and then go to the file before the one you are currently in and you will see two apk with one .bak which is the original apk and the other is the one must install and never use the txt file, only used them as game guide or files to look for hidden easter eggs

I hope this was helpful to anyone who is tired of loosing and came for a chance to gain the upper edge to gain a well rounded mc

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hey does anyone by any chance know how to change stats for games similar to the wips in itchio.com

https://www.saveeditonline.com/ i use this for itchio saves


Thank u, you are life saver i wanna just make mc op and some games similar to choice of games/wips are there

Anyone know how to get into the codes for these 2 games? I wanted to see if I could switch up some character names. Btw I’m on a Mac :’)

Hi there, I’ve moved your post here - if you take a look upthread you may find what you’re looking for re the Werewolves games, or others may be able to point you in the right direction :slight_smile:


I nees to know, I find this pague accidental y trying to get choice of games for free (I didn’t succed unfortunately) Is this how I can actually get It free?

You can get the omnibus app for free, and a few games are completely free to play, but, no, most CoG games aren’t free.


Also you shouldn’t pirate games. It’s very unfair to the writer that put the time and effort into making a game.


Do you mind to explain It to me? I want to get the app for free, at least untilnI got money yo support the game

Choice of Games, Hosted Games, and Heart’s Choice contain many games that are free to play - some just once, and some permanently. You can download them via individual apps or the Omnibus apps for free.

Discussing piracy isn’t allowed on the forum.