Editing, modding...cheating?

Does this work on the version downloaded from the app store as well or do I have to use it on the web version? I’ve only got it on app form

It can only operate on the ones in google page i don’t know but can you restore the purchase on Choice of games llc maybe?

After reading all of this now i realize, that it’s so much more easy to edit files (OP mc) on android phone. As long as your phone rooted, it’s so easy to maxing all stats. Sometimes i even used this method as q.save/q.load feature.

Apple sucks when it comes to this.

If you play on Steam you may want to take a look at these two topics:

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Does anyone know how to max the stats on moody.ink?

If you’re using a computer just use inspect element like you do on dashingdon. If you are using phone i suggest you install an app called F12 it is the same as inspect element but on phone

Easy download kiwi browser and run game, after open dev tool, and write command stats and editing stats