Editing, modding...cheating?

I have been doing this a while but I recently came into a problem with emulating my saves in Chrome. On Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven I was doing a cheat run with max stats, editing the save worked out fine on the first in game day. (Was able to edit my skills, attributes, and the timecount when I tried it).

However, on the 2nd day and all the days after that I can no longer edit or manually save the game. I keep getting the red dialog, ‘could not prepare statement (1 near “s”: syntax error)’, when I try to emulate the save.

Blueness brought up something about an anti-save measure, if that is the issue then how do I properly circumvent it? He mentioned something about a symbol that ‘ignores the next symbol’?

Blueness: "That means that the author Incorporated anti-save measures. There’s a check within the game code that is looking for that removed ’

You need to find the ’ that’s being checked for and replace it with something. I need to double check. Basically there’s a symbol that means ‘ignore the next symbol’ and you need to put it before the ', but I don’t recall what it is."

SOLVED, but leaving up in case anyone else runs into the the same problem. I had to edit the line numbers on the labels at the end. Oop. eg. the ‘professionalstats’ label is no longer at line 126, so I changed the number to the line that it is on now.

Firstly, I’d like to know if discussing editing an existing game’s (Wayhaven 1) scene files would break the ‘Post Only Your Own Stuff’ rule (?). I don’t plan or want to redistribute it, but I’m just asking to verify and be safe. If it does, then alrighty, I’ll delete this discussion (or an admin would).

So I’m on Android, trying to edit Wayhaven’s choicescript_stats.txt, and I added code/choices to increase or decrease stats. I saved and signed the APK and run the app but none of the edits showed up in the game.

I edit the choicescript_stats.txt.json file as well this time, signed the apk, and launched the app, and the options were there. But whenever I try to choose an option on the stat screen, it’d say “choicescript_stats line 127: visited this line too many times (1000)”, no matter which one I swipe. Even if I chose to go to the professional stat screen (which is on lines 119 & 120).

I read someone saying that you only needed to edit the .txt, but that didn’t work — maybe because I’m editing and not creating from scratch or not on a PC. Someone else said editing a .json is difficult because of the “labels” section, so I’m guessing that’s where the complications are from. Note: idk squat about .json files.

I used Playstore’s 2 highest rated JSON editors, and MiXplorer’s Code Editor.

Does anyone know what to do?
Like, should I simply not try (for legal reasons) or is there an app I’m missing/misusing or should I wait until my PC is available again & use the proper software?

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To edit the stats, edit the stats in the startup.txt.json file, not the choicescript_stats.txt.json. This will give you new base stats when restarting the game.

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Oouu, thanks for the tip!
I was aiming for something more like stats that I can adjust at any time. And I got it!

But now there’s the issue where if I leave the game, everything resets :sob:

How do you do it I tried it myself on Android but the stats keep reversing back to how it was and then I send the apk file to my laptop for editing which was going well until they said something about install parsing package no certificate error when I was trying to install it on my phone

I use MT Manager for android. In the app, you can extract the apks file,and then view the package contents. Inside the apks file, there are three apk(s). The base.apk is the where the game file is. Edit the startup.txt.json and auto sign it.

However, with the new updates, the other two apk(s) within the apks file need to be signed as well. I just go into those apks, delete a character and added back. And then auto signed it. So all three have the same signature (but dif than the original).

Then install the apks file.

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If you want to change stats anytime. It would be better to play on a computer, where you can access the save files instead of the game files.

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I thought I posted in here about something I needed help with, but I guess I didn’t? :sweat_smile:

Anyways, has anyone had any luck in terms of editing the stats in the Omnibus games. I know I can edit the startup base stats right at the beginning, but I’m just wondering if someone knows where I can find the “real-time” stats to edit like in the other standalone games. I’m on Android btw.

Re: @Elemental
The way I did it was adding code to the .JSON file. And I used Lucky Patcher to ‘resign with test signature’.
" #Raise Charming stat by 10.“,
" *set charming +10”,
" *goto personalstats",
(and then after editing the numbers, saving the JSON without indentation)

Re: @RavenShadow
Okie dokie. My PC will be back up and running by next month, so I’ll try save file editing then.
For now, I’ll stick with playing the game normally a few more times and reading through ChoiceScript tutorials.

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Alright so I am trying to edit all the files on mobile but after everything is done for some reason the modified apk just won’t install and I have no idea what I am doing wrong.
Here’s what I am doing:

  1. Extract all the files from the original apk into a folder.
  2. Edit both the startup.txt and startup.json files to give more stats than they originally did.
  3. Compress all the files into a zip then rename the extension to apk.
  4. Delete the original apk with all the files so there’s no conflicts.
  5. Try to install the apk but it fails simply saying “APK was not installed”.

I tried to sign the apk with lucky patcher but to no avail, it simply just refuses to install. Anyone else having the same problem? Does anyone have a solution?

Here is a way that I know works on Android.

  1. Install what ever game you want.
  2. Make a backup with LuckyPatcher.
  3. Using File Manager (or similar program) find where backup is located.
  4. Extract startup.json from APK.
  5. Edit startup.json using some text editor tool (example: Acode).
  6. Copy edited version back into APK.
  7. Go back to LuckyPatcher and go to Backup tab.
  8. Rebuild APK.
  9. Deinstall and install.
  10. Enjoy your edited game.

I might have missed something, but that should work.

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HELP, HOW TO MAXIMIZE STATICS? The game is Affairs of the Court, I don’t understand what you’re talking about, I have no experience in coding, I just want an easy game… ;0;
also: is in steam

Have you seen this? It might be helpful, it simplifies the code-y bits: Save manager and editor for Steam (open-source)


now I see it, thank you very much to you and Yasirkula, without you I would be very sad

It is the individual’s choice if they want to mod or hack, do not blame him completely.


Yes, it’s legal. Once you buy the product you can do whatever you want with it.


I’m using chrome browser when editing the state, when I do this one, it allows me to save it at the end of the book (i.e. sabers of Infinity, for guns of Infinity) but if I do it 2+ times a session, it won’t let me save, saying “savelist.push is not a function”

Please help

I know the topic is old, but I believe this is still the right place to ask. A couple years ago I used to be able to edit game files pretty easily with any file manager (Android), but I’m having a lot of trouble now. I’ve tried following the most recent guide posted in here, utilizing lucky patcher, but the back up is created in a weird format I cant interact with, what am I doing wrong?

If you want to edit stats more easy on phone you should download an app called F12 go to console and type for example stats.strength=“100” sometimes it can be stats.str=“100” it depends on what code dit the author use.