Editing, modding...cheating?

Hello, i was trying to make a small change in “hero or villain: genesis” so i don’t need to restart the game so much (i restart, until I get the desired result at armor upgrade, but it gets annoying), so i used the APK editor, like i usually do on this cases, but the game can’t be reinstalled after the change, any ideas?

Ps: my changes are usually to make replay easier, for example, i put the name i usually go for in the list, make something luck dependent that i would repeat until i won, not luck dependent, this kind of thing. I rarely go for maxing stats and money, cause i like to have some degree of challenge XD

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@Pedro_Aires Yeah, you probably have the same problem with mine. Still haven’t found a good solution. Please share if you found a solution

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Rename the .json files to .txt


thank you. I’ll be trying that. :slight_smile:

I don’t know about the War for the West cheats either that or I’ve missed them in my search

So, I know this post is old, but I was trying to follow some tutorials people wrote here, and none worked. I use the steam app, so I did what was said of unzipping the game app in a different folder with 7zip. The thing is, when I do this, I don’t get any scene files. There’s a .rsrc folder, and other files such as DATA file, GFIDS, RDATA, RELOC, RODATA, RSRC_1, TEXT, TLS and file. I can’t seem to find the file containing the stats and other stuff, as many mentioned before…
Perhaps I’m doing something wrong, but then, how can I do it?

For steam, you can edit the save file.

  1. Go to steam, right click on the game and select properties. In properties, go to the “Update” tab, where you can find the “app id”.

  2. Go to your steam folder => userdata folder => Search up the app id from step 1.

  3. Open that app id folder => Remote folder

  4. Inside that folder, open up “storePSlostheirPSstate” with a text program like notepad++. (There are a bunch of other files in the folder, ignore them except for this one)(The format is in Json)

  5. Edit the stats and save it. (Tip: Do not put numbers > 90. As anything > 100 will crash the game and you need to restart the game.)

  6. Restart the game

*You have to start playing first before editing the stats (Edit the stats after on the 2nd page or after selecting an action)

**Editing the save files is different from editing the game files. Editing the game files changes the initial stats and requires restarting the game to work.

Editing the save file is more continuous editing of the stats as it can be changed any time. However, to edit it, the initial stats have to become part of the save file. Hence, you have to start playing the game and select your first action, which in most cases changes your stats. Thus, the stats are part of the save file.


Unfortunately, I completed ll the steps, but the stats I’ve edited didn’t change at all? Am I missing something? I saved the file after I edit them and run te game, but nothing’s changed

Hi. Did you start playing the game first before editing the stats. For it to work, you have to select your first action before changing the stats. If it is right from the beginning, the game haven’t saved any stats yet. The initial stats is part of the game files.

Heyo, I just wanted to say this is the only thing that seems to work for the steam version of the games. Also you can repack them using asar pack target output and then run the game through steam without any issues so far as I have seen anyways.

Is it still possible to edit your stats if you are playing on the chrome browser?

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There’s now a save manager/editor for CoG games on Steam and it works amazing. If you don’t mind using Steam you can check it out. Not only the app can edit the stats, you can manage, save and load your save games with it too.

Link to the save manager


dang, now I wish I had bought CoG games on steam lol

I haven’t ever tried it with the web browser version of a fully released game, but if it’s similar to dashingdon you can use the browser dev tools to edit stuff. Assuming it is the same then try CTRL + SHIFT + i to open the dev tools pane from there click the console tab and type stats. if various stats and other variables from the game popup in a little window to auto fill it works the same. Which means from the console tab to change a stat you can type stats.one of those auto fill attributes=‘value’ just to be clear the quotations are needed. That should let you change most stuff you would want to change. Just a note it won’t display the change till the next page, but I believe the change in value is immediate so choices on your current page will succeed or fail based off that new value. Also, if the stat gets altered before it gets applied like by a choice from the page you are on it won’t apply correctly, it can also be finicky if you open the stat page after applying the new value but before you change pages.


I just wish it was possible using a phone.


Do you mean over the browser on the phone or editting Android versions of the games. Because it’s fairly simple to edit Android versions.

I would like to use my phone’s browser because I’m only using an iPhone.

If you have a mac I believe you can enable safari web inspect on the iPhone (in the settings for safari) then connect it to your mac via a cable. From there open safari on the mac enable the Develop menu under preferences > advanced. The develop menu should appear on the top bar of safari from that menu you should see you phone under the list of options hover over that and the website currently open in safari should appear to the right, click on that. It will open an inspector window on your mac where you can find the console at which point its the same as any other browser. Changes you apply from your mac should apply to the phone in real time. Just a note I have never done this so I cannot guarantee that it will work but it probably will.

Ug, so many plugins and gadgets lol. I only have my phone.

You can use your phone, i mean i did.