Editing, modding...cheating?

man you are a god, it really works!!!

Amazing!!! I was able to edit my characters! Thanks!

Is there really no hope for people using iOS? Device not jailbroken.

Thx for the reply. I got to the same conclusion as you that there is a software update from that game forward as i couldn’t edit any game after it but could for any game before it. Do anyone know any other way to edit the games on android?

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Which games?

Anything and everything starting from kiss of death to the newest release from hosted game and pugmire to the newest release from choice of games llc. Is there a way to edit it on and for android without jailbrake it ?

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You can use APK Editor .

I have been using that but recently it doesn’t work. it only work on older games. as far as i tried it started to break from kiss of death to the recent games and from pugmire to the current games.

I used it on kiss of death and it worked fine for me.

Thats interesting what apk editor do you use? Mine is the APK Editor pro version 1.9.7 and i couldnt mod the recent games.

P.s thanks for the reply

I use restore games on the choice of game app or hosted game app to linked it to a browser (Opera and edit the saves with a sql editor. It works fine. I did it with the vampire regent, kiss of death, etc.

Sometimes editing the main game files breaks the game due to percentage stats. Require extra coding.
Or there is some problem with the code itself. The number of imbedded tabs which can easily break the game. And there are conditions in the game that cannot continue if some stats is over a certain percentage (No choices available prompt)

Thanks for the reply. Does this method work if i download the game individually (i.e not using the hosted games app but the game app) ? If not is it possible to transfer the data from the game app to the hosted or choice of games app or is there any other method?

So on the COG/HG app, there is a choice to restore purchase based on app downloaded on the phone.

Oh cool thank you soo much for the info i might try it. Btw does this work on any browser or just opera and how do you actually edit the save files? Second does this mean by using this method you can only play the edited file on the browser on pc or you can somehow transfer the edit save game file back to the hosted game app ? Lastly is there any other method other than this? i like to keep my options open.

I use ver 1.9.10. But just like Raven said some games break because of variables, in that cause you need to edit stats in all game files not just only startup.

Any browser that save the game data into webSQL instead of local storage. Local storage is fine, but if the save file is too long, it will run in to problems and have to restart the game.

Edit the savefile with sqlite.

Browser that uses webSQL are opera or internet explorer.
Firefox uses local storage. Not sure about chrome.

C:\Users<username>\AppData\Roaming\Opera Software\Opera GX Stable\databases\https_www.choiceofgames.com_0 for example is where choiceofgames files are stored for Opera.

Thanks i will try again and maybe update the editor just incase thanks for the reply.
Just to make sure though what files did you edit for kiss of death? so i can get an idea of the file i need to edit

Edit how are you able to use apk editor pro 1.9.10 that version wont allow you to build after editing?

Oh cool thanks for the help i might try it.
Does this mean i can only play the edit files on pc? Or is it possible to reansfer back the save file to play it on my phone?

Only on PC. @K951

Hello everyone. So I have all the choice/hosted games bought on my iOS device, but if I do try to extract the files to play the games on pc? it wouldn’t work cause I can only see the .json files, not the txt files. is there a way around that? And thanks. :slight_smile:

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