Stat Modify Protection on Bought Games



I’ve noticed some of the recently updated games have crc32 protection on startup.txt.json… I play games on many platforms but CoG and Hosted games have special place in my heart. I support CoG both on Chrome and Steam platform.While Steam platform doesn’t have this kind of protection and allow editing some of Chrome games don’t. To this day my routine was, after a playthrough, i’d change stats to check different situations and ending in one go as i dont have too much time on my hands.

My question’s is this permenant change on CS as I’ll have no way of knowing which games disabled stat editing, it’d be a deal breaker for me and is there a particular reason for some games editable while others not.

Any information/help on this issue would be much appreciated. Thank you.


did you ever find a workaround for this?.. jeez… bethesda wasn’t even this uncooperative with their modding community… though i understand their concern, too bad they generalized and thus even honest modders who just like to tweak stats like us get blocked…