Choicescript demos saving on the stat page?

I have a strong feeling this has been addressed already or that this isn’t the right place to ask, but… the keywords are so frequently used I really couldn’t effectively search for it being talked about elsewhere (dashingdon, demo, save, stat page, etc).

I’ve been having a recurring issue lately with saving on demos, where I certainly save on a page of the main game, but loading those same saves results in some part of the Stats area coming up. And then instead of Return to Game at the top, it says Show Stats, so it’s this permanent loop and I have no access to my saves.

I’m thinking it’s likely my browser…? I just have no idea how to remedy it. Help, please!

Is this happens on your PC? Steam or CoG website?

Shift + F5 should force the browser to clear the cache if that helps.

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Yeah, this happens all the time. The thing that fix it for me, is to always wait a few seconds before clicking next, or going to the stat page, after saving. It seems the saving takes a bit, and is easily corrupted, if you don’t give it time.

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yeah it really is quite common. @Szaal it usually happens to me on mobile, in which case force stopping the browser has worked? But this time it’s repeatedly happening on PC, using Firefox. I think maybe @The_Lady_Luck’s approach of patience while saving might apply to me since I live in a developing country and our internet is real slow and unresponsive at times. I’ll try Shift + F5 when it happens next, though!