Choicescript stats restarting the chapter

As titled. When I check the stats in a chapter and then hit return, it takes me to the chapter’s beginning instead of where I was. Anyone know why it resets the chapter? Not the entire game, only the current .txt file.

Most likely - you’ve edited the chapter’s source and saved, causing a reset.

But apparently there’s a rare bug that does that on it’s own, with no known provocation; I’ve never encountered it, but dfabulich says it’s happened during online gameplay.

Have you choices in your stats screen? Or any fancy code? Could it be something related to that?

No, nothing fancy, and now I can’t reproduce the bug. It was occuring on an unedited online copy.

Happens pretty frequently to me, playing my own files from DropBox. Don’t know why. Definitely nothing to do with editing the file, and nothing fancy in the stat screen.

Yea, same, ‘it doesn’t actually bother me’ when writing my stuff, but it’s more of an overarching concern as it may affect the games that have been released. (I actually think it’s tied to the same thing that seemed to cause TSoLL to lose track of the gender of certain characters.)

And @everyone the best thing you can give when mentioning an error report is recreation.

@Havenstone Do you play over the connection through Dropbox, or is it straight off your computer?

IIRC, Dan mentioned that it’s that if you save the txt you’re working on, hit the stats screen, and come back, it intentionally sends you to the top. I think this works by checking the txt file against what you had last when you left for the stats screen, and if they return different, it sends you back to the start.

The question then becomes, what’s causing the files to not match up? Are your txt files particularly huge? Do you have strange cookie settings? What OS/Browser where you using to run the games? Do you have a huge list of variables? Anything else you can think of?

Yes, I play online through Dropbox, usually on Chrome, rather than straight off my own computer. I don’t think the cookie settings are odd. My txt files are 250kb tops, and I’ve got 90-odd stats.

It’s not a major problem for me – I don’t usually check stats while I play my own stuff anyway, and I do so less since discovering that it often took me back to the start of the chapter. I’ll keep an eye on it next time it happens and feed back…