Mid story restart

Hey guys I’m working on a story and sometimes (50/50) when I go check on my stats during a test and click “return to game” the story is reset at the start of the previous chapter all while keeping the stats of wherever the glitch happened. As you can guess this makes it pretty hard to test when you have two games worth of stats in one play through.

Say, if you play the story and then make a modification to the game files, this will make your story “restarted” to the beginning of the modified chapter regardless of you checking the stat or proceeding in the story itself (pressing that NEXT button).

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Awesome, thanks for the help, I was so confused and worried it would happen to anyone reading lol

I believe nobody even realized about their game mysteriously restarts from beginning. :"


I was confused at first too, but then I realized it only happened once I saved the changes modified to my game.